Breaking: Five-time world surfing champ Carissa Moore says she was “violated” and “handled inappropriately” by Houston airport security!

“I’ve never felt so alone and powerless”

The five-time world surfing champion Carissa Moore, the living embodiment of the famous Aloha spirit, says she was “violated” and “handled inappropriately”by Houston airport security earlier today as she made her way back to Hawaii from Brazil. 

In a story to her more than half-a-million fans the thirty-year-old Olympic gold medallist who finished third in the Vivo Rio Pro wrote, 

“Went through security at the Houston airport, felt violated and disrespected when I was searched. No one had the decency to listen and treat me with kindness. I’ve never felt so alone and powerless. I’m fine but pretty shaken up. I don’t think I deserved to be treated that way. No one does. Trying to have some empathy for them. Maybe they are going through something, how knows. Let’s try to be a little more patient, kind and understanding with each other.” 

A few hours later Moore continued, 

“I really appreciate all the kind messages. I’m truly grateful for the loving community around me and support. I definitely don’t feel alone. 

“What happened to me was unacceptable and I just hope to encourage some improvement. I am more than ok. I realise how fortunate I am that I don’t ever have to deal with these types of situations and others have been though or have had to deal with way worse situations of being handled inappropriately or feeling powerless.

“We all have the power everyday to choose the kind of person we want to be and the kind of energy we want to share with the world. To those working TSA, I hope to encourage more patience, kindness and empathy towards travellers. I feel fortunate to be able to travel a lot and have a decent understanding of the flow at the airport but others do not. Some people move a little slower than others, don’t know what to take out of their bags and put in a bin or how to stand in an X-ray machine.

“Pat downs are uncomfortable and an invasion of personal space but we all do it for the safety of each other. I’ve had more than I can count and all have been pretty fine. Please proceed with care, be gentle and sensitive.

“You as a trained officer have the power to make this experience for someone a positive one, to ease someone’s anxiety and send them on their journey with your love and kindness. You matter and make a difference.” 

Ain’t that the sweetest takedown ever? A lesson in conflict resolution, a model for all Americans?

Elo, Taylor and the deleted Tweet.

Freshly exhumed tweets reveal dumped WSL CEO Erik Logan’s wild blood feud with Taylor Swift, “Your power is fading, your shine is dull”

"Your (sic) lying. Stop it…your mistruths and lies about what happened are just that – lies… this is one area where you're (sic) attempt to rewrite history won't work." 

As music fans move heaven and hell to get a seat at one of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour gigs, a three-hour show that covers each of Swift’s studio albums, freshly exhumed tweets from dumped WSL Erik Logan have revealed the wild blood feud between the two cultural giants. 

Logan, now fifty-two, you’ll remember, was disappeared by the WSL mid-event at the Vivo Rio Pro, no reason given, only a curtly worded press release that neither thanked nor exalted their high-profile CEO. 

“Today, the World Surf League (WSL) announced that CEO Erik Logan has departed the company, effective immediately. As the WSL begins the process of identifying a new CEO, Emily Hofer, WSL’s Chief People and Purpose Officer, and Bob Kane, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer, will jointly lead the company and continue to drive the WSL’s mission to showcase the world’s best surfers on the world’s best waves as the global home of competitive surfing.”

You’ll remember the contrast with his predecessor Sophie Goldschmidt’s presser.

“Sophie has had a huge impact on the WSL. She is responsible for transforming both our business capabilities and culture in her tenure as CEO. With the converging trends in sports, media and entertainment, we mutually agreed it was time to make a change. Erik Logan is a proven leader and a world-class media executive with a profound personal connection to the sport of surfing. We are excited about what he will accomplish as CEO. We will always be grateful to Sophie for her contributions to surfing and we look forward to the WSL’s next chapter.”

In the deleted Tweets from four years ago, Logan, in the words of BeachGrit’s Chas Smith, “came swinging in on a dispute she has with a man named Scooter Braun. Scooter Braun is a manager who represents or represented Kanye West, Justin Bieber etc. He somehow gained control of Taylor Swift’s back catalogue and she wrote an angry missive on Tumblr (the “lemon squeezey” Instagram) declaring, “I learned about Scooter Braun’s purchase of my masters as it was announced to the world. All I could think about was the incessant, manipulative bullying I’ve received at his hands for years.”

