Promiscuous Blue Surf Trunks

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I’m conscious of a genuine fellow-feeling for surfers who don’t want to wear knee-length surf trunks. Y’ever try and buy a pair of surf trunks that contained just a little sophistication of shape and length? I’ve been hit for $300 (Orlebar Brown) and it wasn’t because I wanted to imitate the celebs who live in the things.

I just wanted a short pair of fitted trunks.

So, along with the designer Rama McCabe, BeachGrit produced a range of surf trunks of a high-end shape, without too much of the price sting. The new series (in promiscuous blue, Lacoste green and typhoid fever red) is the same shape as last year, just pulled in a little tighter and half-an-inch shorter.

Yeah, I know, they’re not for everyone.

But, trust me, if you look good, and if you want to surf and swing around pools, parties, Vegas, Bali, whatever, you’ll at least have half a shot at climbing into a bed of vice.

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