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WSL Fashion: Dress like a surf champ!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Date night? Wear a t-shirt that reads, "It's on!"

Did you wake up this morning, go to your closet and feel depressed? Same old khaki, navy polo, dull pocket tee, charcoal grey fleece that makes you want to get back into bed forever? That makes you just want to totally give up?

Oh I get it.

I mean, not really but can imagine this happens to you and frequently. Clothing today is just uninspired right? It’s a simple reflection of bland conservative, play it safe, do enough to get by but not enough to shake anything up. Right?

Not right!

Because did you know the World Surf League has a whole line of outerwear that goes far beyond simple jerseys.

Casual Friday?

Try the Jeffery Tee in heather grey! It says, “You know… when I’m not in the cube I’m in the barrel…”

Date night? The Pocket Throwdown Tee in navy is the only way to go. Your gal will read “It’s on!” emblazoned over your heart and know that it certainly is.

Oh it’s on, baby!

Headed out with the boyz? The Quad Squad Tee will set you just right. Its subtle black WSL logo that the great David Carson called “positively hideous” is delicately set on a black and will generate oohs and aaahs from everyone!

Complete with logo despised by the great David Carson!

Chilly? The WSL Spray Jacket will have you feeling just like Pete Mel in no time. Dashing, debonair, in the mood to get real lewd!

Let’s get lewd! Like Pete!

Throwing a summer house party? Nothing says, “Has anyone seen my lost shaker of salt?” like the Home Grown Woven Shirt.

Made from weed. Oowee!

I could go on all day here, that’s how complete the World Surf League clothing offering is, but I must stop for now because I’m buying matching WSL Men’s Flannels for me n Nick Carroll. And a Supertubos Tee for Matt Warshaw. And a Dawn Patrol Tee for Derek Rielly. And a Black Hole Tee for Steve Shearer. And a Dark Wave Fleece for J.P. (since he lives in Scotland).

Just call me Santa Chas!