“I Want My BeachGrit” Car Air Freshener


Bring the anti-depressive smell of BeachGrit into your car, office or home! Comes embedded with special cheap perfume scent reminiscent of teen parties!

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Does your car weep with the stench of broken dreams and opportunities lost? For a little under five bits you can inflate the air of your cabin with BeachGrit‘s air freshener, impregnated with our specially formulated Heartbreak Beach™ scent.

Let’s go back to your teens. Beach party. A fire. The girl, boy, TS of your dreams, kneels beside you, filling your heart with dreams and your nose with the sort of cheap perfume that drove…drives…you insane.

BeachGrit’s Chinese perfumers sent us dozens of variations of Heartbreak Beach™ until they hit the correct formulation that was both sweet and sickly.

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