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Fashion: Nic Lamb vs. Mason Barnes!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Two big wave legends (?) square off on the catwalk!

Now I really have no idea what is happening here but for some reason big wave surfers are having full on aneurysms over fashion these days. Not just like wearing labels but talking about wearing labels. And it is very confusing for me but maybe fun?

Maybe…. fun?

The phenomenon of big waves surfers + fashion first popped onto my radar with the great Shane Dorian. He made a big deal about wearing Gucci, if I recall.

More recently this video appeared of big wave surfer Nic Lamb talking about things. At the five minute mark he gets dressed for the Titans of Maverick Party and says…

“I like wearing tailored suits. I like wearing Armani tailored suits and Ferragamos. That’s how I like to dress. I like looking like a million bucks.”

But then Nathan Fletcher calls him Pee Wee Herman and it seems like it deflates poor Nic Lamb just a bit.

And then today we have Mason Barnes who also, apparently, surfs Maverick and also loooooooooves fashion. He says in a new video posted by Complex…

“I’m just as comfortable in this Gucci jacket as I am in my wetsuit. I am obsessed with fashion. Fashion makes me feel cool. My obsession is fashion and it is fashion as a whole. You can express so many different things through what you wear and I was always super interested in that.”

And great! Don’t get me wrong… it is all good and great except Nic and Mason, if you are reading may I offer a tiny bit of advice? Only drop labels ironically.

Aside from that which big wave surfer is the best dressed? I have to give it to Mason. The Gucci Ghost jacket paired over a hoodie with Chelsea boots is almost inspired!

Watch here!