Norwell9’s THIRD Surfing Instagram Movie!

6 Dimension # Realm 9 featuring Kai Hing

Makua Rothman: Huge Wave Wipeout at Cloudbreak

"I'd rather be deep and eat it... than outrun the barrel!"

There’s no backing down for Makua Rothman as he fully committed to some of the biggest waves seen at Cloudbreak in Fiji where Makua encounters the biggest wipeout of his career.

Blue Intensity

Shot in the beautiful blue water of the South Pacific, Blue Intensity captures the Vans Surf team riding monsters.

Directed and scored by George Trim, Blue Intensity is a hard pounding, action packed thriller of just one thing, pure surfing.

Koa Smith Skeleton Bay 2018: 1 wave, 8 Barrels

A ride that is being called the best wave ever ridden!

Koa Smith on the best wave of the day at Skeleton bay, getting 8 barrels on 1 wave, traveling over 1.5km in distance and surfing the wave for 2 minutes!