Watch: Rob Machado and legendary surf photographer Pat Stacy release masterpiece homage “The Color of Winter” celebrating the very best of California!

Better than therapy.

These hectic lives we live during this hectic time. War, rumors of war, culture wars, pandemic, violence, consumption, the forever pursuit of instant gratification. There is no rest for the weary with the one rare exception of Rob Machado and legendary surf photographer/filmmaker Pat Stacy’s latest masterpiece The Color of Winter.

From the first licks of Clair de Lune to its final plunk, the film is an oasis, a balm.

Shot over five-year winter seasons along southern California’s greatest stretch of coast, The Color of Winter throws mad-dashing craziness into sharp relief. Rob’s iconically fluid style combined with Stacy’s finely-tuned eye allow for space, for breath, for seventeen delicious moments of grace.

Better than therapy.

"Time to go home."
"Time to go home."

World Surf League jumps into Disney-esque hot water by publicly opposing popular though controversial political bill in Hawaii!

"Don't Stay, Jay."

Only those currently living under rocks are unaware of the hot water entertainment giant has gotten into in Florida. The troubles all began when the Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis signed house bill 1557, or the Parental Rights in Education bill, into law. Commonly referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by opponents, the text reads that it is an attempt to “reinforce the fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children.” Namely, it prohibits “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity” in kindergarten through the third grade.

Well, the bill was seen as a rigid slap across the face of the LGBTQ community and protested against in many corners of the nation. Disney, which happens to have many theme parks and hotels near Orlando, was initially silent but after receiving pressure from its employees vowed to help repeal the bill, issuing a statement that read:

“Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law. Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that.”

Hot hot water. Ron DeSantis, harboring presidential dreams, saw Disney as a soft culture war target and viciously rounded on the company, stripping special tax statuses and threatening to put Mickey Mouse in the stocks for Floridians to pelt with rotting vegetables.


But this drastic turn of events, this corporate thrash, has apparently not dampened our World Surf League’s resolve to publicly oppose legislation it dislikes many, many miles away in Hawaii.

For there, on Oahu, the city of Honolulu’s rulers have just signed a bill that drastically cuts the AirBnb, VBRO business model requiring 90-day minimum stays across much of the island.

Called the “Don’t Stay, Jay” bill by opponents, Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said at a recent press conference, “We could feel the outcry from our communities across the island on what had gone on with illegal vacation rentals. [This] is to bring back our neighborhoods, where people grow up, where families are raised and not have them be mini-hotels, but be the neighborhoods they were designed to be, a source of great pride for all of us who have raised families here in Oahu.”

While the bill received overwhelming support in the house, passing 8-1, SFGate is reporting, “The World Surf League expressed opposition, arguing that the bill could pose a roadblock on all surf events held by the league in Hawaii.”

Uh oh.

Will Mayor Blangiardi, seeing an easy win, break out the leiomano and thrash CEO Erik Logan upside the head by banning World Surf League permits at Pipeline, Sunset etc.?

Consternation might be felt at the World Surf League’s Santa Monica headquarters if the three remaining employees were not busy polishing champagne flutes for tomorrow night’s premier of Make or Break.


Dirty Water: Grajagan pioneer Peter McCabe on being jailed on a Pacific Island for running “the last of the ether wash” Amazon cocaine, raising hell into his sixties and being “bent over” by yoga queen Gerry Lopez!

From pioneering G-Land to running coke to building fine tube-hunters, ol Petey McCabe has a wild story to tell… 

A thrill, this episode, to feature the Australian goofyfooter and shaper Peter McCabe, one of the pioneers of surfing in Indonesia, including G-Land with his yoga queen pal Gez Lopez.

McCabe, who is sixty-seven, also talks about the drug-running episode, moving a pound of pure ether-washed coke via hollowed out surfboard fins that led to his imprisonment in New Caledonia in 1984, that featured in the still never-released documentary Sea of Darkness.

“We were sitting there watching the old French cop cutting open the fins then it bust open and there was coke everywhere… he stuck his finger in it, licked it and said, ‘Oh la la… cocaine!'” laughs McCabe in Sea of Darkness.


The Outerknown Fiji Pro.
The Outerknown Fiji Pro.

Breaking: World Surf League chief strategy and brand officer leaks scintillating rumor that Fiji’s Cloudbreak may soon be returning to tour!


The World Surf League Chief Strategy and Brand Officer, Dave Prodan, has seen some things. The Ventura bred man, inscrutably handsome, has been involved in professional surfing since the dawn of time. He was there when it was called the Association of Surfing Professionals toiling under the strong hand of Rabbit Bartholomew and his chosen one Brodie Carr. He was there when billionaire Dirk Ziff purchased the ASP for free, transitioning it to the WSL with Paul Speaker promising it would soon eclipse the NFL. He was there for Sophie Goldschmidt, her Backward Fin Beth, Oprah’s Erik Logan and he is here, today, perceiving all, knowing all.

And so let us bend our ear to a very recent chat that Prodan conducted with Australia’s Jack Robinson. Aside from his role as CS and BO, he is the sphinx-like face of very popular podcast The Lineup, inviting the most important professional surf personalities to share from their experiences.

Prodan, as you can hear yourself, asks Robinson what his least favorite wave is but then feels bad for opening the door to spot-shaming so asks his favorite wave, or more specifically, a wave that Robinson could surf singularly forevermore.

Robinson says North Point, there in Australia’s broad west, but includes that he has never surfed Cloudbreak and threw up a prayer that it might someday return to tour.

Prodan, cards usually sewed right into vest, let loose a sly smile before adding that it wouldn’t be so crazy to see Cloudbreak returning.


Do you think it is still sponsored by Outerknown?

The dream tour is back!

In lieu of professional surfing, World Surf League turns to tried-and-true bush planting in Western Australia to burnish legendary greenwashing bonafides and provide adjacent entertainment for starved masses!

Make or Break.

There was no professional surfing for you yesterday or the day before, for that matter. Today? Only Senior Vice President of Tours, Head of Competition Jessi Miley-Dyer knows for certain, and maybe her stoolies at propagandist organ Surfline, but no worries. Bushes are being planted at, or near, event site Margaret River by top seeds.

Current world number two Kanoa Igarashi was there holding a trowel. World number four Lakey Peterson, too, with small palm in presumably compostable container. Conner Coffin, just below the cut line at 23 and dreaming of the 805, had two small succulents. Very Santa Barbara.

Per the release:

Visitors know and love the Margaret River region – tucked in the rugged south-west corner of Australia – for its incredible coastline, amazing surfing breaks, spectacular granite and limestone cliffs, unique wildflowers and orchids, towering forests, and marine life.

However, increasing use of the coast by the growing number of residents and tourists, together with other threats associated with climate change, are placing significant pressures on the fragile coastal region. That’s why the World Surf League has decided to help put the spotlight on caring for the coastline of this much-loved location on surfing’s elite tour.

Before the Margaret River Pro started, a group of athletes from both the men’s and women’s tour took part in a hands-on coastal conservation activation event. The world’s best surfers were joined by youngsters from the local Cowaramup Bay Boardriders Club, who lent a hand with the dune brushing and planting. They replanted native coastal species and undertook some vital dune brushing, which involves laying down branches across sections of dune to prevent people walking in the area and to protect vegetation whilst it establishes.

Gorgeous but if metaphor, which professional surfers are the branches laid down to prevent people from waking and which are the…

…heck. I don’t even know anymore. A trowel? This performative business ranks far above my new role in life as balletomane.

Maurice Cole?