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Beach Grit

(Audio): The Blind Surfer

Michael Kocher

by Michael Kocher

A surfer is blinded in a ding-fixing accident. But life goes on in this moving story by Jamie Brisick …

The surfer-marine Michael A Kocher reads “Justin’s Weird Act” from the Jamie Brisick book We Approach Our Martinis with Such High Expectations.

The story, about a surfer blinded in a ding-fixing accident, “goes to show us all that no matter what life throws in our way we can still surf, we can still feel stoke, and we can still enjoy life. Justin’s story is one of unexpected beauty and expected poignancy. I read it at least once a month and it has absolutely informed my life in numerous different ways,” says the narrator.

“I hope that you enjoy my rendition and my apologies to Jamie for the times I tripped over words. His words deserve the utmost respect and love.”

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