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Dane and Courtney Just Had a Sammy Boo

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

Worlds' best surfer (2006-12) and Ask Pam mastermind got a brand new bebe… 

It’s raining bebes on the most unlikely plains. First, it was revealed two weeks ago that perennial batch Taj Burrow (perennial as opposed to “confirmed” bachelor) is to be a daddy (as opposed to sugar daddy)… click here… and now we see the result of a most wonderful union tween Dane Reynolds v Courtney Jaedtke.

The pair are decade-old lovers from Carpinteria in central California (see main photo). Dane, the undisputed best surfer in the world from 2006 until 2012 and Courtney, the Pam Wear clothier (click here), falconer (click here), Ask Pam mastermind (click here) and, perhaps, the most profound stylistic influence on her bae.

Yesterday, the pair announced that Sammy Boo Reynolds, a little eight-pounder had been hoisted into the world. What a great honour and privilege motherhood is! A mammy’s strength is more powerful than natural laws! The world opens up to mammies!

IMG_5534 copy

And Reynolds turns thirty this September so he’s ready. He’s built for fatherhood. Playful and serious. Daring and loving.

What greater challenge is there than raising a great son?