In exciting surf-adjacent news, handsome actor, face of BeachGrit Leonardo DiCaprio publicly cuckolds world’s second richest man Jeff Bezos at event celebrating under-celebrated wealthy people!

Electric feel.

This is not surf adjacent news, on its face, as the two principals in the story neither surf nor SUP nor foil nor pretend to, unlike the world’s fifth richest man Mark Zuckerberg, but… Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the two principals, regularly features as the face of surf news on this very surf adjacent website.

Usually from his role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Sometimes from his role in Django.

Once, maybe, from his role in Titanic.

Never from his role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

And so surf adjacent we go but did you see DiCaprio publicly cuckold Lauren Sanchez, significant other of the world’s second richest man Jeff Bezos, at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles over the weekend?

The event celebrates under-celebrated wealthy people, I think, but just examine the photo of DiCaprio’s interaction with Sanchez and Bezos.


And now, has this sort of thing ever happened to you?

A public cuckolding?

How did you react?

Like Jeff Bezos showing off muscles and a Mark Zuckerberg-adjacent sense of humor?

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"Take this, Kelly!"
"Take this, Kelly!"

Ex-employees of Kelly Slater’s outerwear brand OuterKnown savage business on job search website: “Non-toxic and sustainable clothes, super toxic work culture and unsustainable work-life balance!”

One star.

The world’s greatest surfer, Kelly Slater, has long dabbled in the business arts launching companies like energy drink Purps, overseas surfboard manufacturer Slater Designs and sustainable outerwear brand OuterKnown during the course of his illustrious career.

Very smart to diversify portfolio etc. but what is it like to toil under the 11x World Champion’s yoke? Is he a gentle leader or a tyrant? A P.T. Barnum or a Steve Jobs?

Well, popular New Zealand career website provides much insight, at least into OuterKnown, as many ex-employees have posted about their experiences. What do they say?

I loved working at Outerknown because their mission and purpose align with my passion for sustainability and environmental awareness. My fellow colleagues were amazing and I felt my manager did a wonderful job of listening to me and she always had my best interest in mind. Leaving Outerknown was an extremely tough decision, but I am happy to say my experience taught me so much that I will take with me as I grow in my career.

Prepare for Long Hours and Potential Burnout. Stressful work environment. You’re expected to do the work of several people/departments. When you ask upper management to hire additional help, your requests go ignored and nothing changes. Be prepared for burnout and long hours working here.

Management is not the worst I’ve experienced but absolutely mediocre at best. CEO is out of touch and so is the entire executive suite. Such a shame that HR is not able to help with the real problem, simply bad management and outdated leadership style.

Non-toxic and sustainable clothes, super toxic work culture and unsustainable work-life balance. Top-down “leadership” style driven by whatever hashtag social cause can make them money, instead of pushing for any meaningful change. Post a black square because it’s trending, and then fire non-white employees. Any challenge to the status quo is met with aggression and fragility. Incredibly toxic work environment with no clear paths to promotion. Inequitable pay with no transparency. Old-fashioned executives who like to think they’re progressive, but it’s the same boys club of every industry who prefer nepotism and blowing things up rather than fixing what’s right under their roof. High turnover and low pay, HR is a joke.

Outerknown requires Covid vaccine. Outerknown requires the covid vaccine. Sustainability is not a huge concern. This company does not promote from within.

OuterKnown requires a Covid vaccine?


Read more here.

The Boss. Photo: Sea Dragon Films.
The Boss. Photo: Sea Dragon Films.

Underwater cinematographers capture world’s most abused shark casually swimming off coast of South Australia: “No one knows what causes that sort of damage to a shark, but the poor guy had a bit of a hard time I think.”

Tougher than the rest.

There are not many occasions, as surfers, to feel sympathy for our Great White Shark neighbors, the selfsame that nibble our feets and cause us to hop on metaphorical sleds and reset, but there’s a 10-foot li’l nugget, currently swimming off the coast of South Australia, that is so battered, so bruised as to maybe become BeachGrit‘s new mascot.

The amazing footage was captured by underwater cinematographer Dean Spraakman who described the shark as “friendly” but said no one on his team had ever seen a creature in such condition.

“We see sometimes down there the white sharks tracking stingrays because they hunt and eat them and we thought they chase them into shallow reef areas where it’s quite sharp and it might get stuck and cause that sort of damage. You can only speculate what happened there and to be honest no one … ever really knows what causes that sort of damage to a shark, but the poor guy had a bit of a hard time I think. I noticed he had scars on him but I didn’t realise to what length until I reviewed the footage later.”

