WSL muzzles world number one!

John John silenced after criticizing 3x world champ Mick Fanning!

Do you remember when the World Surf League posted a candid interview to Instagram with the  world number one, and everyone’s favorite surfer, John John Florence?

Of course you do! It happened just three or so hours ago and was right here on BeachGrit!

The unimpeachable Derek Rielly wrote of the social media offering :

Now, as just revealed by the WSL’s social media wing, John John says that, yeah, he’ll compete at Trestles, but he ain’t gonna be throwing bombs.

“(The injury) feels fine… It’s just a matter of finding, like, where the little tweaks are and what’s going to hurt it,” says the current world number one.

“I think for the event, you know, I’m not going top be able to surf 100 per cent for sure… it’s a torn ligament in my knee… it’s going to be finding a good balance and surfing at eighty-five percent and … hopefully surfing through a couple of heats. It’s either doing that or pulling out of the event completely. I’d rather give it a try and surf like Mick to the finals.”



Apparently not! Just moments ago the WSL disappeared the Instagram post and scrubbed it from their Facebook too. I have reached out to WSL media czar Dave Prodan as to the whys and wherefores but my inquiries have yet to be answered.

In the meantime, let’s speculate!

Was Mick Fanning so hurt by everyone’s favorite surfer claiming he surfs at “eighty-five percent” that he forced the powers that be to eliminate the offending material?

Did he call WSL CEO Paul Speaker and say:

Prior to the exchange with the reporter, I had refused to speak with him because I understood he had previously published articles which I believed were racist and anti-Semitic. I strongly object to views, statements and comments of that nature.

I acknowledge that my decision to use words that were inappropriate – albeit in an attempt to be ironic, knowing they were of the type favoured by him– was misjudged and wrong. I don’t have or condone any form of racist or, more particularly, anti-Semitic view.


Or did he say:

John John thinks I surf at less than full volume? Really? Did he really say that? Even after J-Bay when a shark attacked me? No. Shut up. It did attack me. You know what…just…just…whatever.

Or did he say:

Go white lightning you’re burning up the quarter mile
(White lightning go white lightning)
Go white lightning you’re coasting through the heat lap trial
(white lighting go white lightning)
You are supreme the chicks’ll cream for white lightning.


Or did he say…wait! Here’s WSL media czar Dave Prodan! He says:

Having not seen the clip, but rather reading the transcript (on the Grit!) my guess is that John was referencing Mick’s surfing in J-Bay where he won the event despite being injured. I don’t have the background but presume he requested it removed into avoid confusion. John, like most if not all surfers on tour has the upmost respect for 3x WSL Champ Mick Fanning.

Oooooooh that is a quick, and quality, spin. It is why Dave Prodan has a job. But I’m going with the first option. The… Prior to the exchange with the reporter one…

That’s why I don’t!

JJF injury: “I’ll surf like Mick Fanning!”

Knee injury means JJF will be operating at 85% capacity… 

Do you remember last week’s rumour that John John Florence would pull out of the Hurley Pro because of a knee injury?

“What if John John’s very clear championship run is derailed not by a Brazilian but by fate itself?” wrote Chas Smith. 

Now, as just revealed by the WSL’s social media wing, John John says that, yeah, he’ll compete at Trestles, but he ain’t gonna be throwing bombs.

“(The injury) feels fine… It’s just a matter of finding, like, where the little tweaks are and what’s going to hurt it,” says the current world number one.

“I think for the event, you know, I’m not going top be able to surf 100 per cent for sure… it’s a torn ligament in my knee… it’s going to be finding a good balance and surfing at eighty-five percent and … hopefully surfing through a couple of heats. It’s either doing that or pulling out of the event completely. I’d rather give it a try and surf like Mick to the finals.”

Do you think John John, with that face that is neither friendly nor unfriendly, gets looser of tongue, and more likeable, every single day?

Does the idea of John John throwing his rails around more than his tail thrill or does it paralyse your heart with disappointment?

Click below to listen!

