Spiritual: Watch Ryan Burch morph into Air Guy at Waco!

Damien Hobgood, Bethany Hamilton, Ryan Burch & more hit Waco with surprising results!

Watch as Damien Hobgood, Ryan Burch, Cheyne Magnusson, Mike Gleason, Willie Smith, Jason P. Bennett and the ever-so-lovely Bethany Hamilton seize that sexy lil American Wave Machines pool in Waco, Texas.

King of the Hill: Watch Jack Robinson’s Incomprehensible Dominance at Rip Curl Cup Padang!

Oowee, Padang was biggish too!

Jack Robinson won the 2018 Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang in waves that could crack a little man like crockery. Jack, who is twenty years old and a former winner of the Pipeline Masters trials, showed a vitality and dominance that was impossible to stop. A near-perfect final left his competitors holding little tin cups of self-pity.

Prodigy: Watch the best edit of an eight-year-old surfer this week!

Caden Francis wants to qualify, be world champ and replicate "super rad" Filipe Toledo.

Meet Caden Francis. Kid is eight. Been undefeated in contests for two years. Wants to qualify. Who can blame him? Work ain’t fun for most of us, just years of drudgery with only the distant promise of age and decrepitude. Caden’s fav thing about surfing is that “it’s fun and unique.”


Inhuman Ripping: The Best Freesurfing of Griffin Colapinto and pals around J-Bay!

When heats were off and shark cameos were on during J-Bay, some rather inhuman ripping went down…

Watch Griff Colapinto, Tanner, Pat and Dane Gudauskas, Mikey February, Kanoa Igarashi, Leo Fioravanti, Samuel Pupo and a few more gives themselves to J-Bay in the latest “Amp Sessions.”

Filmed by Jimmicane

Edited by: Mikey Mallalieu

Music: Peter King: Ajo

Circumnavigate Iceland with twin-fin wiz Asher Pacey!

Hooo-eee, this is a long way from the Gold Coast… 

Asher Pacey does his pretty ballet dance thing in Iceland and under a new name The Fjordman.

Starring – Asher Pacey

Filmed & Directed – Ryan Mattick

Original Score – Russell W

Edited – James Kates
Additional Footage – Dave Fox
Troll Appeasement – Morgan Hives