Miracle in Yeppoon: Surf Lakes begins approval process to open wavepool prototype to public; Town Mayor says, “It will put us on the international map!”

Very exciting news!

After two years of testing, and at one point rebuilding after the wave-creating mechanism’s giant plunger blew apart, the world’s most picturesque wavepool is set to open to the public.

“The most common question we get online when we’re posting material is when will it open to the public,” Surf Lakes media director Wayne Dart told the ABC. “The current scenario with COVID-19 is not allowing surfers to travel to overseas destinations, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to put forward to see if we can open it to the public.”

Dart reckons the joint will able to fit two hundred surfers over the five different waves, gobbling up thirty-three waves every minute.

Livingstone Shire Mayor Andy Ireland says he’s been in “high-level talks” with Surf Lakes and says it’d be “huge” for Central Queensland if it opens.

“It puts us not only on the national map, but the international map as well as far as sports and surfing goes. We would get both national visitation, but also once the borders are open we would have international flights, we’d get people from overseas coming to use this facility.”

Exciting news etc.

Oy Vey: Watch Israeli Olympian Eithan Osborne (with cameo from goyim Dane Reynolds) in “The happiest Jew in Ventura!”

Essential-ish viewing.

Ventura surfer Eithan Osborne is twenty and his mammy is a “French-speaking Jewish humanitarian” with a Motorhead sticker on the back of her Volvo stationwagon.


Eithan is a Hebrew name which you pronounce A-ton. He was courted by the head of the Israeli ISA when he won a WQS event there and soon he was on the Israeli team for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

This movie The Happiest Jew in Ventura is almost twenty minutes long, also features Dane Reynolds and Micky Clarke and was shot on Kodak 16mm film by clever Andrew Schoener.

And click here for The Happiest Jew in Ventura ezine

Scandinavian Miracle: Swedish lake surfing, “I think it will be crowded today which will be super fun!”

A surprisingly joyful short film.

The short film, below, came in an unsolicited email this morning. It features a group of Swedish surfers driving seven hours from the capital Stockholm to Lake Kallsjön in lovely Jämtland province, the Swedish highlands, to intercept a two-foot windswell.

What should be an exercise in hilarity soon becomes, I don’t know, a somewhat joyful exercise of a group of friends going to great lengths to feel a little movement under their under-utilised surfboards.

“I think it will be crowded today which will be super fun!” says one man.

The wave bears little resemblance to Skeleton Bay or Mundaka but the richness of their experience is very much the same

Watch: Go-for-broke surfer Dane Reynolds in “I am the happiness of this world!”

A too short but utterly lovely collection of one of the best surfers around.

If one were to give human semblance to the America of today, this hated and often misunderstood country, I would choose Dane Reynolds to be the model.

I would choose him as he is now, in the middle of his thirty-fifth year, in the midst of maturity full of pain.

This body is heavy, massive like the country that gave him birth. Short arms, dainty hands.

When he surfs he becomes like a  cowboy of the Westerns: ready to fire his guns at the drop of a hat, getting into a rage at the least provocation.

Essential viewing, as always.

Surfing’s thriller moment: Flashy son of former world number two stars in “Enough virginity, hypocrisy, censorship, restrictions. Pleasure is preferred to sorrow!”

Also, includes brief lesbian kiss and a big spin… 

Noah Beschen, the Hawaiian-born son of former world number two Shane Beschen, is no boy. He’s a real man, a man who lives his life in reality, not waiting for kingdom come.

And flashy as all hell.

This five-minute edit which is called YRUYNN (Why are you whining), wraps Noah’s not inconsiderable talent in a phantasmagoric, and vaguely demonic, fantasy that calls to mind Hugh Hefner’s Gold Room where stereophonic music, drinks and erotic opportunities abound.

Come for the Big Spin at Waco, stay for a glimpse of girl-girl caress.