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Watch: A Fresh Slice of Filipe Toledo!

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

"There's steaming coming out of you, bro!"

Did I tell you about the time I went on a Mexican holiday with Filipe Toledo? And what a wonderful boy he was – how he cheered sunsets, how he never used his higher ranking in the hierarchy to steal the front seat of the pickup for the long drive to the beach or to claim the biggest bed and so on?

Oh I did?

Well, just as fabulous on that vacay was his filmer Bruno Baroni. He never complained about a damn thing, was always helping, and, at night, was very good at improvised bongo.

Of course we all know what happened at Jeffreys Bay this year. No one even came close to touching Filipe at the classic right. And those two oops? And the way he tagged the thing to the beach, even after he knew it was a ten?

Here, in this eleven-minute cut by Bruno Baroni, we follow Filipe as he tests various boards and, ultimately, rides to glory.