Epic fire sale: World Surf League slashes price on most popular jerseys including Conner O’ Leary, Mick Fanning and the great Matt Wilkinson!

Get four Mick Fannings for the price of one Bronte Macaulay!

Are you a deal hound?

Knowing when and where your favorite brand or store is going to release its merchandise for less than full freight and pouncing once you see that little red line crossing through sucker price?

Or do you just buy whenever the spirit strikes?

Well, either way, our World Surf League is holding an epic fire sale right now on some of its most popular products including:

The Corona Pro Gold Coast Sunrise Tee (once $35 now $10.50).

Conner O’ Leary, Mick Fanning, Zeke Lau, Adriano de Souza and Matt Wilkinson jerseys (once $70 now $21).

Italy, Australia, Brazil, France, French Polynesia (which is technically part of France), USA and South African jerseys (once $25 now $7.50).

Literal steals but how do you think the rest of the World Surf League’s merch program is faring? Do you ever see a Kelly Slater in the wild? What about a vintage Joel Parkinson?

Very slick.

Also, do you think Con O’Leary, Zeke Lau and ADS are sad that they are not technically retired but their jerseys are going for 1/3 of the original price?

It’d be cool to get that Corona Pro Gold Coast Sunrise Tee and tell people that you were there, on Snapper’s sand, for the kickoff of the 2019 World Surf League Championship Tour. Almost as cool as when you wore that Oasis 2019 European tour tee.

Much trickeration.

A still from Great White, a horror thriller released 2021.

Marine biologist sparks uproar amongst colleagues by suggesting problem sharks should be identified via DNA profiling and executed: “That’s not how fishing works!”

Introducing "biteprinting."

Do you recall, last month, when dear Stab magazine tossed its wetsuit advertorials behind a paywall but took time to kick your BeachGrit before locking the door? “For those left it will be a race to the bottom, and speaking from experience, when you’re chasing clicks, you get lost in the outrageous and contagious. Think graphic shark attacks and Ellie-Jean Coffey nudes.”

Well, The New York Times, getting lost with BeachGrit in the outrageous and contagious, just published a fascinating portrait of marine biologist who has an entirely progressive theory on how to deal with “problem sharks.”

Dr. Eric Clua, a professor of marine biology at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris, has taken issue with mass culls after attacks noting that, “They are killing sharks that are guilty of nothing.” The good doctor has found a way to identify sharks that have attacked people, though, through a form of DNA profiling he calls “biteprinting” and believes these incorrigible few can be singled out and executed.

He recently published his findings thereby infuriating his colleagues.

“That’s not how fishing works,” said Catherine Macdonald, a lecturer in marine conservation biology at the University of Miami. “Even when you have a satellite-tagged shark and you know where it is, if you turned up at the site and put a hook in the water, there’s no reason to think you would definitely catch that shark.”

Christopher Pepin-Neff, a public policy lecturer at the University of Sydney who has studied human perceptions of sharks, said the problem, or “rogue shark” theory, is neither cool nor true. “They are basically saying that the shark from ‘Jaws’ is real.”

Blake Chapman, who studied shark neuroscience at the University of Queensland in Australia said removing these guilty sharks “…would be more or less impossible. “I don’t think that the removal of ‘problem individuals’ as a result of this information is a realistic application for the data.”

David Shiffman, a marine conservation biologist and postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University said, “This idea makes no sense on any level that I’ve been able to find.”


Dr. Clua is unperturbed, though, and fighting on for the good people of Réunion Island, setting up his biteprinting operation there to prove that it works.

“I’ll let them bite a pig leg,” he says, “or something else with flesh, muscle and bone.”

Scientific research in the field of Ellie-Jean Coffey nudes is forthcoming.

So beautiful it'll give you emotional dehydration.

Windsurfing hall-of-famer Robbie Naish to offload redundant 73-acre estate on Maui’s North Shore for $18 million: “Half a mile of coastline and not a neighbour in sight!”

"The crown jewel of the North Shore."

Twenty-three time world windsurfing champion Robbie Naish don’t need no intros.

A king of his sport. Kite surf and SUP pioneer. Won his first world title when he was thirteen. Morphed his windsurf fame into a line of wildly successful eponymous surf equipment.

So it don’t surprise that Robbie, who is fifty-seven and a granddaddy now, has put a few shekels away and lives, or soon, lived, on seventy-three acres of oceanfront land on Maui’s North Shore.

“I wanted to buy a piece of Hawaii,” Naish said of the estate he bought in 2005. “Before it’s all gone.”

Now, the whole joint is for sale and eighteen-mill will get you the keys.

