Diamond Handed Bitcoin investor Kelly Slater signals his subtle appreciation of BeachGrit community by including “diamond” and “hand” emojis in his Instagram bio!

He loves us, he really loves us!

Many months ago, the world’s greatest surfer took on Elon Musk in a battle over cryptocurrency investment strategies. Slater was angry that Musk for disallowing the popular Bitcoin to be used for purchasing his Teslas. As dutiful surf journalist, I felt it important to understand Slater’s various positions more deeply and dove feet first into the bubbling fount of his Instagram stories.

The first thing I noted, was a reference to “paper handed investors” or those blown here or there by the winds of change versus “diamond handed investors” who bravely hold a position.

Slater obviously with diamond hands.

For a series of stories, thereafter, the 11x World Champion was referred to, here, as “Diamond Handed Bitcoin Investor Kelly Slater.”

Now, in a subtle signal of love to BeachGrit’s one-of-a-kind community, an “irreverent online publication,” Slater has included a diamond emoji and a hand emoji in his Instagram biography.

A clear nod to the place, and people, who adore him like no other.

Does it make you feel happy that Slater is joining along? Laughing as we go?

It does me.

Heart emoji.

Heart emoji.

Heart eye emoji.

Hunter Biden, lightly controversial son of U.S. President, dons “very tight wetsuit,” gets surf lesson from voice of WSL Strider Wasilewski: “Biden’s giant pink surfboard immediately showed that he was a beginner!”

Ethicists concerned.

Of all the wonderful surf-adjacent news thought I would wake up to this morning, World Surf League commentator and great Strider “Raspberry” Wasilewski giving a Malibu surf lesson to the lightly controversial son of the United States President cum artist Hunter Biden was not on the radar.

But here we are, a gift.

The august Daily Mail captured many images of the session (must see here), describing Biden’s wetsuit as “VERY tight” and his board as “giant” “immediately showing that he was a beginner.”

His belly-to-knee-to-slip pop up also showed that he was a beginner.

Biden, for his part, appeared to be having much fun and Wasilewski appeared to have been a serviceable teacher, pushing his eager student in etc. The group, including other friends and secret service friends, were all smiles after the session as Biden’s tummy threatened to burst forth from its neoprene casing.

The Mail reveals he began renting a house in Malibu four months ago for $20,000 per month.

It features an open floor plan.

The first son, lightly controversial for his dealings in Ukraine, affairing on his wife with his widowed sister-in-law, “smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively for a period of time,” is now an artist with pieces for sale for $500,000. Ethicists worry that purchasing his paintings will be an easy way to curry favor with the very heights of governmental power.


Lame stick in the muds always.

More as the story develops.

Kanoa lands heat-winning wave; Gabriel ponders the what-ifs as gold medal hopes evaporate. | Photo: ISA/Ben Reed

Gabriel Medina launches extraordinary broadside at Kanoa Igarashi after incendiary tweet from the Japanese Olympic silver medallist: “Clowning around after you win is easy. I won countless times from him and never played. I prefer to work in silence!”

Medina responds to claims from Igarashi he's a cry-baby etc.

The two-time world champion Gabriel Medina, whose lunge for Olympic Gold was stymied by controversial judging decisions in both his semi-final and bronze-medal heats, has hit back at Olympic medallist Kanoa Igarashi after he appeared to mock the Brazilian in a tweet. 

In Portuguese, for Igarashi is fluent in Portuguese, a sort of American English as well as Japanese, he tweeted, “Chora chora q tou feliz! Hehehehe” followed by “Bla bla bla” and a laughing emoji. 

Translate, “Cry cry. I’m happy!” 

Bla bla bla, pretty explanatory. 

Medina, cry-baby etc.

The tweet went pretty mad, 877 retweets, 8,337 likes and 11.5k quote tweets.

As a blanket response to his Brazilian critics, Igarashi wrote, “I always have the utmost respect for other competitors, but I don’t have the patience for people who like to talk bad about something I don’t have control over. I did my best and that’s it.”

After landing back home in Brazil, Medina was quick to hit back at Igarashi. 

“Clowning around after you win is easy. Everyone respects each other on the circuit. I won countless times from him and never played. I prefer to work in silence, do mine and focus… I watched the waves. That’s why I held back my words, I wouldn’t speak without having watched. Comparing my best waves and his two best ones, I won the heat. I’m really sad…I don’t want to let it shake me. I received huge support from Brazil, and that only makes me stronger. Those sad days will pass and I will bring even more pride to us.”

Medina added he wanted to light up Tahiti at the 2024 Paris Games, the surfing part of the show being held at Teahupoo.

“I hope to be in the next Olympics in Tahiti, which is a wave I love. There is still a long time, three years, but my dream starts from now…”

"I've worked with sharks for a long time and I understand them and how they go," says "Shark Rider" Aaron Moir. | Photo: Facebook

Australian crowd-pleaser nicknamed the “shark rider” in hospital after mauling by ten-foot shark; witnesses claim shark provoked after the man jumped on its back: “I’m here for a good time not a long time!”

"I’d definitely love to get in the water with a Great White…"

The captain of a charter boat doing the rounds of Western Australia’s gorgeous Montebello Islands will be investigated by Work Safe and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, as well as Fisheries, after witnesses say he provoked a ten-foot Lemon shark into biting hell out of him. 

Aaron Moir, who is thirty-two, was treated by one of the quests onboard  after getting hit on his back and leg by the shark, before being evacuated the thousand miles back to Perth 

Witnesses aboard the boat claim he provoked the shark by intentionally jumping on its back and are now seeking compensation for their foreshortened once-in-a-lifetime $5000 voyage. 

Moir was sacked from his previous charter boat gig in 2014 after surfing a fourteen-foot Hammerhead, telling reporters afterwards, “I was thinking, ‘Right, it’s hammer time’. Bang — I just jumped on. I tell you what though, their skin is as rough as sandpaper. I couldn’t wear undies for three days because it ripped my thighs to shreds. The guests all had a laugh. They call me the shark rider.”

Happier days for legendary crowd-pleaser Aaron Moir.

The Hammerhead was unharmed and although Moir conceded he was “a bit of an idiot” he added, “It’s just a bit of fun. I’m here for a good time, not a long time… I’ve worked with sharks for a long time and I understand them and how they go. I’d definitely love to get in the water with a Great White if there was someone who knew what they were doing.”

Blonde + Brunette = Vavavavoom!
Blonde + Brunette = Vavavavoom!

Listen: It has been exactly 28 years since The Endless Summer II came out and high time for The Endless Summer III!


The greatest surf movie ever made, The Endless Summer was released exactly 56 years ago today-adjacent. The Endless Summer II, greatest surf movie ever made starring Pat O’Connell and Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, was released exactly 28 years ago today-ish.

28 + 28 + 56 and 28 + that equals now.

It is time for The Endless Summer III and a beautiful listener to The Grit! podcast mentioned this fact and I instantly agreed but who should star?

Which handsome blonde?

Which gorgeous brunette?

David Lee Scales knew and instantly offered up Stephanie Gilmore, as blonde, Julia Muniz, as brunette, and whoa and wow and genius?

I think so.

I think very smart and, without doubt, we could rally Bruce Brown’s son Dana to the cause and also Steph and Julia (though, to be honest, I can’t really remember if the brunette was Julia) but where should they travel?

Where should their endless summer take them?

Time for you to embrace the roll of “producer” and get rich or die trying.

David Lee and I also discussed how reclusive billionaire Dirk Ziff is a tool.

Listen here.