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Henry Rollins x Mick Fanning: “Surf is macho!”

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Two legends discuss masculinity!

I sat down this morning with a hot cup of coffee and flipped open my computer to see if anything interesting happened in the surf world overnight. The Inertia found a #vanlife they liked very much, Stab was busy selling FCS’s new leash and then there was Sean Doherty, like a breath of fresh air, penning an ode to Snapper’s last dance as first gal on tour for Surfer. It was wistful, informative, nice.

He drove through Coolangatta, remembering what it once was when surfers were not welcomed and then went to Mick Fanning’s house.

“Joel was there.” he wrote. “Mick was asleep. He’d spent the day hanging out with Henry Rollins, the punk legend now spruiking cars more than revolution.”

Mick spent the day hanging with Hank Rollins and Joel was there? At first my mind raced to the most logical conclusion. That Rip Curl was following Billabong’s gilded path and doing a radical collaboration with Rollins and/or Black Flag. It’s got all the ingredients the surf industry loves and I wondered if Joel was jealous and trying to pry Henry over to Billabong, showing off his Iggy Pop trunks etc. but then I searched Mick Fanning and Henry Rollins and found this video.


Henry Rollins has or maybe had a radio show on KCRW in Los Angeles.

It is/was torture.

Like, real true torture.

It always made me feel better watching him get thrown through a window though. Maybe it’ll help you too.