1988 World Champion and fan-favorite commenter Barton Lynch releases eponymous pro surfing video game to rave reviews: “Tell me it doesn’t get your hype meter moving!”


Australia’s Barton Lynch truly is a national treasure. The 1988 world champion almost single handedly saved professional surf announcing when he came into the box, a few years ago, eventually supplanting the 1989 world champion Martin Potter in hearts, minds and air time.

The Manly born, Sydney raised Lynch, described my surfing’s historian Matt Warshaw as “bright, expansive, rubber-faced” in his seminal Encyclopedia of Surfing (subscribe here) can do it all and, amazingly, “all” includes releasing a pro surfing video game.

Video game reviewer David Smith wrote:

The game, created by eight developers from Fremantle over a period of two-and-a-half years, aims to capture the spirit of high-stakes competitive surfing.

Surfing titles are an extremely niche genre in video games. Though the cover art of Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer is seared into my retinas from years working at Gold Coast EB Games stores in the late 2000s, I have a hard time thinking of other dedicated surfing games I’ve encountered. It usually pops up as a mini-game in a larger sports compilation. Here, Bungarra wants to return the sport to the fore.

To prove their bona fides, the studio is working with world champion surfer and Sport Australia Hall-of-Famer Barton Lynch. The team themselves are also die-hard surfers, dedicated to replicating the experience of hitting the waves as accurately as possible.

“We are surfers who are passionate about the core sport of surfing, along with the culture and the freedom of our lifestyle,” says Bungarra Software CEO Andrew West. “We’ve been building surfing games for years and our very first demo was a simulation. Circumstance had sidetracked us away from our desire to make a truly sport-focused surfing game, but now we’ve come full circle.

“We’ve built BL Pro Surfing primarily for surfing gamers, along with anyone interested in our sport and lifestyle. It’s also a game that is accessible for (non-gaming) surfers and we hope that they can see the love and passion we’ve put into this project for them. So while this sports game is pickup and play, it is difficult to master”

And included the “eye-popping” trailer that “get’s your hype meter moving.”

As Derek Rielly would say, “essential.”

“Surprisingly unremarkable” brick house on church-owned land overlooking historic big-wave surf spot sells for $20 million netting investor an eye-watering 500 percent return in six years!

The joint is “liveable” and “lacking most modern amenities.”

What would you give to live within a short trot of a couple of big-wave reefs, one a real son of a bitch, the other a little more user friendly.

Fairy Bower and Deadman’s, you heard of ‘em?

Here’s a taste of Deadies.

And the Bower.

The joint below, backing onto Bower Street reserve in Manly on 10,000 square feet of land owned by the Catholic Church and leased back to owners for twenty or thirty years, last sold for four-and-a-half mill in 2016.

Lawn needs a little work.

It’s a four-bedroom brick house, built in the nineteen-fifties, and virtually untouched since, a little paint, carpets ripped up and so on, described as “surprisingly unremarkable”, “liveable” and “lacking most modern amenities.”

The wild increase in price is partly due to the Church easing rules on the leasehold, increasing the usual seventeen-year leases to twenty and thirty, but mostly ‘cause Australians have lost their minds when it comes to property.

In Manly alone, houses have gone up almost fifty percent in the past year.

Boom, boom, crash etc.

Pictured left to right: White, Hawk. Kelly Slater in middle of back seat.
Pictured left to right: White, Hawk. Kelly Slater in middle of back seat.

Kelly Slater, Shaun White, Tony Hawk announced as presenters for the 2022 Academy Awards causing much consternation amongst serious film critics: “What is going on with the Oscars this year?”

The world’s greatest surfer, greatest Olympic halfpipe snowboarder and great X-Games halfpipe skateboarder were, moments ago, announced as the newest presenters at the 2022 Academy Awards.

Kelly Slater, Shaun White and Tony Hawk will be joining DJ Khaled, Sean “Puffy” Combs and Elliot Page on the gilded stage of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California in order to hand little naked male statues to film, acting, sound production etc. winners.

While the extreme sporting world celebrates the recognition, serious film critics are confused and frustrated by the seeming non sequitur. The New York Times pop culture reporter demanded to know, “What is going on with the Oscar presenters this year?”

Others felt the gravitas of film was being purposefully and routinely disrespected with an Esquire writer declaring, “The action sport community has in it the biggest concentration of alarmists, cranks and extremists this side of the giggle house.”

Whatever the case, you can watch Slater, White and Hawk participate in a game of Carpool Karaoke together here.

Does Slater look sad to be in the backseat?

Tune in March 27th to see the trio shine. Maybe we Open Thread Comment Live?

Freelance writers, filmmakers, editors become latest victims of World Surf League content purge; Join previously expelled “WSL Studios” employees in Santa Monica’s swollen breadlines!

If a professional surfer hand jams in the woods but nobody sees it, does it make a sound?

News has trickled out from behind the World Surf League’s Positive Wall of Noise, over recent days, suggesting gloom and doom reign in Santa Monica. Wails and much gnashing of teeth. You will certainly recall one month ago when, overnight and without warning, the League detonated its much ballyhooed WSL Studios, axing tens of employees and abandoning the ambitious vision of ex-Oprah Winfrey executive Erik Logan to turn professional surfing into a media titan.

Films, television programs, viral YouTube hits.

The film Billy materialized. It was about Billy Kemper and maybe not very well-received. The television program Kelly Slater’s Ultimate Surfer also came to life. It was accepted with frowns and almost complete lack of audience.

And so the WSL Studios became no more but sources claim the bloodletting did not stop there as the League is cancelling any content initiatives whatsoever, sending freelance writers, filmmakers, editors to the same breadlines swollen by Studios employees and other hard-luck Harrys.

“Work has dried up,” one jettisoned writer told me while gnawing a moldy crust.

At time of writing, the World Surf League’s website appears to be functional though no telling how long Chief Strategy and Brand Officer Dave Prodan will be able to shoulder the entire load by interviewing Griffin Colapinto.

If, indeed, the WSL is out of the content game altogether, how will legions of would-be fans discover that it is their favorite thing to watch?

If a professional surfer hand jams in the woods but nobody sees it, does it make a sound?

More questions than answers.

Rumor: Brazilian stud and sitting World Champion Gabriel Medina to possibly make 2022 season debut at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach!

Ring that thing.

Tea leaves are tea leaves, difficult to read, open to interpretation, necessitate an old Chinese woman etc. Difficult to say, for certain, what the future holds by looking at the bottom of a demitasse. The World Surf League’s Fantasy Surfer app, on the other hand, is the World Surf League’s Fantasy Surfer app and tells, clearly and definitively, which professional surfers will be surfing the upcoming contest.

The next one on the calendar happens to be the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach there rimming Torquay, Australia.

The sitting WSL champion and Brazilian stud Gabriel Medina is available for choosing.

Medina, who declared that he was going to take some me time following his dominant 2021 season, made good on that promise by not coming to Hawaii, staying in his home country while his personal life seemed to unravel somewhat. Messy tabloid divorce, bizarre sex tape claims etc.

He was not available to fantasizers for either the Billabong Pipeline Pro nor the Hurley Pro Sunset.

Available, again though, for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Do you think he is done with self care and ready to report for duty once more?

Has scanned the horizon and seen Kanoa Igarashi, Kelly Slater and Barron Mamiya as one, two and three?

Is there a “performance bonus” as part of his Rip Curl contract too juicy to pass up?

An expensive boat he has in his sights that would be absolutely perfect for evening floats with best friend Neymar Jr.?

More questions than answers.