Graphic: Bikini-wearing Florida skipper launches one-woman crusade against sharks; watch hooked shark take pistol slug to the head, “Taking glee in pain and death.”

Includes cameo from 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater.

A Florida boat captain and realtor has provoked fury among Instagram-users with her one-woman jihad against sharks. 

Kaylee Crisp, who runs under the handle @captkrisp and the hashtag #killakaylee and who has 16,400 followers, ain’t afraid to wear her blood-stained heart on her sleeve, so to speak. 

In a series of posts, we see #killakaylee posing with various sharks she’s killed, including a biggish bull shark, a bat shark and a black-tip reef shark. 

In one instance, a hooked shark is dispensed with by a pistol shot to the head.

Instagram users, as y’might imagine, lit up over the posts.

A one-day old photo provoked over two thousand comments including,

She’s an actual psychopath. Just look at her eyes! They don’t lie. Taking glee in pain and death. She is empty and needs to find something to fill that emptiness. Which is killing animals as some kind of disturbing “trophy”. She lacks the empathy to see this as wrong, as taking a life. Our attempts to connect on an empathic level fail with her

Y’all she has a right to kill these sharks.. they obviously bit off her titties now she stay looking like a surfboard for life.

Why is no one putting an end to this ruthless account ? Why do you feel the need to shoot wildlife that doesn’t harm or bother you? What type of satisfaction do you receive from this ? You are a heartless and ignorant human being

Are you that brain dead & bored or are you just trying to make up for a lack of personality Kaylee? Before murdering already endangered species that are VITAL to our marine ecosystem, how about you open up a book and educate yourself neanderthal<3 get well soon!

You are inhuman, god will shun you!

One commenter even tried to bring the social media muscle of Kelly Slater into the game.

Although the 11-time world champion surfer was quick to distance himself from the supposed neighbour.

And so on.


Oh, I find it gory as hell, but, then, I regard the death of a tuna or skipjack or happy clown fish, a lamb, a calf, a chicken as much a tragedy as the slaughter of a shark; a position I’ve held ever since, as a teen, I was gifted a Hare Krishna book about vegetarianism.

The cover featured a cow about to be slaughtered but an artist had imposed a human face on the imperilled animal.


In explosive first, Kanoa Igarashi compared to Duke Kahanamoku: “The young Japanese surfer exudes the same statesmanlike qualities as the Hawaiian who first believed surfing could be an Olympic sport!”


Exciting times to be a surfer. The most exciting in history, perhaps, or at least since the great Duke Kahanamoku strode the earth nearly a decade ago. More people enjoying the pastime of kings since ever before. An Olympic birth just over the horizon. Our own Duke Kahanamoku reborn as an extremely handsome Japanese by way of Huntington Beach statesman named Kanoa Igarashi.

The young-ish surfer was recently profiled on Australia’s ABC News and the comparison between Kahanamoku and Igarashi was obviously striking.

Igarashi will be the same age as Duke Kahanamoku was at his first Olympics, but it’s not the only thing they share.

The young Japanese surfer exudes the same statesmanlike qualities as the Hawaiian who first believed surfing could be an Olympic sport.

“You know, this is a huge moment, I’m sure not just for me but I can speak on behalf of all the other surfers we’re going to feel pressure that we’ve never felt before,” he said.

“You have Brazilians, you have Australians, you have Americans all feeling pressure from their country and we are all really proud to represent our flag.

“But there’s something about it being in Japan and I feel like in a way I am representing our country to the world of surfing, and also representing surfing to the Olympics.

“So, in a way, I feel I have a lot on my hands,” he says, “but this is what I feel like I was born to do.”

Very cool. Igarashi also talks about his new megaphone and butterflies in his blood.

Read the rest here.

Renee Gracie, former BFF of EJC.

Blood Feud: “Australia’s squirt queen” Renee Gracie roasts former world #25 surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey for a lack of explicit content on XXX-website and says, “She looks nothing like she does in her photos… I don’t understand how she continues to get away with it.”

“She doesn’t give a damn… She doesn’t care. She just wants people to spend money."

Echoing the claims of adult entertainment fans who complained of price gouging and a lack of explicit content on world number 25 surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey’s XXX channel shortly after it was launched, former pal Renee Gracie has accused EJ of bring the industry into “disrepute”. 

Speaking to Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, Gracie, whose full-service menu has been banned from Instagram and Twitter, said EJ promised XXX but delivered PG.

