Here first: Target to buy DC!

Come buy your skate shoes at America's finest retailer!

Our surf/skate/snow world is just the craziest, no? One minute Quiksilver stock is trading at 0.60 American cents and the next thing Target is set to buy DC which is owned by Quiksilver! The shoe company that used to swathe Dane Reynolds’ glorious feet as well as Andy Irons and Nyjah Huston. Who’s Nyjah? Only the world’s most boring/winning skateboarder! So boring!

The rumor is, of course, totally unsubstantiated but also like Kelly Slater buying Firewire probably totally maybe true! Maybe!

In any case, the sale could spring Quik from the depths of 0.60 American cents despond and relaunch happy times for the brand we all love. It could also be good for Target because whatever they touch turns to gold. Can you say hello Brother Andino? And Nyjah? Who cares! So boring! So painfully boring that I’m happy he don’t surf!

Stay tuned here, as always, for the stories so unsubstantiated that no one else will publish but so true that no one else will also publish.

How to kill a tuna!

Stand on the edge of a marina, point speargun down and…pow!

California heads are all abuzz about the coming El Niño. Lots of warm water, plenty of good surf. What’s been my daily reality for the last eight years in Hawaii is coming to Southern California.

With the warmth comes the bait, and with the bait come the predators, spelling out a chance to grab some awesome catches for the Golden State below water set.

A sick little video making the rounds these days shows yellow fin tuna that made their way into Dana Point Harbor. Weird shit happens in the ocean on the regular, but this ain’t no usual occurrence.

Sure, firing your bluewater gun out of water is pretty dumb, and I’m more or less certain that spearing fish from a dock inside the harbor is ten millions kinds of illegal, but this is still pretty damn badass.  These guys are gonna have an awesome tale to go with their sashimi, as well as whatever fines they get hammered with.


Is the biggest wave in the world Irish?

Welcome, friends, to Area 70. The pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow!

Ummmmmm I am going to go out on a  limb and say no. It is not. Area 70 looks like a fun but messy roll-in but who cares! These Irish fellows look like they are having lots of fun. They have a whole island filled with leprechauns and faeries and hearts, stars, clovers and freezing cold emptiness. What is not to love?

Which brings up the broader point. People have been saying, “The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun…” for years. And I have always thought it utter bullshit. The best surfer in the water is the best surfer in the water and the one having the most fun is usually a surf school turkey.

But I have been wrong (probably). Surfing is anti-depressive, after all, and look at that smile hiding beneath that red beard. Al Mennie is happy in the very land that invented depression! He is the best surfer in the North Atlantic (at least)!


Down Days Morocco
Down Days are steamy, highly charged dramas. And, Morocco, yes! Points, points, points!

Down Days: The Gudauskas Bro’s in North Africa!

From the home of the Jews to a beautiful Islamic kingdom…

You can’t say California’s Gudauskas Brothers don’t get around. In their Down Days video series for Vans we’ve seen ‘em swing their exultant spirits through Puerto Rico, Iceland, Spain, Germany, Japan, Israel and, in this episode, Morocco.

“We on a mission to explore the world!”

The sing-song style of the Gudauskas Bro’s don’t always work (click here) but, in this episode (season two, ep nine), as they eat camel (but not the fabled toe!) and surf the long points around Agadir, they come across and gentle and even venerable.

“You can smell it!” screams Pat. “It smells so good!”



Sunset Surfer

5 Things You’ve Forgotten Surfing Gives You

Those dazzling back muscles, the geo-lessons, the ability to… wait!

There’s more to surfing than just flying to shore. All that paddling, all that waiting, all that travel. It enriches you in ways you’ve long forgotten.

1. That back!

Most people in the gym call them lats, traps and tri’s. We just call it paddling. Be thankful for the form surfing has given you. You don’t even feel obligated to to the Jersey Shore with your dome frozen with L.A. Looks gel and pumping that fist!

2. Reactions from civilians

Ever been at a party and listened to the part of the conversation where hobbies come into play? The bland reactions to tennis and skiing are exasperated. Like Hamlet did when he showed his uncle “The Mousetrap,” watch the eyebrows raise and the heads veer slightly to the right as they ask you for details of  your biggest waves and how you braved the locals in El Salvador with a cervesa in one hand and a machete in the other.

3. Geo-political knowledge

Your geography teacher never thought you would amount to this and you may not realize it while you’re mesmerized by a world map looking for surf-able coastlines. However, as you memorize main and back roads in back countries, you’re filling your brain with culture and knowledge. All of a sudden, you meet someone from South Africa and they can’t believe you’re an American who knows the difference between the N1 and Naz.

4. Patience

Waiting for the waves is like someone in cell block C waiting for the Parole Board to stamp their papers. Patience. Patience. Patience. This comes into life waaaaayyyyy more than you think and realize when checking Surfline.

5. Appreciation

Ernest Hemingway would have lavish meals with all of his friends at round tables and they would sit at the table for hours, eating slowly and drinking Sangria. He even wrote a book called A Moveable Feast. Which has nothing to do about eating. But it does teach us to respect, love and to savor the things that are fleeting and fickle in our lives.

Like when wind, water and time allow us to have that perfect day of surf.