Sixty-year-old “godfather of bodysurfing” steals show from world champs Italo Ferreira and Carissa Moore at opening of world’s best wavepool!

Spectators thrilled with legend's arabesques, fouettés, picqué tours and port de bras inside the long tubes.

Some years ago now, a tribute to the bodysurfing and bodyboarding icon Mike Stewart appeared on BeachGrit its author positing, “He is simultaneously the, Duke Kahanamoku, Miki Dora, Tom Curren and Kelly Slater of his sport; its godfather figure, its most stylish practitioner and its greatest champion.”

Rarely is this sorta hyperbole tested, but in the case of Stewart and the sport’s current leaders, Italo Ferreira, Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore, a showdown at the Boa Vista wavepool in Brazil, easily the best of the genre, put Stewart at the top of the surfing totem.

Stewart is sixty years and has won the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic fourteen times and the bodyboarding world crown nine times. He was filmed at the planned community one-and-a-half hours from São Paulo, thrilling spectators with his arabesques, fouettés, picqué tours and port de bras inside the long tubes.

Starting at one million dollars, well-heeled surfers can buy their way in via apartments and villas built around a wave pool it ain’t a stretch to call the “most high-performance wave in the world.”

World’s most popular surf vlogger almost paralysed at Jaws defies doctors to capture harrowing POV footage from Australia’s heaviest wave!

There ain't a wave on earth that would make Nathan "Nasty" Florence wet-stain the front of his red bunny pyjamas.

Not even six months ago, Nathan Florence whom BeachGrit has correctly, I think, dubbed “the world’s smartest surfer”, he reads, can assemble a cohesive sentence or two together etc, was being rushed to a Maui hozzy by Kai Lenny after a wipeout that snapped a vertebrae in his spine.

Nathan “Nasty” Florence, middle bro to the elder and various serious John and little-y Ivan, said it was his new-found love of pressing metal in male-only gymnasiums, his monster glutes and quadriceps/hams building a fortress of muscle around his lower spine, that had saved him from a life in a chair.

Now, the boy with yellow-tinted eyes who fears nothing ’cause there ain’t a wave on earth that would make him wet-stain the front of his red bunny pyjamas, has finally released his three-month old POV footage from Shark Island, a short drive south of the Sydney CBD.

Shark Island, of course, is home to local legend Ronnie “Skull” Hill who rides a home-made jetboard through the lineup, scooping up waves from outside and deep on the reef, before riding to glory.

Although unseen on this magical day, Nathan’s cameo quickly fills the gaps, his ferret-like reflexes raising the bar of what is, and isn’t possible, at Shark Island.

“World’s sexiest surfer” Koa Smith barebacks biggest Hollow Trees of the Indonesian season!

“I’ve wanted to surf second reef, doubling-up Lances my entire life”

In this just-released edit, we are gifted ring seats to the three-time NSSA champ, runner-up to Zeke Lau’s Ultimate Surfer and part-time model Koa Smith charging like a bull at Lance’s Right aka Hollow Trees, the premier righthander in the Mentawais.

The behelmeted Smith, born in Kauai twenty seven years ago and a student of Bruce and Andy Irons, surfs with the contented and dreamy look of the female suckling her young as he dominates some of the best waves in the world including, but not limited to Teahupoo, Skeleton Bay and Pipeline.

And, here at Lance’s, Smith gets into it with all the gusto of a veterinarian getting into the glistening chancre in a show mare’s dock.


Hawaii’s untamed Queen of Crazy Mason Ho delivers tuberiding masterclass at Indonesia’s Desert Point!

It ain’t difficult to argue the case that Mason Ho, the Sunset Beach superstar, has had more barrels than Hollywood has cocksuckers.

Society has an obsession with youth and hotness.

But what if you were to throw Mason Ho and guy-pal Luke Swanson at Indonesia’s best wave in conditions so spectacular they have notes of Pipe? Wouldn’t that be hot too?

In this latest tuberiding compendium from Mason Ho and filmer Rory Pringle, Ho jackknifes his legs and bares his teeth in mock orgasm at each tube that descends upon him.

It ain’t difficult to argue the case that Mason Ho, the thirty-four-year-old Sunset Beach superstar, has had more barrels than Hollywood has cocksuckers.

Son of “the most important surfer of the modern era” profiled in epoch-defining film, “Following the Fall Line”

A beautifully made epic about brave people in the middle of the ocean…

Rarely can a surf movie hold me hostage but I am a sucker for believable, beautifully made epics about brave people in the middle of the ocean.

Every element is so perfect in this forty-eight minute profile of Bryce Young, youngest son of the “most important surfer of the modern era” Nat Young, that it left me a little tremulous.

Per the liner notes,

“Following the Fall Line” is a portrait of Bryce Young and the people who have inspired him on his own journey. This film, produced by needessentials and edited by Milo Inglis, showcases the unique surfing and skateboarding talents of Bryce Young while giving an in-depth understanding of the influences that have helped shape his creative approach to waves and terrain. Flowing on from concepts explored in the 1977 film “Fall Line,” cinematographers Ti Deaton-Young, Milo Inglis and Gabe Roxburgh beautifully capture the way Bryce’s environment and community influence his creative approach to life. In the film narration Bryce explains how the talents of Ti Deaton-Young, Nat Young, Ryan Burch and Laurie Towner have played such formative roles in his development. With an eclectic soundtrack featuring Huun Huur Tu, Dorothy Ashby, William Onyebor, Mick Turner, Terry Riley, Fenua, William Tyler, Donny & Joe Emerson, Goanna and JJ Cale, this film is a stunning portrait of Bryce Young following his own fall line.”

If you crave something different, I highly encourage you to watch.