Taylor Swift (pictured) enjoying our President of Content, Media, Etc. Erik "ELo" Logan's favorite pastime.

Question: Which professional surfer most “lacks understanding of a business deal?”

The World Surf League's President of Content, Media etc. can't stand a dull contract mind. Which pro will feel his rage first?

There are too many best parts of our World Surf League President of Content, Media, Deleted Rants, Etc. Erik “ELo” Logan’s open letter to pop star Taylor Swift, yesterday, but if I was forced to pick one line it would be this:

“I’m not going to sit on the sidelines and allow you to re-write history and bend the truth to justify your lack of understanding of a business deal.”

Ms. Swift, as I very much hope you read yesterday, called out Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun for acquiring the rights to her back catalog. Many celebrities and personalities jumped into the fray, forming up Team Taylor and Team Scooter and our President was very much on the later, taking hours out of his High Castle schedule to let the pop star know exactly what he thought.

And fascinating because we haven’t had an entirely clear picture of which direction President ELo will attempt to tug professional surfing but his letter contains clues. Thoughts and ideas we can, must, parse for small truths.

Understanding a business deal, for example, seems extremely important to our President but this is professional surfing and it makes me wonder which professional surfer will find her or himself on the pointy end of a piqued missive first?

Who has the worst business mind on tour (either Championship or Qualifying level)?

Who invests poorly? Who puts her money in dumb places? Who signs bad deals then barks loudly yet ignorantly?

Sure, sure, me too but we’re not on tour.

So which professional surfer will get called out before all others on the World Surf League’s official Twitter account?

My money is on Michael Rodrigues but, again, I put it in dumb places.

Listen: “Just smoke now because you’re gonna have to quit one day!”

Wise words from the one, the only, Jamie Brisick!

Our surf world would be a bleak shadow if we didn’t have Jamie Brisick. The one-time professional surfer sees things and writes them so gorgeously, so uniquely, that his great body of work provides intelligence, humor, freshness but most importantly color.

Bright, vivid color from creamy pastel to loamy earth tones. Whether he is telling abstract stories on Instagram, award-winning, heart-breaking love stories on Facebook or Peter Drouyn’s transition to Westerly Windina in the epic book Becoming Westerly (buy here!).

Oh we don’t deserve the man. He was a Fulbright Scholar, you know, alongside Joseph Heller, Sylvia Plath and William Jefferson Clinton. The only one-time professional surfer Fulbright Scholar in history? I’d have to think so.

And it was my very great honor to sit across the zinc countertop from Jamie and David Lee on Friday. Jamie was in town to give the keynote address at the PHILOsurfer conference in Del Mar and swung by. David Lee had just returned from another jaunt to Florida’s Space Coast where he is heavily considering buying a vacation home.

We chatted about many things, about sexuality, cloistered-ness, smoking and short john wetsuits. I won’t spoil with my own ramblings. Our best show yet? I’d be lying if I said, “No.”

Listen here!

John John, excited.

John John Florence to go under knife for blown knee, (likely) out for year; calls it a “new adventure!”

And John's perpetual understudy Kolohe Andino steals the yellow jersey!

Gotta love a player who don’t weep like a baby when the inevitable hammer comes down.

The two-time world champ, John John Florence, who blew his knee out in Brazil a week ago, announced earlier (to the surprise of no one, least of all BeachGrit commenters) that his ACL was ruptured, that he’ll be going under the knife, probs won’t be coming back anytime soon and that he’s excited for the “new adventure and everything I will learn along the way.”

John John, who’ll turn twenty-seven in October and who has been on the tour since his mid-year debut in 2011, dazzles with an optimism that might be a legacy of his hard-scrabble childhood, a fifteen-year exercise in character building.

What will John John learn during his year-long convalescence? That the tour forms an insignificant part of the greater world and that he would be better served spending the last few years of his twenties exploring the world on his $1.7 million yacht?

Kolohe Andino, John John’s perpetual tour understudy, meanwhile, moves into the number one position in the ratings, slightly ahead of Rio Pro winner Filipe Toledo.



Blood Feud: World Surf League Pres. of Content, Media, Etc. Erik “ELo” Logan calls Taylor Swift “a real bully!”

"I'm watching you violate what you allegedly stand for!"

I understand surf beef as natively and intuitively as I understand anything in this world. Limited resource meets grumpy local meets VAL and what’s not to get? Easy, peasy, Japanesey (or “lemon squeezey” if you happen to be a modern youth). High level celebrity feuds confound me though and especially when periphery folk come chiming in where there is no clear motivation for so doing.

Like all the celebrities who piled onto Tyson Beckford/Kim Kardashian for body shaming/being homophobic. It’s one thing for the principals to throw odd punches. Quite another for onlookers to weigh in heavily, opinionatedly, at scale and, speaking of Taylor Swift, our very own World Surf League President of Content, Media, Studios, Commentators, Buttered Popcorn, Etc. came swinging in on a dispute she has with a man named Scooter Braun.

Now, as far as I can tell Scooter Braun is a manager who represents or represented Kanye West, Justin Bieber etc. He somehow gained control of Taylor Swift’s back catalogue and she wrote an angry missive on Tumblr (the “lemon squeezey” Instagram) declaring, “I learned about Scooter Braun’s purchase of my masters as it was announced to the world. All I could think about was the incessant, manipulative bullying I’ve received at his hands for years.”

Well, the periphery folk came chiming in per the norm. Musicians Halsey, Katy Perry, Iggy Izalea, “actress” Heidi Montag and others formed up Team Taylor and filled Twitter etc. with many pro-Swift rants. Team Scooter includes Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and the World Surf League’s President of Content, Media, Studios, ’89 World Championship Trophies, Formaldehyde, Etc.

According to Elle Magazine… “Erik Logan, the former president of the Oprah Winfrey Network and a board member of Big Machine, wrote a scathing letter to Swift on Twitter that he has since deleted. In the message, he said, “For someone who draws such power from being the ‘voice’ and against all the things you talk about, I’m watching you violate what you allegedly stand for. You’re the real bully.”


Is Taylor Swift a “real bully?’

If you met her in a dark alley would you cower and cry?

Would she steal your lunch money then call you a triggering word (maybe Starbucks Lover)?

As you well know, I’m Team ELo so assume she is a “real bully” and am only struggling with what sort. Physical, emotional, monetary.

Which do you think?

More as this important story develops.

(Read deleted Tweets here!)

On an aborted trip to the moon.

Watch Mitch Parkinson, empty, biggish Indo in: “You see any sugar daddies picking up the tab?”

Come climb giraffes in Indonesia…

Once, more than a dozen years ago now, little Mitch Parkinson was hailed on the cover of a magazine as “the best ten-year-old surfer in the world.”

Where did the blond child with the vacant, excited mad look and wolfish grin go? Was potential fulfilled etc?

Like many of the preternaturally talented, Mitch Parkinson, cuz of nasty ol Joel who is still sore ’cause we broke the rumour that his sponsor was toying with the idea of cutting him, found it all a little too easy. He won a few WQS events and so on, but it ain’t nothing like the thrill he gets when he packs his Superman pyjamas and gets to sleep on dirty mattresses in Indo chasing once-a-season swells.

Empty tubs, cabanas, pagodas, whatever you want to call ’em, he likes and hunts.

Here, Mitch, stands up in a few Sumatran cots and bangs his rattle.