According to Elle Magazine… “Erik Logan, the former president of the Oprah Winfrey Network and a board member of Big Machine, wrote a scathing letter to Swift on Twitter that he has since deleted. In the message, he said, “For someone who draws such power from being the ‘voice’ and against all the things you talk about, I’m watching you violate what you allegedly stand for. You’re the real bully.”

The deleted tweets are something, Logan telling Swift “your power is fading, your shine is dull and this is what bully’s do, they lash out – especially when they are called to stand in the truth. Your (sic) lying. Stop it…your mistruths and lies about what happened are just that – lies… this is one area where you’re (sic) attempt to rewrite history won’t work.”



The main takeaway from the old tweets, I suppose, is Logan’s struggle with the concept of your and you’re.

The confusion between “your” and “you’re” often arises due to their similar pronunciation. However, as Logan must know, they have different meanings and uses.

“Your” is a possessive pronoun that indicates something belongs to or is associated with the person or group being addressed. For example, “I like your pussy” means that the pussy belongs to the person you are speaking to.

“You’re” is a contraction of “you are.” It combines the pronoun “you” with the verb “are” to express a state of being or an action. For example, “You’re going to get sacked” means “You are going to get sacked”.

The confusion often occurs because both “your” and “you’re” sound the same when spoken, making it easy to mix them up in writing. Logan may not fully understand the grammatical rules or may simply have made the  mistakes while typing or writing quickly, perhaps too furious.

New controversy engulfs under-siege World Surf League as live broadcast misses rare perfect ride only days after dumping CEO and confidante of Oprah Winfrey Erik “Elo” Logan!

“They’re targeting toxic dopamine hits instead of showcasing great surfing in great waves.”

The World Surf League has backed up the sudden disappearing of its very public CEO Erik “Elo” Logan mid-event with another controversy, this time missing only the second perfect ride of the season on the final day at the Vivo Rio Pro.

(Unfancied Australian Callum Robson, you’ll remember, “melted brains of surf fans with first perfect ten of the season at ‘crazy, dangerous’ Portugal Pro.”)

If you were watching the contest live, instead of being gifted the sight of Brazilian Yago Dora’s beautifully executed frontside 540 you were being shown a panorama of spectators on the beach, not untypical of an organisation that regularly misses key moment in its broadcast.

Aside from debate over whether or not the air should’ve been given a ten (“At least the judges get out of Brazil’ alive”), fans on the WSL’s own account were furious they had to watch it as a reply and not live.

Terrible broadcast, at the time of the most important wave they cut to commercial. No one saw Yago Dora’s 10 due to WSL incompetence. Shame!

wsl doesn’t know how to make entertainment. that doesn’t happen in the NBA.

What kind of broadcast takes breaks in the middle of sets?? Like “here’s 1st and goal for a game winning touchdown, let’s take a quick commercial break”

just like the JJF vs Yago heat. 2 min left in the heat with JJF needing a 6.6 and they cut to introduce Simmers and Wright for literally no reason.

They’re targeting toxic dopamine hits instead of showcasing great surfing in great waves. It sucks.

they have gotten REALLY bad at missing live action with fluff bullshit. It’s beyond frustrating.

Yes,and thank you,watching it with my grandson,and that happens, we’re like what! Then,they do it again! Go to the taped commercial and keep running it,we’re stoked and wanting to see Yago coming out of the water and his chair up,but no! then the post show does not show up either! Seriously, why?

it was unbelievable. They strive for viewers and they f@ckd us right in the best part to show the crowd???

Meanwhile, dumped CEO Erik Logan, a man who once, and very publicly, took the world’s biggest pop star Taylor Swift to task, has quietly removed his WSL CEO role from his Instagram account.

“Living life one wave at a time. Make your passion your life,” writes Elo. “Onward.”


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Prodan (left) with professional surfing's greatest ass et.
Prodan (left) with professional surfing's greatest ass et.

Retreaded Surfer Magazine nominates ultimate apple-polisher Dave Prodan as best candidate for recently vacated World Surf League CEO position!

"But perhaps it’s time for a return to someone on the inside."

The reemergence of once-proud Surfer Magazine, founded by the legendary John Severson, helmed by Nia Peeples’ ex-husband amongst many other icons, as a retreaded kook machine is one of the funnier bits of our current surf era. That and the World Surf League’s most wild implosion.

