Here, Eithan, winning the Netanya Pro in Iz. | Photo: WSL

Oy vey: Ventura air-boy Eithan Osborne rediscovers Jewish lineage! Will surf for Israel at Olympics!

Team Jew just got hot!

What I’d give for a mammy who played for Team Jew.

Israel, as you might’ve worked out, here, here and here, is a joint real close to your ol pal DR’s heart.

Gimme a two-bedder in Tel Aviv, a handful of shekels, a top-heavy Jewess fresh out of the paratroopers but who still carries a loaded pistol which bulges out of fitted army pants and I’d be a happy man.

Ventura surfer, Eithan Osborne, who is nineteen and who already carries passports from France and from the USA, has a Jew mammy and, therefore, has decided he’s going to swing for the great, brave, beautiful nation of Israel at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Eithan, a Hebrew name which you pronounce A-ton, was courted by the head of the Israeli ISA when he won a WQS event there.

And, according to the Israeli Surfing Association website, Eithan just inked the deal.

Kanoa, Japan.

Tatiana, Brazil,

Eithan, Israel.

Who’s next to turn their back on their country, do you think?

Come, watch, comment, on Kelly Slater's synchronised popping in last heat of death round. | Photo: WSL

Open Thread: Comment live, Margaret River Pro Elimination Round!

Let's have fun!

It’s live, again, and ooooee! I don’t know what happened today. Oh, wait. I do. Lots of driving. Lots and lots of sitting in traffic but enough about that. Let’s get together and watch the men’s elimination round. The most exciting… however many minutes in surfing.

Heat 1: Wade Carmichael v Jack Freestone v Jack Robinson

Heat 2: Michel B. v. Leo F. v Jacob Willcox

Heat 3: Cardoso v Yago D v Fred Morais

Heat 4 Ace Buchan v Kelly Slater v Caio Ibelli

Jack Robinson is in the water now. Pottz is imagining about heats in The Box. Nobody is giving too much away.

The staircase has microphones on it.

Niki Van D. is tapping into herself.

Pottz just said, “Bring back the biff, I reckon.” and my feed went dead.

Did they cut Pottz’s mic for inciting violence?

Much to discuss.

Let’s do this!

Sorry, kid, no tank for Florida. You want a pool? Go to Typhoon Lagoon.

WSL abandons plans for Palm Beach, Florida, Surf Ranch!

"Unforseen challenges!"

Amid much hoopla in 2017, the WSL announced it had bought a 30-acre hunk of land in Palm Beach for six-and-a-half-mill and was going to stick a Surf Ranch on it.

Palm Beach County commissioners loved the idea.

“(Surfers) don’t like some of the slop we have here,” the mayor told Kelly Slater.

“We’re trying to fix that,” Slater said.

Slater predicted that the new Surf Ranch, only the second in the world, would be running by early 2019.

Yesterday, the WSL announced it was abandoning the plan.

“The WSL is disappointed to confirm our decision to cancel the development of the wave basin planned for West Palm Beach,” said the WSL in a statement. “The nature of this site, including the extremely high water table, exposed unforeseen challenges that made the decision around this unique project clear. These projects are complex and in many ways without precedent, and we have learned important lessons in this process.”

Meanwhile, the former Wavegarden in Austin, Texas, sits idle while the WSL, who bought the joint earlier this year and ordered the inferior technology removed, decides whether or not the site is going to be Surf Ranched.

Eat the Rich II: Ultra-wealthy Florida homeowners join forces to turn already public beaches private!

It's a mad, mad, mad world!

As if yesterday’s bald-faced expression of entitled greed wasn’t enough. As if two old white people barking guttural swears at a workaday surfer before having him arrested wasn’t the peak. And why were they barking? Why were they cop calling? Because the workaday surfer dared to dream that a North Carolina beach might be accessible. A crime, apparently, against decency and as if that wasn’t the height today we have 350 old white people, this time in Florida, banding together in order turn previously public beaches private again.

Can you believe it?

Can you?

I wouldn’t be able to if it wasn’t for the NFW Daily News and let’s turn there together now. Let’s get all lathered up.

About 350 beach property owners say they plan to intervene legally to prevent Walton County beaches from becoming public again.

A coalition called Florida Coastal Property Rights, established by owners that include “individuals, associations and condominiums,” issued a news release Monday to announce the number of residents who had requested to be named as defendants in a lawsuit the county filed Dec. 11.

“It is not surprising to see hundreds of parcels, owned by thousands of owners, intervening,” FlaCPR President Tammy Alford said in the release. “Many owners wish to preserve their property rights, which will be diminished should Walton County prevail in this lawsuit.”

The county’s lawsuit asks Circuit Court Judge David Green to affirm customary use along its coastline. The county contends it is the public’s right to recreate on all 26 miles of Walton County beach, including those dry sand areas deeded as private property. It claims the county’s coastline has been shared by everyone through time immemorial, and is public by virtue of that customary use.