@john_john_florence injury update #HurleyPro

A video posted by World Surf League (@wsl) on

And here's the sell from Sothebys: The Cotton Estate gained national prominence when, in 1927, it was featured in Architectural Digest. In 1970, the home would again appear in the magazine, this time featured as the cover photo and described as "The Western White House," highlighting the importance of its second owner, then-President Richard M. Nixon. La Casa Pacifica rests on one of Southern California's largest and most scenic sections of coastal residential real estate. It comprises two parcels totaling 5.45 acres, and the site features 450 lineal feet of beachfront. The entire compound sits behind private walls and fences. The property is mostly flat with a garden that gently slopes seaward. The natural elevation is ideally suited to maintain privacy and enhance the sweeping ocean, island, and sunset views. The beach is easily accessible from La Casa Pacifica's private gate. The primary design language is a romantic interpretation of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. The gleaming white structures provide a perfect canvas for the vibrant colors and textures of the gardens, paving, and tile work. The period craftsmanship of La Casa Pacifica is superb—there are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted ceramic murals and tiles throughout the property, as well as original installations comprising patterned ceramic tiles characteristic of early California, Spanish, and Moorish designs. There is approximately 15,000 square feet among all the structures on the property, including a main residence of approximately 9,000 square feet; a pavilion, with a grand main room, bar, guest suite, and den; a two-bedroom guest house; pool and pool terrace; a lighted tennis court; a gazebo on the bluff; expansive lawns, formal and cutting gardens, vegetable and succulent gardens—many with exotic specimens; a greenhouse; multiple garages; a catering facility with separate entrance; a separate staff building with multiple garages, four staff residences with separate access; security annexes; as well as a private well for landscaping water. | Photo: Sothebys International Real Estate

Gimme: Nixon’s $69 Mill Trestles House!

Want to own a house that's the shortest of walks to the Hurley Pro? Buy here!

The Hurley Pro, as you know, is tuning up at the wave called Lowers, which is at the south end of the surf arena called Trestles. Further north is Uppers and even further around is the deep-water wave Cottons. Mostly, it ain’t much but in a big south-south-west swell and a light east wind? Oowee, she can boil.

If you’ve surfed there, you might’ve seen glimpses of the grand Spanish-style mansion called La Casa Pacifica that was owned by the American president Richard Nixon from 1969 until 1980. Located at 4100 Calle Isabella San Clemente, Nixon bought if off the original owner Hamilton H. Cotton’s widow and used it as a presidential hideaway, until he split back to New Jersey.

It’s a helluva spread. Almost six acres of beachfront land. And, today, you can own it for $US69 million which is a full six million dollars less than it was one year ago.

From the LA Times. 

The sprawling 5.45-acre compound occupies an ocean bluff in a gated enclave. While the 37th U.S. president lived there he replaced an existing tennis court with a swimming pool and built a 1,500-foot-long wall to enclose the property.

The California Colonial Revival main house, built in 1926, spans about 9,000 square feet with tile and hardwood flooring, arched doorways and detailed groin-vaulted ceilings. Many of the main rooms open to a center courtyard with a tiled fountain.

Among other features is an ocean-view office used by Nixon and an entertainment pavilion. Including a two-bedroom guesthouse, staff residences and offices, there are about 15,000 square feet of living space, nine bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, a three-quarter bathroom and four powder rooms.

A greenhouse, a pool, a tennis court, formal gardens and expanses of lawn complete the grounds. Views take in Santa Catalina Island, the open water and the coastline.

World leaders to have visited the property have included former Japanese Premier Eisaku Sato, former South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu and former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.

Crooner Frank Sinatra, actor John Wayne and the Rev. Billy Graham also made the guest list.

The property was priced at $75 million last year but was taken off the market after three months.

The seller of the oceanfront estate is former Allergan Pharmaceuticals Chief Executive Gavin S. Herbert, who bought the property from Nixon in the 1980s.

Shall we tour? Click! 

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Watch: Ep #3, John John in Twelve!

Like everything featuring Double John, it's good.

The third instalment of JJF’s series, Twelve, dropped today. Like everything featuring Double John, it’s good.

