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WSL: The cruelty of wildcards!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Mikey Wright gets tortured by Ross Williams (John John)!

We’re back! Can you believe it? Can you believe it has been almost three months since we last watched professional surfing (at the highest level)? Almost three months! If the Geneva Convention had been written more recently this would be considered torture and totally outlawed.

But are you watching John John Florence shame Mikey Wright on the Gold Coast right now? Shame! An even worse torture!

I never really considered the plight of the wildcard before because usually, when I consider him, he is on Hawaii and mocking his masters but every where else in this world he is getting publicly shamed in the worst way ever.

Mikey Wright!


John John Florence!

Shame on you for watching, sicko.

But look at Mick Fanning’s haircut! What the motherfucking hell is that?