They wondered if the gouges might have been caused by boat propellers but dismissed the notion and continued to remain befuddled.

National Geographic explorer Professor Yannis Papastamatiou thought some of the wounds might have been from fighting with other sharks saying, “Females are often heavily scarred from mating behaviour but males can get bitten as well during dominance interactions between sharks, eg a larger shark may want a smaller shark and dominate the smaller individual with a non-fatal warning bite.”

Whatever the case, this shark is a working class hero and, you know, some girls, they want a handsome Dan or some good-lookin’ Joe on their arm. Some girls like a sweet-talkin’ Romeo. Well, ’round South Australia, baby, he learned you get what you can get so if you’re rough enough for love, honey, he’s tougher than the rest.

Angry local jerks rock above his head multiple times to slay foil-board.

Wild scenes at San Francisco’s Fort Point as surfer uses rock to destroy foil-boarder’s expensive craft in shadow of Golden Gate Bridge, “Bro, what? Why are they doing that?”

“Local surfers have a well-earned reputation for intimidating and belittling newcomers."

In case y’weren’t au fait with the scene at Fort Point, a novelty wave beneath San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, it has a cadre of locals former Surfer editor Steve Hawk describes simply as “dicks.”

This from a piece a few years back on Bloomberg,

“Local surfers have a well-earned reputation for intimidating and belittling newcomers. In a short documentary on the surf break, one local reports seeing hundreds of violent incidents in the water in his 30 years of surfing there, including broken boards and fins, beatings, and attempted drownings.… In 2003, three surfers at Fort assaulted a Berkeley resident during a spring afternoon session. They held him underwater, broke his nose, and left a gash in his eye that required eight stitches. None of them received jail time.”

Whatevs, ain’t in no hurry to surf a junky dirty water left.

Yesterday, one foil-boarder, using the tow-in method where a boat propels ’em into the waves, failed to get the memo, as they say in the classics.

After the leashless foil is washed onto the shoreline, it is attacked by an angry local who jerks a rock above his head multiple times to slay the damn thing.

The footage below was captured by Jon Solaga, a member of the Bay Area Kiteboarding page. 

Good times.

New Drive-Thru team with handsome and very funny Benji Weatherley sandwiched tween Griff Colapinto and Dane Reynolds at the front. | Photo: @benjiweatherley

Rumour: World Surf League says no to Drive-Thru movie franchise sponsorship after star Benji Weatherley refuses CEO Erik Logan’s list of things he won’t be able to do on the show, tells Elo “Well, it’s not like anybody watches the WSL anyway!”

Iconic surf movie comedy franchise keeps legend alive!

Here’s a rumour, and a very good one, from a source lingering there in a shadow-haunted vestibule very close to the action, that rips the hem from recent negotiations between the WSL and Drive-Thru principals Greg Browning, Taylor Steele, Donavon Frankenreiter and Benji Weatherley. 

Drive-Thru was a movie franchise from the early two-thousands that put five surfers in an RV and filmed their adventures over the course of two weeks to one month. It peaked in the first episode, one month in a van travelling California, and hit a nadir in the last, Drive-Thru Australia. 

Many limbs pocked with sores oozing pus, ropes of dried semen looped on chins, the musical splash of turds in bowls etc.

Good times for participants and for viewers.

Its recent re-boot, we are told, was met with an offer to buy from the WSL.

Many important meetings. All systems go, as they say.

And, then, at the very end of the last meeting, papers ready to sign, Benji Weatherley, still funny and too beautiful to behold at almost fifty says, “Well it’s not like anybody watches the WSL anyways.”

A very good joke and clearly a joke for a quick search on SimilarWeb (a website that tracks internet traffic) reveals the WSL to be almost half the size of surf news behemoth BeachGrit.

But no laughs from WSL executives, apparently.

They want to move forward with project but not with Benji. 

Greg Browning moves in, fights for Benji who is, let’s face it, the pulse-racing magic that defines the franchise, and, eventually, the WSL says yes. 

But, first, Benji has to agree to special terms. 

WSL CEO Erik “Elo” Logan sends Benji a list of things he can’t do on the show. 

Benji, very much allegedly etc, sends Logan a photo of a penis.

And that was that! 

According to our source, 

“The next day FUEL TV called, made the boys an of an offer… And we’re off to the races!”

The first film is a doozy, stars Dane, Kelly, Griff, Donnie, Benji, Parker Coffin.

Trailer coming soon!