Blood Feud: Medina vs. Reynolds!

Maybe the most ancient blood feud of all!

Pam Reynolds, Dane and Courtney’s adorable French bulldog, has been alone at the top of surf celebrity pet game for as long as I can remember. Her Instagram account, @pamlovesferrariboys, boasts near 20k followers. She has a sock with Stance. She makes clothes and also gives advice right here on BeachGrit!

Such is her domination, in fact, that other surfers keep their pets well hidden. Like, I’ve seen Yadin Nicol’s Yorkie in person, but don’t think he/she makes any regular appearances on social media. Who wants to get shown up that way? Embarrassed? Who wants to go toe to toe with such a force?

Apparently last year’s champ Gabriel Medina! Oh that Brazilian can-do! His cat, Tyson h. just 5 days ago started his own Instagram account @tysonmedina_. His profile line says he is a “bengal cat” and you can email him at [email protected] suggesting he is fielding enquiries for commercial ventures. Maybe a signature underpant?

Gab let the world (his 3.8 m followers) know he was ready to take the crown with a post on his own feed. A picture of sleeping Tyson h. with a tag for the new @tysonmedina account. The cat already has more followers than you.

And now the blood feud is serious, drawing from America vs. Brazil passion but also from a more ancient dog vs. cat varietal.

Who do you think will win? Are dogs better than cats? Is Dane better than Gab?

Gentlemen…let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble!

(please don’t sue me Michael Buffer)

Seal Beach, just across the Orange County line, Jan 7, 2016. | Photo: Mike Lucas Media

Just In: Seal Beach’s Cinderella Day!

Garbage closeout turned into a beauty queen today!

Seal Beach, in Orange County, California, is a garbage closeout shore pound 364 days of the year. One of those spots that’s not even worth checking.Out of the way, always terrible.

But if you live nearby, you get lucky once in a while. Today everyone got very lucky indeed.

The clip’s a half-hour long, no soundtrack, from Mike Lucas Media, and there isn’t a dull moment.

Have a watch.

Volcom House
The three-storey beachfront house Gerry Lopez built in the seventies, bought by Volcom in 2007 for $4.3 million dollars.

Documentary: Inside Volcom’s Pipe Houses!

Peppermint-candy sweet documentary about Volcom's gentlemanly Pipe manors…

Of all the surf industries acquisitions, nothing comes close to Volcom’s snatching of two beachfront houses at Pipe for…credibility. There is nothing superfluous or gimmicky about owning two houses for your surfers that front the heaviest wave on the North Shore.

Ten years ago, the company, which was formed by the former Quiksilver marketing staffer Richard Wolcott in 1991, bought a single-storey beachfront bungalow at Pipe. It soon became a headquarters for unruly bronzed men and women ruddy with desire.

Two years later, the company dropped $4.2 million on the three-storey house built by Gerry Lopez and his Lightning Bolt partners in the seventies.

This documentary, produced by Red Bull, takes you through these gentlemanly manor houses. It will cost you roughly eighteen-and-a-half minutes, unlocking none of the secrets but revealing much of their mysterious charm.

Did you like that documentary? I did. But I like this Volcom short, Dawn of the Stone Age, more.

Da Hui
The great Hui O He‘e Nalu aka Da Hui, as seen in the vibrant 1970s!

Live: Da Hui Backdoor Shootout!

With dazzling Hawaiian commentary!

The 2016 Backdoor Shootout is running today. Kind of snuck up on me, wasn’t on my radar.

But the Shootout is a cool contest. Only one that caters to locals, has longboard, bodysurf, and SUP divisions, in addition to the shortboards.

Longboards are out right now, guys are kind of struggling to thread the needle, taking plenty beatings. Worth tuning in.

Up next is SUP (which should deliver some carnage), then bodysurfing, more SUP, then shortboards, which is what we all really want to see.

All you guys with the ‘Eh, slow down, this ain’t the mainland’, guess what? You know why we’re hurrying up? Because all of us guys have to have two or three jobs to afford to live where we grew up now.

Will Mason win it again this year?

Yeah, the production quality is a little low, but not too bad.

Kaipo and Rocky are killing it from behind the mic, though, putting the WSL to shame.

Kaipo’s dropping some especially brilliant gems.

“That’s my public announcement number two for this morning. All you guys with the ‘Eh, slow down, this ain’t the mainland’, guess what? You know why we’re hurrying up? Because all of us guys have to have two or three jobs to afford to live where we grew up now. So, that’s why, if we’re in a rush, move over. Don’t act like that with your bumper sticker, ‘slow down,this ain’t the mainland.’ We gotta hurry up because we have two jobs, bruddah. Three jobs, bruddah.”

Watch here!

Bethany Hamilton: “I’m addicted!”

Kauai's favorite daughter describes the wave seen 'round the world!

It is difficult not to stand up and cheer for Bethany Hamilton. The facts surrounding her extraordinary life are impossible to dismiss for even the crustiest nihilist. Let us review. As a thirteen-year-old she was surfing Kauai’s Tunnels alongside very good friend Alana Blanchard and family. It was early morning. A tiger shark, happening by, bit her arm off at the shoulder.

Three weeks later she was surfing again.

And over the weekend, six months after giving birth to a blonde son, she towed Jaws. The clip, of course, went everywhere and why would it not? Such inspiration! It was not Bethany’s first time. She towed a few years back and it was nominated for best girl’s performance in 2010.

This time, though, the surf was even bigger. I asked her about it with rain darkening southern California’s skies because I promised, yesterday, that I would! Her voice is sunny and bright. It is always sunny and bright.

This is something I’ve wanted to do again for a long time but towing has been kind of taboo out there. Like, what the boys are doing with their paddling is just incredible so I haven’t been back but this year I asked the boys if I could tow and they were down so I was stoked.

Could you paddle out there?

I could, I think, but I’d really have to pick the right day and the right conditions. It is really wild out there. Lots of water moving so…yeah. I could and it’s something I’d love for the future.

Walk me though how it felt?

It feels amazing. The thrill of that wave, the energy and what is happening is like nothing else. I surfed Honolua the day after and took off on a wave and it felt like I was just going really really slow. I’ve always been passionate about bigger surf and love tackling bigger waves but the power of that one is just insane. I totally see how those guys get addicted to it.

Would you ever put aside the rest and only chase big surf?

No, you know, I’ve been working really hard on my progressive surfing lately too. I love it all and am trying to be as good, all around, as I can be. Both are fun.

From what I’m seeing, it seems you are at the top of your game. Have you ever felt better?

I definitely feel I’m surfing better, restrengthening after the baby. I feel driven. Having a child could maybe do something else for other people but, for me, I’m just inspired.

And if you ain’t, well, then you are the crustiest nihilist! Her film, Surf Like a Girl, is 1/4 done, she says, and set to be released later this year. I am looking more forward to it than any other.