Can’t call this one great. Smacks of filler. Too much about Brazil, too much about Fiji. I’ve seen those waves. Know what happened. And John John doesn’t do a great job shedding light in his voice-overs. Because he’s too well adjusted.

For which his mother deserves some sort of Parent of the Millenium award. Raising three boys on the North Shore without a single one turning into a tweaked out scumbag is damn impressive.

Tolstoy said it. “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

It’s our struggles that make us unique. Interesting. I know what happened, John. Please, tell us how you feel at your worst!

I have been confused why they’ve titled it, Twelve. Only seven segments. Just figured it out. Because they’re filming it over a year. Twelve months. Am I right?

Part three isn’t bad, unless you compare it to parts one and two. They were magnificent, this is merely pretty good. I suppose it’s due to the nature of the format. Film and edit installments as you go, sometimes life slows down. Nothing to be done about that.

I am surprised that John John doesn’t hire a team of bodyguards while he’s in Brazil. Those crowds are terrifying. When he’s signing autographs next to a fenced off crowd of screaming lunatics I half expected a knife to slither out and stab him in the neck. He’s pretty damn famous now. Enough so that you just know he’s gotta have at least one crazed stalker with a shrine in the living room and a plan to shed his blood.

As per usual with most surf clips, I could have done with a fraction of the lifestyle shots. But that’s old, jaded, Rory talking. Teenage Rory would’ve eaten it up with a spoon. It’s the type of stuff that sells the dream. The notion that it’s all fun and games. That near non-stop traveling and competing doesn’t, at least occasionally, turn into a soul crushing grind.

I’m calling this a weak moment in what’s been, thus far, an amazing series. I’m looking forward to number four in October almost as much as I look forward to absolutely anything featuring Mason Ho.

Watch here! 

(And here if you want to re-watch the back catalogue, here’s episode one, and episode two.)

And what if we could examine the musculature of each surfer before each event?

Idea: Let’s make surfers like horses!

Finally a wonderful and workable idea!

I am not a horse track man, generally. It ain’t that I don’t like the pomp and circumstance, that I don’t like to throw away money, that I don’t like livin on a prayer. It’s just… just… I don’t know. Maybe I should be a horse track man.

Only four-ish days ago I went and sat in the turf club, suited, drinking mojitos, winning some. I can’t bet anything other that for the win because I believe betting for the place or the show is spineless. I only care for winners.

Also, I have no idea how to box or pick exactas or trifectas or etc. because I am not bright.

Do you know what I know, though?

Professional surfing!

And I had the most wonderful thought while I sat in the turf club, suited, drinking mojitos. What if professional surfing treated itself exactly like horse racing?

What if the bettors could go, before a heat, and look at the surfers standing on sand. Really study their physiques etc. Does Jordy have a little bigger beer belly than yesterday? Does Filipe Toledo have a touch of cowardice in his eye? Kelly. Does Kelly appear motivated or confused?

What if a horn announced the surfers going into the water? A crisp, clear bugle call? And off they paddle! Six at a time, though, not two because we need to box and pick exactas and trifectas etc.

What if there were claiming heats wherein the winning bettor could purchase a surfer for $20,000 or so dollars? Would you claim Brett Simpson? He is very handsome and a wise choice but what would you have him do? Could he sleep inside or would you keep him in the garage with your bicycles?

What if the World Surf League launched a closed circuit TVG style thing wherein people around the globe could sit in smokey rooms and bet the same as those sitting on the beach?

What if when a surfer got hurt, maybe a knee pop or a dislocated shoulder, a vet would attend to him and if the injury was very severe would set up a tent around the surfer’s body and euthanize him or her on the spot?

What if surfers had to wear silks instead of wetsuits and their weights posted in the Surfing Forum alongside their stance and record?

Oh I think this may be the best idea I’ve ever had and could lead directly into the glorious future WSL CEO Paul Speaker prophesied a year and a half ago when he looked at the newsman and said, “For sure. Surfing will be bigger than footall. Duh.”