We believe surfing exists as a personal thrill and may increase one’s overall happiness.

We believe that chicks dig the taste of saltwatered lips.

We believe our gaiety is the envy of the (surf) world!

We believe robust tans are symbols of virility.

We believe there’s a crossover between romantic poetry and surfing.

We believe that surfing will never “go out of style.”

We believe in the innate and perpetual intrigue of surfing to the non-surfing masses.

We believe if we steal your attention with a click-bait headline we have an obligation to deliver.

We believe that a man can have beautiful tits.

We believe the hide of a pro surfer should be able to withstand the barbs and arrows of internet comics.

We believe that free speech is free until it hits dumb and cruel.

We believe in recycling plastic and paper and St Laurent jeans but not clips from B-ish surfers.

We believe in being polite, up to a point.

We believe that ideas are more powerful than guns.

We believe that the wool of a black sheep is just as warm.

We believe surf films will always make you look.

We believe in the ability of capitalism to solve society’s ills and pity the simplistic mind suspicious of the profit motive.

We believe surfing is the colour of the ocean and the animals beneath and loathe any attempt to squeeze surf fashion into gloomy winter palettes.

We believe surfing cannot right the world’s wrongs and any attempt to do is the worst sort of paternal imperialism.

We believe the White Pointer shark is a spectacular animal that looks best preserved in Formaldehyde and exhibited at schools.

We believe surfing can be as exciting on TV as the Super Bowl.

We believe advertising can be more than product shot/action/tag/logo.

We believe a surfer is only a spin away from marketing success

We believe, above all, that surfing is anti-depressive!