Two weeks ago, the casual observer would have imagined everything was just plain wonderful. The momentum of professional surfing, the extremely popular Chief Executive Officer of the World Surf League declared, was real.

But then, overnight, the charismatic Oklahoman, who had a magical wetsuit of armor, was ruthlessly and brutally fired right in the middle of an event. No information was given in the terse press release and none from the booth, where Joe Turpel instructed those listening that if they wanted to know what it felt like to surf like a professional, they should play a video game.


But who could replace the man known as ELo?

Who could?

Currently the WSL’s Chief People and Purpose Officer, Emily Hofer, and Bob Kane, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer, are at the helm but they will clearly not stay long. Chief of Sport Jessi Miley-Dyer seems to have been angling for the top job for some time now and could slip into ELo’s vacated office fairly easily. Other’s feel the International Surfing Association’s Fernando Aguerre would be a nice fit.

Kelly Slater? Some seem to think the greatest of all-time might be able to take a break from making turtle sandals and inspire.

Surfer, though, has another option. Per the Bible of the Sport:

(Dave) Prodan would be a good call, someone the surfers know and trust. The WSL took a big swing with E-Lo, an outsider to the industry with strengths in certain areas (broadening surfing’s appeal to the masses) and weaknesses in others (knowing much at all about surfing or surf culture). But perhaps it’s time for a return to someone on the inside.

Dave Prodan has been in the room for decades now, polishing the apples of this or that leader. He has survived at least five different regimes and that sort of knack means… something. Who are some very famous lackeys that have survived regime change besides the universally adored Dr. Fauci?

Currently, Prodan runs a podcast that is the most effective World Surf League propaganda machine around though does it mean he can lead?

Who would there be to polish his apples?

More as the story develops.

Dora (pictured) hoisted high. Photo: WSL
Dora (pictured) hoisted high. Photo: WSL

Least promising event window of season delivers best final’s day as Yago Dora defeats Ethan Ewing and points way to real future for pro surfing!

(Two events in Brazil, anyone? Brazilian CEO?)

And so it was that the least promising event window of the season delivered one of the best final days.

Conditions weren’t perfect, but they were the best we’d seen. The kind of clean, sunny beachbreak that makes you glad to be alive.

The success of the day was in no small part due to the consistently superb Brazilian fans. It is an undeniable fact that Brazil not only produces the greatest surfers in the world, but also the finest and most vociferous supporters of professional surfing.

(Two events in Brazil, anyone? Brazilian CEO?)

The clientele for finals day were also fresh and clean. Only one top five surfer remained in Ethan Ewing, perhaps the most unlikely.

In the end, it was to be Yago Dora who claimed his first CT victory, a hometown favourite with universal appeal and an undeniably broad skill-set. The manner of his victory is matched only by the considerable style with which he wields foam, resin and water.

But before that, the prelude.

Sammy Pupo’s hot streak came to an end against Ryan Callinan. The latter being the first of Mitch Salazar’s predilections to take out the event victory.

Throughout the day Salazar was to make several claims with the emboldened bluster of a tarot card reader. These ranged from wildly inaccurate to patently bloody obvious.

“In my view, he’s a top ten surfer of all time”, he said of John Florence, in a tone that suggested it was a hot take. “I think people forget just how complete a surfer he is.”

They don’t, Mitch. They really don’t.

Salazar approaches his job like a self-appointed sage, imbued with profundity and wisdom, but the substance of what he says carries all the weight of a tortilla.

I truly hope that the new CEO, whoever it may be, recognises that some slash and burn is needed with the commentary team. Mitch and Kaipo have to go. That’s unequivocal.

As for Turpel, I waver, just as you might at the vet with a beloved family pet. He’s utterly useless, but easy to sympathise with. We’re so used to having him around.

But when he told us yesterday, without a hint of irony or humour, that if we’d ever wondered what it was like to surf like the best in the world, we could download a game from the App Store to find out, it was the nail in the coffin. Verbatim, the note I recorded: “Fuck you, Turpel, honestly. I’m out. Hopefully you are too.”

I’m sure people think that we just enjoy using the pundits as punching bags here at BG, but our ire and humour conceals a serious point. We spend so much time listening to this broadcast team, they are the faces and voices of the sporting performances, and they can make or break our viewing experience. They absolutely need to be better.

