Watch: Brave young man boldly punctures theory that Great White sharks are vicious man-eaters, jumps on top of one and attempts to give loving squeeze!

It's anti-depressive!

We are a divided people and angry. Calling each other names on Presidential debate stages, harboring ill-will toward a variety of races and credos. Filled with malice but even in these darkest of days heroes rise in order to challenge us to live better lives.

And take two young men who were out on a boat ride, one sunshiny day, when they saw a massive shark fin jutting through the water’s surface.

One of the young men, wearing exiting hotpants, decided to test the theory that sharks, particularly Great Whites, are vicious young/old man-eaters and hopped off the boat to give the beast a squeeze.

The shark, clearly confused, initially recoils but then swings close to the boat maybe asking for more while the young man ponders his life direction.

It is difficult to know for certain what thoughts flicker in the Great White mind but back to the hotpants.

Have you ever worn?

I assume they are for free-diving or somesuch but very chic and I would maybe like to try a pair out surfing.

I think they could not only bridge the inter-species divide but also the more cavernous human-human divide.


Beach horror: Suntanning woman killed by twenty-five-ton front-end loader on Californian beach

The machinery was part of a dredging operation designed to clear the channel which has grown dangerously shallow for boaters coming in and out of the harbor. 

Anti-depressive this ain’t. 

On Monday, a sleeping woman was killed after being run-over by a fifty-thousand pound front-end loader on Oceanside Harbor beach, thirty-eight miles north of San Diego.

The machinery was part of this fall’s dredging operation designed to clear the channel which has grown dangerously shallow for boaters coming in and out of the harbor. 

Typically, the waterway splitting the jetties is cleared each spring to a depth of about twenty-five feet. 

As a result of Covid-induced workhand shortage, the dredging was not completed and shoals have piled up creating shallows of up to eight feet near the South jetty, tricky for vessels ― especially sailboats ― to navigate.  

(And we all know how exhausting it is to bring in the Jeanneau forty-four on a south swell.)

Both the Oceanside City Council and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requested the additional dredging for this fall. 

The death, while officially ruled an accident by the police, still left an impression on many.  

Talking to Fox 5, local Jay Burneo said, “I was going surfing around 8:30 this morning. There was a woman who was leaning against a wall, she looked like she was going to pass out. There was a gentleman that asked if she was OK and she seemed to say, ‘I’m OK.’  When I came back out of the water, I saw her laying here crumbled up and that’s when a police officer told me what happened.”

I spoke with John Daniels, owner of the long-standing LTR Surf School, who was on the beach when it happened.  

“Around 9:45 I saw a woman sort of staggering and my buddy made sure she was doing alright. She said ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.’ She didn’t want any water or anything. I saw her move her leg a bit and thought that it was no big deal.”

Less than fifteen minutes later, the woman was dead. 

“Something caught me eye. I noticed a lifeguard truck, a loader with giant wheels, and a yellow tarp where the woman was laying just a few minutes ago. I told my kids to wait for a second and I ran over and told the lifeguard, ‘Hey, I think that woman was just alive, I just saw her moving.  I think she overdosed. Maybe you can push some Narcan into her.’  But my buddy was like ‘Back away.’ Then I put two and two together. At that point, I was pretty rattled but had to go on. A new group was showing up and I had to shake it off like a dog throws water off its back. It’s rough.”

After the woman was struck, police cordoned off the area with caution tape.  

Maybe a proper thing to do before the front-end loader started ripping around a public beach.

Open Thread: Comment Live as World Number One Donald Trump takes on World Number Two Joe Biden in first Presidential Debate at Case Western Reserve University!

Six exciting heats in 90 minutes!

Professional surfing is off the books for the foreseeable future but, magically, we have action in the water for six exciting heats. Gabriel Medina is not around nor is Kelly Slater. John John Florence may or may not be sailing, Filipe Toledo may or may not be an official resident of San Clemente, California, World Surf League CEO Erik Logan is certainly SUPping but no worries because entertainment is here.

The very first 2020 United States Presidential debate between current World Number One Donald J. Trump and presumable World Number Two Joseph Biden.

Do you feel the thrill?

The frisson?

Oh you must drop what you’re doing and/or minimize its screen and meet with friends to roll over the hits, the misses, the little jams off the top.

Joe Turpel is, unfortunately, also MIA but we have Chris Wallace and more importantly you.

