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Scandal: WSL owner resigns in protest!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Dirk Ziff quits Harvey Weinstein's company over Harvey's alleged sexual misconduct!

Do you or do you not love a principled stand? For my money principled stands are the greatest sort and very little beats them for shear cinema. A woman or man, having taken enough, standing up in the boardroom, perspiration beading a furrowed brow, thrusting a tired but firm finger in the air and saying, “No more sirs! Not I!”

And guess who just took a principled stand against sexual misconduct? Our very own Dirk Ziff! That’s right. The owner of the World Surf League and also billionaire Dirk Edward Ziff!

But let us now turn our attention to Hollywood inside digest The Wrap for more.

Dirk Ziff, a board member of the Weinstein Company, has resigned following a bombshell New York Times expose detailing at least eight settlements for sexual misconduct by co-CEO Harvey Weinstein, an individual with knowledge of the matter told TheWrap.

On Thursday, the nine-person board, minus Ziff, had a heated discussion about Weinstein’s fate at the company. By Friday morning, his fate was still in limbo, but a decision is expected on Friday.

The individual with knowledge said Ziff was not on the board call last night, indicating that he was already separating from the company. Ziff is managing partner at Ziff Capital Partners, the owner of World Surf League and also serves on the board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So let’s not dwell on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bit yet. Let’s first update you to the fact that Harvey Weinstein was indeed fired from his company for brutish behavior against women. What is with these sixty plus year old men? Have they lost all sense of dignity? Of decorum? Whatever your politics Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Trump are difficult to look at (i.e. hideous trolls) and should not foist their genetics upon potential sexual partners.

And maybe this is precisely why Mr. Ziff resigned. He appears… genteel. And now back to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bombshell city!

Will it somehow be wrapped into a Kelly Slater Surf Ranch experience? Oh don’t worry. I’ll get to the bottom of this tomorrow.

Until then, to principled stands!