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Breaking: DC releases ugliest shoe ever!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

So bad that it's still bad!

Do you remember when shoe brand DC ruled action sports? Oh they had it all! A sexy roster, feat. Bruce Irons, Dane Reynolds, Danny Way, Steve Berra, fat tongues, cubic zirconia encrusted rings, parties, parties, parties… but then the brand fell on hard times. Action sports became… less cool along with parties and cubic zirconia but the brand didn’t go out of business because inertia is a real thing, not just a horrible outdoor website in Venice-adjacent.

Do you know what “inertia” actually means?

“A tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged.”

So yeah, since DC was already in business it is easiest for it just to stay in business and also to flip the calendar back to 1996. Would you like to see a picture of DC’s latest shoe?


It is apparently a collaboration with Dime (I don’t know what “Dime” is) but doesn’t it feel to early for this? Like… by a century?