“She doesn’t give a damn… She doesn’t care. She just wants people to spend money… I said to her ‘there’s no point collaborating together if we’re not putting similar content up online’… It’s hard enough to get fans to respect you and trust you in this industry. It’s not just her reputation, it’s all the women in the industry she is affecting without knowing it.”

Gracie told The Daily Telegraph that because, unlike her, EJ don’t sex on camera, fans have become terribly upset. 

“I show and do everything. She does not. And when we met, she looks nothing like she does in her photos. I don’t understand how she continues to get away with it. And nothing has been done about it.”

In the story, Gracie also revealed they pair fell out after she refused to collaborate on a video shoot with EJ. 

Four months ago, if you remember, Gracie was photographed frolicking with EJ at a Gold Coast nightclub.

Gracie, who is a retired V8 Supercars driver (forty-eight starts, no wins) and who says she’s made almost two-mill from her Only Fans site, “was spotted groping her blonde companion’s chest, while Ellie-Jean closed her eyes in apparent ecstasy. Ellie-Jean, who is openly bisexual, was also seen bending over a table while Renee danced close to her bottom.”

EJ, a former world twenty-five on the WSL’s qualifying series for women, caused much tabloid sorrow in 2019 when she was the subject of a “lewd ambush” by the author of the best-selling biography of prime minister Bob Hawke. 

A terrible episode.

Art: Comrade KVF

Listen: Unsinkable Project Ibelli buoys weary Surf Journalist overcome by doubt, despair; Gives him the power to denounce iconic Gerry Lopez!

Faith, restored!

I will be very honest. Heck, I always am, with you. When Project Ibelli, launched just over a week ago, hit nearly half of its funding goal after only three days, I thought, “We’ve got this. We’ve actually got this.”

The audacious plan, if you recall, was to crowdfund a sticker, then a message, on the nose Comrade Caio Ibelli’s surfboard for the Newcastle Cup event in order to send a message to surfing’s vested interests. Its billionaire co-Waterpeople of the Year and private equity firms.

This is The People™’s game.

It belongs to us.

Except then, we got close to the beginning of that Newcastle Cup and still nearly half funded and then the hooter sounded and still only half funded.

An overwhelming depressing washed over me.

We had failed.

I had failed.

And carrying this profound sense of failure, I shuffled into Album Surfboard’s podcast studio.

David Lee Scales looked at me like I was dumb.

“What is your problem?” he asked.

“We lost.” I answered.

And then he went on a tear, preaching and prancing about how this is not just a one-off, how we will get Caio his money whether it be by Day 2 of the Newcastle Cup or Day 4 of the Margaret River Cup. That his is a movement and only the beginning of that movement.


How could I have had such little faith.

So buoyed was I that I was able to denounce Gerry Lopez at the end of the episode.

Listen here.

The skipper in happier days. | Photo: 9News

Australian fisherman loses livelihood and is fined $20,000 for taking selfies with two dead Great White sharks caught in his nets!

If further proof was necessary of the sanctity of the Great White Shark, and I doubt it is, well here y’go.

A little over a week ago, a Western Australian judge gave hell to an Albany deckhand who posted photos of himself surrounded by the carcasses of two Great Whites that had been caught in the boat he was crewing on’s nets.

Tyrone Leigh Harding, who is thirty four, pleaded guilty to one count of taking a protected fish in April 2019 after he and his skipper James Stewart Tindall pulled in the two Great Whites after they became tangled in their gill net in April, 2019.

The judge suspended Harding’s fishing license for one year and fined him twelve-and-a-half-gees. Magistrate Dianne Scaddan described the pair posing with the Great Whites as “barbaric” and “vulgar”, two hitherto unknown offences.

The skipper, James Tindall, who fronted court on April 1, has been fined twenty gees and had his fishing license suspended for his transgression; a little rich, I think, considering both animals were dead before they were pulled on deck.

Fisheries officers were put on the case after someone reported finding severed sharks in a nearby river one month later.

Cops got onto Harding, searched his joint, found the jaws, the photos and the videos.

Harding’s defence lawyer said Harding and Tindall were three-and-a-half clicks off the coast when the Great Whites got caught in the nets.

Cutting the net away from the Whites, he said, would’ve risked the crew’s safety and the net would’ve drifted into the ocean, environmental nightmare etc, so the pair dragged ‘em in, cut ‘em up, souvenired the fangs.