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Revealed: The ultimate Surf Ranch experience!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Kelly Slater takes you in the barrel!

Kelly Slater’s delightful girlfriend Kalani Miller posted a video on Instagram a few hours ago that, I believe, reveals the uppermost echelon on Surf Ranch experiences. In it, she can be seen crouched on the middle/front of a longer, wider board. Kelly Slater stands behind her and deftly steers the thing into and out of a small but seemingly very satisfying barrel.

And there we have it. The very exclusive ceiling.

Now, as the World Surf League has brought Surf Ranch online we’ve seen a few different pricing options. We’ve seen $115,000.00 for a two-day getaway. We’ve seen $9788.00 for a one-hour session. What then can we guess the tandem barrel with Kelly Slater will cost? Kelly’s steady hand on your shoulder. His calm voice in your ear saying, “Crouch down. Feel the rhythm of my nature.”

How much?

I would imagine, with the precedent that has been set, this experience could top $500,000.00. Of course it would include lunch and transportation too and from Surf Ranch from the Tachi Palace Casino and Hotel. I would imagine there would be many takers in Silicon Valley. Dot com folk trying to one-up the experiences of their peers. Also, I think for $250,000.00 Surf Ranch could provide other notable surf celebrities like Kalani Robb as barrel guides.

The future is bright.