Kids size! More Fun Than Coke Tee!

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This sleeveless tee is the ultimate summer go-to. It is 100% cotton (made from the softest of China’s genetically improved cotton bolls) and the cut reveals enough skin for gals to be “sexy” but not so much as to appear “slutty” or “whorish”. For men, it shows the curve of the upper pectoral and any protrusion of the latissimus dorsi. The print “More fun than Coke, Acapulco and Fleetwood Mac” is by the noted New Zealand-born artist Paul McNeil, celebrated, lately, for his work in setting up The Art Park, a gallery-artist’s residency in Byron Bay, Australia. The phrase “More fun than Coke etc” comes from a cartoon by New York satirist Tom Wolfe. The fit of this tee is quite slim but is true to size.


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