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Laird: Gals’ Periods Attract Sharks!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

"It's like carrying a lightning rod!"

Today, your pals Derek and Chas were busy. Derek stuck at 6:45 am twenty minutesĀ from home, car-less, maybe covered in the scent of a woman.

Chas mired in Hollywood traffic at 1:45 pm a full two hours from his trusty laptop. The slightest touch of dried saltwater clinging to his inner nostril.

Like cocaine.

Both happy. But then a scoop!

Laird Hamilton explains to TMZ thats sharks attack women on their periods.

Brilliant. Necessary.

But how to post?

Chas quickly called Derek who began sprinting home then pulled off the freeway to write these very words on his cracked iPhone SE.

And dear readers, may I present to you Laird Hamilton explaining to TMZ that sharks attack women on their periods.