Breaking: South Africa’s Jordy Smith officially withdraws from surfing’s Tokyo Olympic debut citing knee injury!


ESPN has reported that South Africa’s Jordy Smith has officially pulled out of the Tokyo Olympics after just being accepted by an independent review panel citing knee injury.

In a media statement, the current world number 7 said, “It was tough to make the decision to withdraw. I’ve been looking forward to the Olympics a long time now and my build up was going so well. However, this decision is the only way to ensure I have a long career in professional surfing and reach my ultimate goal of winning the WSL Championship Tour.”

Smith had elected to have knee surgery in just weeks ago instead of waiting until after the Olympics, stating that if he would have waiting he would have had to have a full knee construction telling the international sporting outlet, “At that point, it would have been anything from eight months to a year and a half out after that, as opposed to a month and a half to two months, maybe three months max — and that’s [for] your average person. So I opted for the repair. I’ve got 10 years plus of my professional surfing career and my entire life that I want to continue surfing. I wanted to keep my knee in its most original state instead of having full knee construction. At that point, who knows how long things are going to take? It would put next year out for me. It would put a lot more at risk for me. I think the biggest goal for me is to be able to surf for as long as possible in my life with a healthy knee.”

The move, while very sad for South Africa, guarantees Italy’s Leonardo Fioravanti will surf.

Also, the Office of Journalistic Integrity is looking into the World Surf League’s bald-faced steal of “more as the story develops.”

More as the story develops™.

Relief: The world collectively exhales as Kolohe Andino, John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Kelly Slater officially ok’d for Olympics by independent review panel!

May the Games continue.

The world let out a collective sigh of relief, yesterday, as it was revealed that nine Olympic hopefuls were allowed to continue on their Tokyo journey despite not fulfilling the proper and august requirements. According to a tersely-written press release:

Surfers that did not meet the minimum Olympic qualification requirements were entitled to submit appeals to an independent review panel appointed by the ISA Executive Committee. On hearing an appeal and considering all factors involved, the panel was empowered to rule whether a surfer is eligible to participate in the Olympic Surfing Event Tokyo 2020. The panel considered all extenuating circumstances including, but not limited to, medically proven injury or illness preventing participation at qualifying events.

Kolohe Andino (USA) – accepted
Johanne Defay (FRA) – accepted
Joan Duru (FRA) – denied
Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA) – accepted
John Florence (USA) – accepted
Lakey Peterson (USA) – accepted
Kelly Slater (USA) – accepted
Jordy Smith (RSA) – accepted
Nikki van Dijk (AUS) – accepted

Not listed were the surfers – rejected

The panel consisted of :

Ms. Justine Dupont (FRA) – Chair. ISA Athletes Commission
Mr. Jakob Faerch (DEN), President, Danish Surfing & Rafting Federation
Dr. Lee Rice (USA) – Chair, ISA Medical Commission
Mr.Gonçalo Saldahna (POR) – Member, ISA Medical Commission

For the United States team, Andino’s ankle sprain and Florence’s knee surgery were clear. Slater’s years’ old foot injury that allows him to surf good waves but not El Salvador was less a certainty but I would imagine Mr. Faerch of the Danish Surfing and Rafting Federation weighed all those circumstances properly.

Thank goodness for rules and independent review panels.

May the Games continue.

Nature at play: Great White “finishes off a seal it wounded earlier” ten feet from shore of popular Cape Cod beach!

Wounded seal swims into jaws of Great White at Race Point Beach…

It’s Great White season on Cape Cod, that hook-shaped peninsula in the Atlantic facing US state of Massachusetts.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) has reported increasing numbers of the fish since Whites were designated as a protected species in Massachusetts state waters in 2005.

In 2018, a boogieboarder was killed by a Great White at Newcomb Hollow Beach and, in the same summer, a swimmer was badly injured after being by a Great white at Truro Beach.

In 2019, researchers reported tagging more sharks on the Cape than ever before, calling it a “banner year”.

Now, in terrific footage unloaded to YouTube two days ago and accompanied by the delighted squeals of children on the beach, a Great White moves in for the kill on a little seal it had hit earlier and which, inexplicably, had climbed back into the ocean after parrying the shark’s initial assault.

Surprisingly bloodless.

Feel your lungs inflate with joy at the onrush of nature etc.

Snack-time: Kayaker dips hand into water off Catalina Island, has it rudely nibbled by “needlessly aggressive” Great White Shark!


A few months ago, now, four great friends and I sailed around the entirety of Catalina. We started at the southeastern end, a heavily strip-mined corner, anchored and slept of a rock-n-rolly small cove, moved on to Ben Weston, after breakfast, anchored again in Two Harbors for a luncheon of chips, guacamole and Buffalo Milk, made it around the northeastern end sometime after noon then made the traditional way down past Two Harbors, from the mainland-facing side, Empire Landing, Moonstone before heading back to Newport Beach.

It is very odd that such large, mostly desolate, island floats off Southern California. The Wrigley family, of gum fame, built a few beautiful buildings in the largest city, Avalon, and a few more in Two Harbors but overall the architecture leaves something to be desired and the scene is downright unchill.

Day tourists zipping in from Long Beach. Newlyweds too poor to go on a proper honeymoon getting wasted in dank beach bars.


I often wonder how the whole place didn’t get colonized by Los Angeles’s uber-elite and walled off from the unwashed. What could be more exclusive than an island a hop, skip and sail away?


In any case, a kayaker who dipped his or her hand in the water off the northeastern end had it bitten by a shark. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department the beast had been bumping the kayak, before the incident, which sounds needlessly aggressive.

A mile of the island was promptly shuttered for 24 hours.

No other details given.

Shocking: Photographic proof that the Industrial-Surf Complex is actively disenfranchising brave surfboard shapers uncovered!

Damning evidence.

You cannot, under any circumstances, trust Big Surf. It has been one of my mantras for many years, now, and has never done me wrong. Days ago it was revealed, here, that a World Surf League, Costco, Olympic cabal was maybe actively scrubbing brave shaper names, logos, from the surfboards to be used on ABC’s Ultimate Surfer and in Tokyo.

Today, very shocking photographic evidence proves the accusation true.

Study the two images (first the only one sent out across WSL/ABC channels, the second real and true):

A proper Stalinist scrubbing.

What did poor Jon Pyzel ever do to get disappeared?

What did he ever do to get vanished?

Is Matt Biolos next?

Matt Parker?

First they came for the high-performance board maker but I was not a high-performance board maker so I remained quiet etc?

We must rise up, all of us, and demand shaper names, logos, be always included or else how will history remember the grumpy local?

May the odds ever be in our favor.