“If Walton County is successful in affirming customary use on all private beachfront property in the county, the action will remove private property owners’ legal rights to decide who can use their property,” the FlaCPR news release said.

By filing the lawsuit, the county is following a path laid out by House Bill 631, passed last year, that it must travel if it wants to re-establish a customary use ordinance. When the state law went into effect July 1, it impacted Walton County alone by eliminating an ordinance approved by county commissioners in 2016.

Chaos ensued as private property owners sought to prevent trespassing on their stretch of sand and beachgoers protested their sudden lack of access. County officials and law pfficers were caught up in the fray. HB 631 became a political football in an election year, and debate could heat up again as tourist season opens and visitors start flocking to the beach.

A hearing was held Monday in which Green ruled to allow the great majority of those who had thus far requested to join the lawsuit as defendants to do so. It was the first hearing held since the lawsuit was filed.

The audacity.

The audacity.

(Thanks to Marc Keene for the lead.)

"I got arrested and taken away in a cop car thanks to Donna Krieger (pictured) and Allan Dald."

Eat the rich: Brave surfer fights for right to access beach, gets arrested!

“I don't care what you think, it was deeded to me!”

Nothing unites the entirely disparate surf world like rich bastards buying beachfront mansions and blocking access to The People™ or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe only my blood boils when I hear tales of the ultra-wealthy buying homes in Malibu or Montauk or Montecito, throwing up gates and having security guards wag ugly fingers into crestfallen faces.

Oh how it riles. How it infuriates. I’ve got the nasty sort of temper when it comes to these things that doesn’t lead to resolution but feels good and that’s why I’m always so impressed by salt-of-the-earth folk who make access for all their mission. Who go to town hall meetings, petition citizens, start signature drives and try to do things the right way i.e. not waiting until darkness falls and throwing rocks through windows.

Salt-of-the-earth folk like surf shop owner Bob Hovey from the town of Duck, which is on North Carolina’s outer banks.

Now, Duck doesn’t sound like a fancy pants town name but apparently rich blow-ins have scooped up the best property and disallowed access to locals and let’s learn about the situation first. Let’s get all caught up in the Virginian-Pilot:

Surfer and businessman Bob Hovey pointed to a small sign at the end of Plover Drive next to a boardwalk leading to the beach.

“No trespassing,” it said.

Hovey hates that sign.

“This spot right here is so prime to be a public beach access,” said the 48-year-old owner of Duck Village Outfitters. “I’m going to keep fighting for public beach access in Duck. It’s doable.”

Hovey has created a Facebook page to promote his passion. Several people post comments supporting his cause. He has appeared at numerous town hall meetings to plead his case. He filed suit last year against the town, but a judge ruled against him in May. He started an online fundraising effort that garnered $1,000.

After all of that, he has made little headway.

He owns a home in Duck’s Osprey Ridge, but it sits on the soundside of N.C. 12. Businesses and homeowners who are in one of the ocean-to-sound neighborhoods do not have access, he said. Construction workers and shop owners and employees who do not live there cannot easily get to the surf, he said.

The Town of Duck incorporated in 2002 after private neighborhoods had already enveloped the oceanfront, said Town Manager Chris Layton. Its seven miles of beach are open to the public, but without public access points, people have to cross private property to reach them.

In Duck, the federal government owns about 150 acres around the Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facility, the long pier set up for ocean studies. Decades ago, people could drive to the pier parking lot and use a path to the ocean for surfing, said Jon Britt, a Duck town councilman.

“Then, unfortunately, times changed,” he said.

The officials, planners, etc. used every excuse in the book, nothing changed and today Bob Hovey was allegedly arrested while standing near the path and let’s dip into his Instagram.

I got arrested and taken away in a cop car thanks to Donna Krieger and Allan Dald pictured in this video. I was using the Sea Breeze Dr. beach access in Duck, NC. that was deeded to the public in 1981. Sorry to anyone I offended but I felt adamant about sticking up for beach access rights. The beach is for everyone and something needed to be done to protect beach access rights in Dare County. The town of Duck has received millions of Dare County taxpayer money for beach nourishment and other beach services. Anyone that can help with my cause please contact me at 2526796575. I have been told by Police Chief Cuito that I would not be arrested for using the state road beach accesses in Duck so it was a bit of a surprise to me. My court date is July 5th. I am hoping this will get thrown out of court based on the fact it was deeded to the public and we will have our beach access rights reinstated. I bailed myself out and am heading to work now so I am ok.

Oh the bastards. Oh the rich bastards or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is just the way things are and we should all thank the rich for succeeding where we failed.

Should we be satisfied eating our cake?

If you don’t like cake, call Bob! 252-679-6575