Shaun White: Sex, lies and Bad Things!

A new lawsuit alleges that extreme star Shaun White likes kink! Let's dig in!

Shaun White is the world’s leading extreme sport star. He snowboards, skateboards and surfs! Did you see him in Rio with Pedro Scooby and a football player? Watch here!

Snowboards, skateboards, surfs and also allegedly sends lots of dick pics, videos of “sexualized fecal matter” and has a hair length fetish.

Super extreme!

All the allegations come from the ex-drummer of his ex-band Bad Things. Her name is Lena Zawaideh and she is suing him in San Diego court for sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Let’s read about it in TMZ!

One of the videos Zawaideh claims she was forced to watch was a couple killing a bear and then having sex on top of it. 

She also claims White forced her to watch “Church of Fudge” — a hardcore porn “involving a priest, a nun and fecal matter.”

At one point, Zawaideh claims White stuck his hands down his pants, approached Zawaideh, and then “stuck his hands in her face trying to make her smell them.”

She also claims he tried to kiss her on the mouth at a Halloween party in 2010 — but she shut him down. 

The lawsuit, which is better than anything I’ve ever written, can be viewed in full in the dick pic link. It begins:

The world knows Shaun White an as Olympian, X Games legend, winner of 10 ESPY Awards and the face of modern extreme sports. In addition to his achievements in the sporting world, White is also the founder, lead guitarist and public face of the young rock band Bad Things. However, the public face of Shaun White hides a darker, misogynistic personality.

Just look at that tee up then smack…the lawyer draws you in then smacks it right out of the park! I’m hooked! Gimme more! Season II!


Dick pics etc.


When Zawaideh had a boyfriend, he told her, “Don’t forget to suck his balls!” There also are examples that show White’s behavior toward other people as well. The complaint says that Zawaideh once saw him tell a cab driver, “You suck dick for a living!”

But maybe the cab driver did? Do we know? In any case, what does Shaun White say about all this?

“Many years ago, I exchanged texts with a friend who is now using them to craft a bogus lawsuit. There is absolutely no coincidence to the timing of her claims, and we will defend them vigorously in court.”

Deny, deny, deny! Oh…wait….ummmmm have the rules for dealing with controversy changed over the last few years? Admit, deny, admit? Or don’t settle when you should, let it all come out on TMZ/DeadSpin, admit, deny? Or…

Somebody help?

The Inertia pioneers new realms of lame!

Strap on... I mean in. Things are going to get crazy!

Did you ever see the Leonardo DiCaprio film Inception? It was good with a complex storyline. In short, people entered other peoples’ subconsciouses and planted information. Or something.

The thing, though, is that people could enter other peoples’ subconscious subconscious subconsciouses.

Or something.

Layer upon layer of twist, turn, misdirection. Which one is the dream? Which is the dream inside the dream? Which is the dream inside the dream inside the dream? I was on the edge of my seat, thoroughly taken.

And enter your second favorite chia recipe destination The Inertia! This morning the Internet’s “Distributor of Ideas” stepped away from pregnant wake surfers and 101 ways to use a rinse kit to publish a story on a story …are you still with me… done by Vice Sports of night surfing in Cornwall, England presented by Samsung.

A story…

…on a story…

…done by Vice Sports…

…of night surfing…

…in Cornwall, England…

…presented by Samsung.


It is like a turd inside a turd inside a turd inside a turd inside an ugly Korean phone.

Mind. Blown.

Eli Hanneman
See how Eli throws his tail high! See how Eli grabs with his nose! See how Eli rides out clean!

Eli Hanneman is a Masterpiece!

A day in the life of the dazzling 13-year-old from Maui!

Watching a youth in his late teens bang off jump after jump is something which you might give or take. Seeing a couple of kids, only just turned twelve and thirteen, operate a surfboard with this sort of dexterity, however,  is a… wonder. 

The Maui surfer Eli Hanneman, who is thirteen, appears in this excellent, if simple, day-in-the-life short. Eli describes his day as blocks of two three-hour surfs, with a midday nap, or one five-hour session, where he practises the manoeuvres he wishes to have perfected by the time he hits the tour in four or five years.

Making a fine cameo is the half-Australian, half-Indonesian boy Bronson Meidy, who was born and raised in the surf ghetto of Lakey Peak only twelve years ago.

Watch? Yes!


Portlandia: “Put a surfer on it!”

Will Oregon save the surf shop? Let's see!

I grew up, as noted here often, in the Pacific Northwest. Though I look back now with misty-eyed appreciation, at the time I did not find the dreary, cold, rednecked, cold, cloudy, economically depressed, oppressively green, wet, backwoods, backwater, cold, wet thing charming.