From the Agent’s spiel,

Maui oceanfront 73 acre estate with maximum privacy, security, and open space. This is the 1st time ever this estate has been offered for sale. The parcel encompasses Kealii Point between Uaoa Bay and Pilale Bay with nearly a 1/2 mile of coastline and no neighbors in sight. Entering the main gate you are greeted by a 8′ tiki statue carved out of a single monkey pod log. The elegant Palm tree lined driveway leads to the approx. 6,000 sq. ft., 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home plus a gym. Pocket doors disappear into the walls in the great room opening to expansive ocean and pastoral views. With multiple living spaces, including a guest wing, it’s easy to spread out to get some alone time or gather on the main level to enjoy the open great room, chef’s kitchen, bar, and dining room. Just outside the great room is a large covered lanai that flows towards a 10ft deep pool with a waterfall and spa. The large home office is a perfect place to remain productive while never having to endure a commute. Power is grid tied and there is a state-of-the-art PV solar system to keep energy costs low along with a private well. Additionally, there’s a 2,000 sqft shop with lots of room for ATV’s, jet skis, boards and more. The property is a short twenty five minute drive from Kahului airport or helicopter to your front door in a matter of minutes. This is the crown jewel of the North Shore.

Click here to inspect, buy.

Happier days at prestigious Backdoor Shootout with Mason, Jamie O. | Photo: Da Hui

Breaking: Da Hui’s famed Backdoor Shootout cancelled along with Volcom Pipe Pro after World Surf League makes international mockery of Hawaii’s Covid-19 protocols!

And now no more Pipe Pro. No more Shootout.

The world’s most famous wave, the Banzai Pipeline, generally hosts three of the most exciting professional surf contests of the year: the Pipe Masters, the Pipe Pro and, my personal favorite, Da Hui’s Backdoor Shootout.

The Covid-19 pandemic threw many wrenches in 2020 but our World Surf League, performing a small miracle, sorted out how to hold the Pipe Masters at the beginning of December springing hope in all hearts that the Pipe Pro and Backdoor Shootout would follow.

Alas, our World Surf League then performed a kabuki dance absolutely mocking Hawaii’s Coronavirus protocols. CEO Erik Logan, along with a handful of WSL employees, contracted the disease postponing the event for many days. The world media bit into the story as it was revealed that the League, along with Hawaiian officials, had granted Yago Dora an exemption to enter the country even though he had tested positive for the disease. Dora protested loudly, “I ain’t no Typhoid Mary!” but the damage was done.

Headlines crowed, Hawaii was made to look foolish and Logan continued to assure everyone he was feeling ok, only displaying light symptoms.


And now no more Pipe Pro. No more Shootout.

The World Surf League’s famed Cone of Silence covering the entire North Shore with the exception of Sunset.

Who do you have for Surfvival?

Very exciting.

Surfing’s surging popularity shows no sign of waning as Maine shop owners run out of wetsuits: “There’s a crazy rubber shortage!”

"I was an extreme boogie border, so this was the next step up."

Hello, 2021 and how did you ring in the brand-new year? Socially distancing with loved ones while air clinking champagne flutes? Boldly ignoring stay-at-home orders to get punk in drublic? Sitting in your once lightly crowded lineup shoulder to shoulder with hundreds, thousands, of new faces?

Oh boy.

If 2020 brought us one thing it is many, many, many new surfers. So many that California surf shops cannot keep boards on the racks. So many that Maine surf shops cannot keep 7mm wetsuits on the hangers.

Crystal Ouimette, co-owner of Black Point Surf Shop in Scarborough, Maine told News Center Maine:

“We got a lot more surfers now. But the issue that we’re having is there’s nothing. I can’t order winter boots if I sell out of them. Winter suits I literally don’t have any. I have two women’s suits hanging left. That’s it. Normally we stay super stocked all winter we have access to reorder if we had to, but there’s no neoprene there’s a crazy rubber shortage just due to production delays more or less. It’s like southern California,” she said. “You’re like, ‘what are these people doing for work? It’s like Wednesday at noon what are you doing?'”

Great question. Another question, the writer, Lindsey Mills, opens the expose thusly:

The pandemic and the relative isolation that comes with it is prompting a lot of people to try something new. Something they never had the time to do before. For example, a lot of people appear to be bundling up and grabbing their boards. Did you think we meant snowboards? Nope. “I was an extreme boogie border, so this was the next step up.”

The “extreme boogie boarder” is not revisited nor explained. I have no idea who he or she is or anything about him or her.

Or they.

The more I ponder, the more fascinated I am.

Extreme boogie boarder? If you are reading can you please email [email protected]?

I have many questions.