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Gabriel Medina: A Trail of Tears!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

No one lets it go like surfing's naughty boy!

It is my birthday today and I am choosing to spend it with Gabriel Medina. Professional surfing’s favorite bad boy. Professional surfing’s naughtiest minx. I’m choosing to swim in a fountain of his wonderful tears.

And how do you want your first runner up to act on the podium? Do you wish for him to be genteel? Congratulatory to the winner? Full of praise for the event, fans, staff, God?

Or do you wish for him to be so bothered that liquid frustration pours from his very eyes?

I pray for the latter! Look at the above screen grab from the Tahiti Pro ceremony where Julian Wilson was given the 1st place trophy and Gabriel Medina was given the 2nd place platter. Study the glistening eyes. Survey the tightness of the downturned mouth. It is a study in anguish and it is what I want to see from the first loser.

And now let’s continue our tour as we examine some other classic moments when professional surfing’s smoothest criminal let it go.

Happy birthday to me indeed.

And while we’re speaking of my birthday… what do you think happens to Rip Curl sales when Gabriel Medina cries? Do you think surfers are heartened by his passion and run to the outlet mall for rash guard and walk short purchases or do you think surfers prefer the #fakenews of typical back-patting “the better man won today” sportsmanship nonsense?

I hope tears = Rip Curl rash guards + walk shorts.

But do you want more crying surfers?

Happy birthday to you too!