And Portland, the jewel, the rose, did not exist in my youth. It was merely a dull city four hours away. It had not yet become “Portland.”

In any case, I read just yesterday that Portland is getting its first surf shop and its second soon after and since it is “Portland” they will also sell coffee and craft beer.



Cosube and Up North Surf Club are appropriately named, sell coffee/beer, feat. art and screen film and might actually be successful. There is one other place in town that  has been open since 1983 and sells surfboards but also sells snowboards and SUPs (yuck on the SUPs!). It’s owner tells The Oregonian newspaper:

“I totally think we need more bars and coffee shops in Portland. It’s a cool idea, I guess. I think a lot of places already do things like that without actually saying they’re a surf shop. Maybe I should open up a margarita stand outside.”

Does that sound like he’s being facetious or serious? Maybe facetious. But I think he really should open up a margarita stand outside.

Which brings my around to my point. If surf shops in southern California made wonderful cocktails I would visit tons and probably accidentally make drunken purchases.

How in the hell have surf shop owners not thought of this already? Does “Portland” have to lead us all to the well and show us how to drink?

Bruce Irons
Bruce Irons was a stud virtually from birth!

The best surf movie you’ve never seen!

"It'll help you find God!" says its maker Ray "Runman" Klein…

You’ve never heard of Ray Kleiman. Long ago, he and his buddy Morgan Runyon made a series of hilarious Super 8 surf movies under the moniker, Runman. The series peaked in 1990 with the third of the series, Runman 69.

And then Runman vanished.

(Although you can click here for a very sweet tribute by What Youth) 

So, there was rapture, at least in my heart, when I discovered Runman’s own version of 2005’s The Bruce Movie in that film’s DVD extras. In the six-minute short, we go deep into Bruce’s off-tour life on Kauai. We see a wild pig killed for a wedding feast. We see a drunk getting decked for hassling Bruce. We watch Bruce eat it jumping a motorbike. We see Andy and Bruce drunk together, we see tourists getting smashed on rocks and a wild stationary wave. We see giant whip-in airs and loving closeups of Bruce’s (now ex-girl), Mia’s, ass and titties.

Surf movies don’t get any better, or shorter.

I gave Ray a call on Thanksgiving to give us the low down on his contribution to The Bruce Movie all those beautiful years ago…

BeachGrit: Hey, Runman! Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh fuck, anything to do with celebrating killing people we love…

 Your movie is a masterpiece. How would you define your style?

I film reality as I see it. I don’t like to set anything up. I just like to film. And I get people as they usually are.

Talk me through the scene on the stationary wave where Bruce and Kamalei Alexander collide and then Bruce steals Kamalei’s board? Was Bruce serious?

That was pretty serious.

I would’ve thought that Kamalei would’ve squashed him like a bug given his awesome reputation.

You know how it is, when someone’s mad and the other person probably isn’t mad.

There’s many scenes of tourists being washed into rocks or into the ocean. Why?

That’s just… comedy.

It’s a common theme in your movies.

We do that a lot.

Do you live on Kauai?

I’m on earth.

I admit, I loved the juxtaposition of Bruce’s parents cheering when he crashed the bike. 

Yeah, that’s a good one! They loved that!

Have your heard if Bruce liked the movie?

It looks like he likes it. I see him, I hang out with him. I don’t really to talk to him about it. We know each other real good.

Your lens ponders Mia at length.

Yeah! She’s hot!

Tell me about the guy getting slapped by Chava Greenlee (Bruce’s friend, noted surfer on the North Shore)?

He was kinda mouthing off and was drunk and getting in Bruce’s face. The best story I heard about that was a guy came up to me and said, Hey man, my friend is in your Bruce movie. I said, Really? And he said, Yeah, it’s the guy getting punched out. This guy went up to his friend and said, You’re in the new Bruce movie! And he said, What am I doing? And he said, You’re catching two feet of air! 

The pig’s in a bad way in the opening scene.

That’s the real deal.

And it was classic, the stickers: Welcome to Hawaii –  now go home and Aloha also means goodbye.

You gotta show how it really is…

What do you do for leaves when you’re not filming?

I work on the land.

Are you a farmer or a shephard?

I caretake big pieces of property.

Do you carry a shotgun and ride on a four-wheeler?

No, it’s all on foot.

Is movie making a hobby?

I film for love. And it makes money sometimes.

How much did you get for this sweet little extra?

I made the the Bruce movie for love. I don’t think I got directly paid for it.

Did you get a hat?

I got a pat on the back with and I love you and a sticker.

Will this movie help non-believers find God?

It’ll definitely save a lot of people.

And to conclude?

If you want to see the real deal, watch my movie. And thanks to Volcom for letting me put it out there.

Watch here!