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Breaking: Coffey sister changes name!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

A bombshell explodes in the surf world!

Eight-ish months ago I wrote about the a time, three-ish years ago, when I traveled to Hossegor, France to call the Swatch Pro alongside Paul Evans, Brodie Carr and a host of wonderful friends. The surf was zero but the talent was impressive.

Two of the four Coffey sisters were there and both surfed well. Holly-Sue and Ellie-Jean. Their dad was also there half coaching half managing impressive social media accounts. I saw him telling one of them, hopefully the older of the two, to get more sexy for the cam, like to fluff up her cans or something, which was strange but also sensible.

He had longer hair and wore leather. Paul and I made many jokes but I still can’t remember any. I spoke with him, anyhow, and he seemed alright. There had been some tragedy and he had packed his entire family up and traveled Australia in a van just surfing and Instagramming.

And I have been avidly following the family’s fortunes ever since (whenever they pop up in my “surf news” feed usually as part of the Daily Mail).

Today, as the Australian Open of Surfing gets set to fire, the girls are in the Daily Mail talking about being the Kardashians again. Shall we read? Duh!

They’ve been dubbed the ‘Kardashians of the surf world’ and two Australian sisters taking Instagram by storm, don’t seem surprised.

Ellie-Jean Coffey, 22, and her 17-year-old sister Holly-Daze boast more than one million Instagram followers who eagerly follow their profiles packed with surfing shots, gorgeous beaches and a rainbow of beautiful bikinis.

Now the sisters, who are wildcards at the Australian Open of Surfing in Sydney this week, have opened up about their Kardashian comparison saying they are ‘absolutely fans’ of Kim.

‘We obviously can see why we’re compared, because of the whole family unit,’ Ellie-Jean, 22, told Sunrise on Monday. ‘But, obviously we’re talented – and not fabulously wealthy,’ she laughed.


Holly-Sue is now Holly-Daze? When did this happen? How did I miss it? How was this not top top top of my “surf news” feed?

Did Stab beat me to the punch on this one? Did they wrap their site in Holly-Daze for a week?

Did The Inertia? Did they run the story: 9 Reasons Why Holly-Sue is Happier and More Fulfilled as Holly-Daze and utilize their relationship with the Huffington Post to really belt it out of the park?

Did the great Sweet Lew Samuels revive PostSurf for one day only in order to bring this stunning turn to you?


I’m sorry but I’m also here now.

Holly-Daze. Does she want it pronounced like “Holidays?”