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Kepa Acero finds Reverse Skeleton Bay!

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

Two years ago!

Were you driven just a little mad by Mick Fanning’s sandbottom point reveal?  Did you drive all over the internet trying to get a little bite on where it might be?

Is it Mex? Is somewhere around the horn? The Caribbean?

Is it Jordy’s famous right from Mozambique?

Or might it be somewhere deep in the heart of the Maghreb?

In this video made by the Basque surfer Kept Acero two years ago, he travels to The Islamic Republic of Mauritania to hunt a sandbottom right. It’s a place that still enslaves its people (twenty per cent of ’em) and where the rest are earning a buck-and-a-half a day.

Oh it’s a hell of a joint.

Does the wave, here, look familiar?

It’s too small for shredding, yes, but you do see the potential?

Does it make you want to plop out your little breasts and shriek and scream?