Dane Reynolds
All of Chapter 11 felt right. Funny when it mattered, serious when it mattered, sick as fuck through and through. | Photo: Morgan Maassen

Opinion: Chapter 11 Fucked Everything!

Nails surf zeitgeist against the wall. Funny when it mattered, serious when it mattered…

You’ve grown up with Dane. You saw him become everyone’s favourite surfer, the lord of the coveted web clip. And after all these years, you kind of know Dane better then most.

Or at least you thought you did. Chapter 11 fucked all that up.

Pre-Chap 11 even the most seasoned “hip” surf fan had begun to cynically roll their eyes at a VHS handicam B-roll filled air-fest or a two-minute edit every week or directing a film about a fellow Quiksilver team rider.

Then the wave of opinions, comments, tags, articles, covers, ads, “exclusive” interviews, all of it. Endless content. Dane was, is, the man to know. Do try to keep up on his edits, see what he’s got to say on something, oh sick a new board. If you are out of the loop, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Quiksilver actually employed me for a brief time. Shop #82 in La Jolla. I sat at the bottom of the corporate trough of a publicly traded powerhouse surf brand with decades worth of experience, integrity, grit and money. I joined the team on the forefront of selling the Quiksilver “vibe” to whomever came in.

Guess who drops off the big team right when I join? Kelly. Bye dude!

Time to take off all the ads of Kelly in the store, make sure a new video advert for the flat screen TV’s has no bald glory flying out of a tube. So who’s left? OH YEAH! Dane and that kink-legged saint Craig! Oh the marketing team has it all! Two phenomenal surfers that fly the “fuck contests” flag with pride and… oh no money?

Shit, this is awkward.

I often felt that yes, while Quiksilver represented Dane fairly, funded the trips, etc, it didn’t feel right. The banner ads were apathetic. The vibe was too cool for school but cool enough for every Macy’s, Tillys and surf shops from San Diego to Maine. Such is life in the corporate surf world.

Dane’s best anything seemed so far from a marketing department. He’d drop off the radar. I’d see the same clips over and over again. Then Sampler dropped and my faith was restored.

This cycle continued until the Quiksilver corporate empire filed for bankruptcy. I wondered: what will become of my two favorite free surfers? Will Craig and Dane save them? Will they get even more creative control?

Nope. Peace. Bye. Oaktree Capital? No thanks.

Then I left too. And life went on.

Dane’s departure from the Mountain and the Wave became an afterthought. He had a kid so, of course, no clips are gonna drop. Being a father takes precedent to cranking out content for the masses. Vans sat back happily in the industry, took an effective, but admittedly easy route and put Dane and @pamlovesferrariboiz in Sk8 Hi’s and pasted it with a monster rail gouge at Rocky Point from last winter as a friendly reminder that Dane was indeed alive and well post-Quiksilver break-up. Win win for everyone. Silence resumes.

All of the craptastic fuckery of 2016 takes over the airwaves. Election this, email leak that. I want something to love! I beg for clarity in this insane world! Is it too much to ask?

Chapter 11 was the dose of clarity the whole surf industry needed. Dane set it straight. With 37 minutes of film Dane has calmed the cynical doubters, commenters, fans who thought they’d lost their black sheep. Don’t worry pant cuffing pouty surfers! Father Dane has spoken the good word.

After two weeks of amazing swell in California, capped off by rain today, a fresh edit of Dane being Dane in the best fashion is just what we needed! Those airs! Those turns! Whipping the slate, or in this case nose of a CI board, clean of corpo branding. Back to the roots of good surf films. Candid but not too much, a soundtrack that demands repeated plays and having fun on a boat trip with friends. Paired with effortless beautiful, raw, captivating film making, AND OH THAT PUNK ROCK SECTION!  FUCK YEAH I WANT MORE MORE MORE MORE! Sorry that was excessive but in the moment it feels right.

All of Chapter 11 felt right. Funny when it mattered, serious when it mattered, sick as fuck through and through. Dane, you gave us hope. Oh and throwing in the punk laden ad for your new brand that I will buy because, well I want to, that was a good move. No need for a conference room meeting to okay that brilliant idea.

So thank you forever Dane. Welcome Former. All is well.

Chapter 11 from Marine Layer on Vimeo.