And without further ado…

Click here. Or here. Maybe here. TV?


Just comment live!

Opportunity: Shower with biodegradable soap after an invigorating Malibu surf for the unbelievably low annual price of $1530 ($2295 if you SUP)!

Act fast!

Finally. Finally, finally but finally the classic “post-surf biodegradable soap shower, board locker and vending machine that sells masks conundrum right across the street from Malibu’s famed Surfrider Beach” has been solved and just in time for winter.

But it is with great pride that I introduce to you Traveler Surf Club Malibu.

And let us learn via the chic, minimalist/camp vibes website:

Located at iconic 1st Point at Surfrider Beach where perfect righthand point waves peel all day long. The club serves surfers and swimmers, who want a clean, safe and comfortable re-entry point from the waters of the Pacific Ocean back to life on land.

Our mission is to encourage ocean lovers to spend more time doing what they love and to provide a clean, safe space to transition to and from the ocean. As Los Angeles County allows beach access to active recreational users, we are able to provide a space for board storage, a short walking distance to waves and hygienic amenities, so that club members can spend time in the ocean with reduced exposure to crowded public areas.

The Traveler Surf Club in Malibu has a hot outdoor shower stocked with biodegradable soap at all times. Members have 24 hour access to the club and storage lockers with keyless entry.

Club rules require members to practice safe social distancing at all times and the club space has a hygiene station so that members can sanitize any touch surfaces that they come in contact with.

Our club vending machine is stocked with wax, snacks, Masks cold drinks and basic surf essentials so that you do not have to make in-person purchases for small items.

How much?

My only question is can members stand up and sleep in their locker for the surfboard price?

Also, does the vending machine sell Laird SuperFoods Coffee Creamer?

Places in the lineup?

Very exciting.

According to developers, this is the "view from the splash pad in Gromland."
According to developers, this is the "view from the splash pad in Gromland."

Just Announced: Kelly Slater’s Wave Company loses yet another battle to arch-rival Wavegarden as Spanish company in talks for over half billion dollar Florida surf park!

How many more defeats can the world's winningest surfer suffer?

Oh to be Kelly Slater. Rich, talented, successful, multi-national (thanks to his girlfriend) and the name behind the most famous artificial wave technology on the planet. Eyes popped and mouths gaped when he unveiled Surf Ranch, there in Lemoore, California, some five years ago.

Two of those eyes and one of those mouths belonged to Brazilian surfer Adriano de Souza whose skull had been crushed, hours after the happiest day in his life, by Slater but the rest of them belonged to fans, rivals, movie stars, businessmen and environmentalists.

A barrel. A real barrel created on demand.

The future of the newly created World Surf League, bought for free by billionaire Dirk Ziff, made instant sense. A chicken in every pot and a Kelly Slater Surf Ranch in every garage.

For sure there would be developments built around the eleventh world wonder scattered near and far. Multi-million dollar developments, smiling faces, barrels, shopping, ice-cream, etc.

Five years on there are none and Kelly Slater’s Wave Company’s arch-rival Wavegarden, featuring fun surf (“fun” said with a rising tone like “I don’t know, it was fun?” by people who have surfed them) is busy in talks for many projects including the just announced Willow Lakes in Fort Pierce, Florida.

According to TCPalm, a digital subsidiary of Treasure Coast Newspapers,The $595 million venture will feature 800 residential homes, 600 hotel rooms, 400,000 square feet of retail space and 125,000 square feet of office space across 200 acres. The first phase of construction is to focus on a $40 million surfing center, which will include a “Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon” and resort which will be comprised of several distinct neighborhoods, knit together by a network of walkable, pedestrian-oriented streets, and navigable flow-ways designed for maximum environmental and recreational purposes.

“Willow Lakes and the surf park project, in our view, is a catalytic economic development event which has the ability to ‘move the needle’ on our collective efforts to enhance Fort Pierce’s reputation as a premier tourist destination and further diversify our growing economy,” Pete Tesch, president of the St. Lucie County Economic Development Council, wrote in an endorsement letter about the project. “As we enter the ‘new normal’ and the post COVID-19 environment, this important project will have a historically significant impact on our community.”

Very exciting for Wavegarden.

Very un-chill for Kelly Slater’s Wave Company.

And how many more utter defeats can Slater have before becoming a gadget punchline like Archie McPhee’s Yodeling Pickle?

Much to ponder.