Gobbled alive: JOB fans turn on master in “Disrespectful”, “Cringy”, “Worst-ever” VLOG!

Japan surf-and-snow episode an epic fail, say triggered fans…

What’s the ingredient that makes Jamie O’Brien’s vlogs compelling? Like Koa Rothman, like Ben Gravy, Jamie seems to wink and pucker out little kissies.

He’s a likeable host, is never too cruel, never too vanilla and can flap his wings at fifteen-foot Pipe. His usual sidekick is the Californian everyman, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, who became Jamie’s friend when he moved to the North Shore eight years ago and rented a room. Before long, their dangerous friendship became YouTube history. 

Together they make a good team.

Poopies is Lewis to Jamie’s Martin. Laurel to Stan etc.

In this episode, Jamie visits a snow festival and surfs in the very cold water of Hokkaido. His travelling pals include “Laird” who announces, loudly, that he is “going to mess with some people.”

Which he does, in a full voice that hurts like a thousand fire-ant bites.

Jamie’s fans bared their teeth.

Jamie your good people.That kid your hanging with though, he can rationalize it how he wants but he need to grow up hell hurt your views. stay behind the camera

Laird needs to go man. Ive been a huge fan for years but hes trynna be the new poops and its not workin

That was embarrassing to watch, felt like watching the Logan Paul vlogs in Japan

ou’ve heard it enough to know it’s not just a couple haters. Laird is a straight up kook. Dude acts like he’s on drugs or desperately crying out for attention or maybe it’s both. #ditchlaird

Everyone sees it Laird is a full on kook not funny at all, clean house James this was uncomfy. Sorry Brah

There are just too many ways to act inappropriately in Japan…..I think you guys nailed em’ all…

I quite enjoyed his acrid friendliness. You?

Watch Griffin Colapinto in: “This is the shit you read about, ladies and gentlemen, in the newspapers! F*ck!”

A thirteen-minute coda of Griff's 2018 Hawaiian season, Sunset, Pipe and so on… 

Like most of you, I find little to be ecstatic about in the overuse of slow-motion and ultra high-definition vision in surf edits.

What I get a kick out of is fly-on-the-wall documentary, little moments where we get to know a person, his habits, the way he talks, reacts to people, walks.

This edit, which compresses a few weeks of Griff’s Hawaiian season, hits us with both.

We get the RED, which ain’t so bad in this case ’cause Griffin is a mature artist in command of his powers, style wise, but what makes it is the off-the-cuff gear.

See Griffin with beautiful foreign girl in one-piece yellow swimsuit. When he asks her to DM his Instagram account, she tells Griffin she already has while provocatively swinging what one hopes to be experienced hips.

Kolohe Andino howls “Ow, ow, owwwwwwwww!”

See Griffin at Pipe, before and after, exchanges with Joel Parko and so on.

I do think this featurette would’ve had more weight if it’d been loosed a week or two after Pipe finished, but as an examination of a man with modesty and moderation and charm, it’s a charming enough rendezvous.

Watch Italo Ferreira tear hell out of West Africa in “Seeds of Copulation!”

Italo hits lips with metronome-like relentlessness in recent visit to Cape Verde islands… 

I doubt if three minutes, or thereabouts, spent watching Italo Ferreira can be a bad thing.

This short film is notable for its depiction of a chameleon whose surfing is completed with rigour and glee, even with the occasional flub. I found the first half of the film a little disappointing, the waves look very weak and Italo must constantly hoist his board upwards to squeeze out any speed, but the end playful and exciting.

The accompanying song stinks like a rag that has been used to mop up the urine of a dog, however.

VAL and proud: An ode to the Vulnerable Adult Learner!

Courteous, egalitarian and surf stoked!

In this compelling short film, the New Zealand anthropologist Chris Drabble examines the life of the vulnerable adult surfer, poor in talent but rich in his, her, lofty belief that surfing has gifted them the power of a god.

“There’s this sensation I get from surfing that’s like nothing else. When I’m out there on the water my energy is in sync with the universe. I still remember that day I paddled out into the waves for the first time ever on my surfboard.”

How long ago was that?

The Val’s face becomes graver, his eyes more introspective.

“Well, it was four days ago. It’s a pretty special memory, that.”


Watch Shaun Manners and Creed McTaggart in “There’s nothing coming out but watery spit!”

Beautifully unvarnished surfing from the house of Manners and McTaggart…

Three months ago, the Western Australian Shaun Manners released a video which became, perhaps not a surprise hit, at least if you knew of him, but a confirmation of his unspoiled talent. 

This film, which is ten minutes long, continues the affair and includes another Western Australian, Creed McTaggart, who once told me,

“Coaches fucking piss me off. I did four ISAs and I just fucking hated it. It’s such a weird vibe. So intense. It didn’t feel real. It felt fake and I hate coaches telling you where to put your arms when you surf. I’ve always want to surf how I wanted to surf.”

I think that is a fine summation of this easygoing clip, where neither Creed nor Shaun has been transfigured by an interfering hand.

“I don’t strive to be unique,” said Creed. “I strive to fucking be myself.”

It’s a fine ethos.

Creed’s creed, y’could say.