Surf fashion: Shred in Lululemon!

Are you looking for some new beach gear? Welcome, honey!

Are you a man? Who totally loves when summer hits so you can go to Starbucks and get all your favorite beachy treats? Like Teavana shaken berry sangria herbal tea? Or iced dulce du leche latte? Do you need dedicated “me time” every week? Maybe a mani-pedi followed by anything Sarah-Jessica Parker? Or a long walk in the park with a little dog? Or SoulCycle n chill?

Well now there is outerwear label for your surf missions!

You may know Lululemon from your wife/girlfriend’s yoga drawer but now the Vancouver-based brand is making trunks and yoga leggings light enough for the muggiest weather Malibu can throw. For you!

Boys’ trip!

Just imagine! An open cabin tucked into the Littlest Dume. Teavana shaken berry sangria herbal tea n chill. Beach towel gossip. OMG. Toes up the nose. Thick rails. Etc.


True to Siss!

Shop here!

Or at The Inertia!

Read: A fun story you won’t otherwise see!

Nobody reads Surf Europe but everyone should! It funny!

Surf Europe might be one of the greatest producers of content these days. France’s ideological breadbasket absolutely crackles with very funny stuff. I think, though, that their web traffic is down near maybe zero. And that’s where your beloved BeachGrit comes soaring in to save the day!

Like Robin Hoods we shine a bright spotlight on the noble but unregarded! We steal from the poor and give to you the middle class! Take, for example, this great story comparing how you drink your coffee to what kind of surfboard you ride.

Take, for example…


Not so long ago, you could buy plastic versions of these that sat atop your cup, at the supermarket for about 2 bucks.

Now they’re glass, with cool wooden and leathery bits, Japanese design influence, but basically the principal is the same as the plastic ones. You can pour it in slower or faster to like, totally control the brew.

If you went and bought one of those kettles with the spout to complete the aesthetic, well, I’m not going to say you’re a victim. I’ll just say this: Getting a single fin is one thing. A good thing. Then getting a retro wetsuit top to go with it is a whole ‘nother matter entirely.

Now that is funny!

Read the rest here! Give that Surf Europe your love!

Death: Kanoa Igarashi gonna kill you!

He gonna choke you 'til you black out then murder you dead!

When you think of death and destruction and black eyes and cauliflower ears and Conner McGregor and choke outs and broke faces and blood and death and destruction and fear and the octagon and Khabib Nurmagomedov and arm bars and blacking out and human growth hormone and death and destruction and gouged eyes and collapsed tracheas do you think of young Huntington Beach surfer Kanoa Igarashi?

Or cute San Clemente grommet Griffen Colapinto?

I don’t!

I think “young” and “cute!”

But apparently both Kanoa Igarashi and Griffen Colapinto are not young and cute but rather stone cold mixed martial artists. Maybe. The modern surfer puts “training” at the top of his list when going to Oahu’s North Shore and by “training” he means doing some jiu jitsu and sweating a little bit and arm baring a smidge.

And why not, I suppose. The North Shore is a rough place.

Still. I, for one, am happy not to have grown up in the “training” era. I am happy to have gotten by on my wild windmill hammer. My refusal to ever go to the mat. My actually being unhinged.

Who wants to fight a man with a very crooked nose and absolutely nothing to lose?

I hope not Kanoa Igarashi.

Or Griffen Colapinto.

Listen: Chapter 11 Soundtrack!

Best soundtrack for a surf movie, ever? Yes?

Like everyone, I was held in a trance by the Dane Reynolds film Chapter 11. Somewhere between a burnt marriage and a greasy kitchen and choosing between maybe cleaning the house or smashing snails on the porch and watching a surf movie, well, what are you going to do?

But running under the cuts and swings of the 31-year-old Reynolds was a soundtrack that was cerebral, frail, brutal and sad. Best soundtrack in a surf movie ever? Yeah, maybe it is.

Reynolds has always played a sharp hand with his music. Remember when he turned a goofy seventies yacht rock track into the sound of summer five years ago? (Click here if you don’t remember or want to soak in nostalgia.)

In the interests of spreading good music, I’ve made a little YouTube playlist of the songs from Chapter 11.

Hit play, sit back and disappear into your head.

Chapter 11 from Marine Layer on Vimeo.