But back to those performances. Ewing vs Fioravanti was settled in the opening exchange of quarter final number two. The smoothness of Dora rendered a virtual no-contest against Jadson Andre in the next.

The fourth heat of the day, an all Hawaiian match-up between Florence and Mamiya, was a different matter.

The crux of the heat was Mamiya’s final wave. With a minute on the clock and needing an 8.27, he executed four seamless backhand strikes, the first of which was the turn of the heat. It wasn’t the biggest wave of the day, but there was plenty of reciprocal power.

He claimed vigorously, like he felt he’d got the score, and upon direct comparison with Florence’s 8.93, his upwelling of emotion seemed justified.

John’s 8.93 had started with a wrap and finished without drama or verve. Barron’s was full throttle from beginning to end. It should’ve turned the heat.

Two judges agreed, one giving a nine, another an eight-five. But the rest settled on flat eights and the result was 8.17.

Florence took a long time on the beach before this heat, head bowed, caressing his board in his arms as if in prayer. To whom or what ends is uncertain, and it may be he was just trying to return to the ubiquitous present amidst the baying crowd, but it did make me recalibrate my sense of how much winning heats might mean to him.

Regardless, by the semi final this centre could not hold. Against Yago he was barely able to summon a wave let alone a score. He exited the competition with a whimper, sitting astride his board with a 6.50 heat total, albeit after a semi final finish that sees him in striking distance of a shot at a third world title.

Both semis were lacklustre in the warbly, inconsistent high tide. Callinan and Ewing were both mistake prone in the other, with the latter stitching a couple of solid scores among the falls with some searingly smooth rail surfing.

But it was the final that capped the day as a resounding success. And a nod once again to the crowd that made this a reality. So often it’s pure WSL ministry of truth style fiction, whether in ELo’s manufactured numbers or those in the booth reporting things our eyes tell us are lies. But in Brazil these crowds are real.

Drone shots showed thousands of people packing the beach, tanned limbs pressed up against barriers, jammed skin to skin and grinning. Brazil is what the WSL has always dreamed pro surfing could be. Even through a screen the atmosphere is tangible.

As the finalists were announced, combat style by the Brazilian announcer on the blue runway, their personalities seemed to have been momentarily switched. Ewing grinned from ear to ear, an outward expression of happiness seldom seen.

Dora, by contrast, was steel-eyed, terminator-like. “I’ve never seen Yago in the fifteen plus years I’ve known him with that much intensity in his eyes”, said Jesse Mendes.

On the birds-eye angle, each combatant cast long shadows in the late afternoon sun. One man in blue, the other in red. One dark and moustached, the other blond and clean shaven. It was a vision that stirred images of an empty street with a man at either end of it.

Ewing took a wave almost immediately. Mere seconds in, Mitch “Nostradamus” Salazar proclaimed his victory. “I think this is the way Ethan wins this final”, he stated conclusively.

Fortunately, everyone ignored him.

The decisive blow was Dora’s ten point ride for a gigantic full rotation, spun and landed as clean as it gets. It was a flat, snowboard-like rotation, of a type few in the world might execute with such panache.

Certainly it was not the type of surfing we’ve seen from Ethan Ewing, nor are we likely to. This isn’t a slight, but rather to make the point that there was no answer he could give in this situation. This gulf in range made Dora a worthy winner.

It was only the second maximum score of the entire season, and it couldn’t have been more different to Callum Robson’s genre bending barrel at Supertubos. Nevertheless it was valid.

Detractors could argue it was a capitulation to the partisan crowd and the moment, but if so, only by half a point.

Dora moves seven positions to number five in the world. He’s a threat at every venue, including Trestles, and if that fact isn’t already obvious, it will become more apparent in time.

For all the talk of surfing’s importance to culture in the likes or Australia and California, only in Brazil does it feel like real sport.

Stadiums are not the answer for pro surfing, packed beaches and quality broadcasts are. If the WSL is to have any future, they’ll follow the fans, not the money. Satisfy the first and the second will follow.

On a personal level, thanks for all the comments and messages of support, both in public and private. It has an impact. I’m still in the hospital. My boy isn’t out of the woods, but he’s on the mend.

I’ll be forever grateful for the healthcare in this country and the simple, human kindness shown by nurses in particular.

It’s a weird little thing this life. Do whatever you can with it, for yourself and others.