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Beach Grit

Verified: Surf is Anti-Depressive!

Giancarlo Guardascione

by Giancarlo Guardascione

War vets find quietude in surf.

Surfing is a trivial pursuit. A sexy sabbatical from the monotony and minutiae of life.

Of course, there are tedious stories of How Surf Saved My Life and so on, mostly click-bait trash.

Then there is the rare occasion when surfing does pull a person, people, away from the darkness.

This Netflix film, which is called Resurface, is the story of how war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD  (two out of every three vet gets hit with it, turn to surfing to steal a little joy out of lives ruined by the spectre of war-time atrocities.

“Surfing was on my bucket list. I was going to surf, and then go home and commit suicide,” says one.

He ain’t alone. Twenty two vets kill ’emselves every damn day.

Here, watch as men crippled, smashed, ruined by war find quietude in the water.

“When I caught that wave it wasn’t death and destruction and hell. The ocean is the one place I can go for peace.”