Two-time world champion Tyler Wright shocks, depresses fans by announcing she will be missing upcoming Rio Pro due transit visa issues: “Absolutely gutted… absorbing this and we keep moving forward.”

"So so frustrating. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with this BS."

Two-time champion Tyler Wright took to Instagram, hours ago, to shock fans with the announcement that she will not be competing in the just-around-the-corner Rio Pro due transit visa issues. A mere two-ish months ago, the popular Australian powerhouse was sitting high after a solid start of the season, capped by a Bells Beach win, had catapulted her to the very top of the rankings.

But then a nastiness set in. Wright tested positive for Covid at G-Land, shuttering her in the jungle. El Salvador therefore became impossible, as she was recovering from the dreaded disease but Rio, Brazil’s sugarloaf jewel, would e her comeback.

Except the ugliness is still festering.

Per her post:

Devastated to let everyone know that due to a transit visa not coming through in the specified time I am unable to make it to Brazil. All other alternative options were extensively looked into however the current travel climate meant it was impossible for me to arrive in time for the contest. Absolutely gutted, so much work went into getting me ready for Brazil with my team. Absorbing this and we keep moving forward.


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It is unclear how the transit visa got fumbled, who fumbled, but, nonetheless, a fumbling has occurred.

Her fellow professional surfers were quick to encourage.

Julian Wilson declared, “The hits keep coming. If there’s anyone up for the fight it’s you. Sorry to hear about another set back.”

Brother Owen Wright, who recently lost his spot on the championship tour, added, “spewing for you! You love a challenge but.”

Big wave star Paige Alms simply said, “So so frustrating. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with this BS.”

Which brings me back to the BS. Who fumbled? International travel can be difficult to navigate, especially in these uncertain times, but transit visa issues for an event on the calendar months and months and months out?

Cards always close to vest, I suppose.

Pip Toledo, hero to a nation of online warriors prepared to drip blood into their keyboards to salvage his honour. | Photo: @wsl

Brazilian surf journalist explains why Latin surf fans have turned to “gruesome” death threats and promises of swift retribution on sands of Saquarema following Filipe Toledo’s loss in El Salvador, “How many of those scary, hateful ultimatums were delivered? None!”

"Why the quickness of Brazilian surf fans to go nuclear? 'Cause they can! It feels so good!"

Got a message on Twitter last night.

“Julio, want to write a story for BeachGrit explaining why Brazilian surf fans are so, mmmmm, passionate I guess you could call it. (derisory pay rates.)”

Why do Brasileiros curse and threaten?

Born and raised in sunny Rio de Janeiro, I’ve been cursing since I could talk and being a Flamengo supporter, you learn to say many wonderful profanities to the referee’s mother at any given chance.

Like Italians, we used our hands a lot too when cursing, it makes our threats even more effective.

Not sure about it, but my guess is the first words you learn in any language are those bad words.

We believe you can’t really trust someone who don’t curse, nor the ones who don’t drink.

So, why do we go nuts on social?

Maybe because we like to mimic all the little things y’ all do in the message boards.

You have such a way with words, and they sound great when translated – both ways!

Yeah, of course, those scary, hateful threats are unacceptable. But how many of those ultimatums were delivered?


Most likely, one of those keyboard warriors would buy you a beer not glass you.

And we do the same thing with our own, just ask Caio Ibelli. Kid gets swamped in hate.

If you ever get a chance to attend a football game in a stadium or to watch it a bar in one of our cities, you’ll see just how fired up we get.

And, shock, we’re a reflection of the polarisation not surfing.

BeachGrit versus Jonah Hill, ISA vs WSL, Brazil vs the Judges and so on.

Love is out, hate is what it’s about.

Not as much as in the US, Charlton Heston gun blazing in schools hate, but there’s a lot of repressed anger.

Don’t call us passionate, however, it’s an energy.

Why the quickness of Brazilian surf fans to go nuclear? ‘Cause they can!

Fire up! Death threats! Mutilate! Castration!

Just one click away, and, god, it’s so easy and feels so good…

Hate wins as much-loved Waikiki surf racks set to be removed after second spiteful torching!

Famous Waikiki board racks maybe gone forever following work of serial arsonist.

This place, you know, is anti-depressive.

We look for cups half full, for lining’ silver, rainbows over every horizon.

Here, love wins and so it is disturbing to report that, outside, it doesn’t always.

Take the recent burning of surf racks in Waikiki, for example. A nasty arsonist, intentions unclear, torched them a year plus ago, sending many elderly folks’ cherished boards up in literal smoke.

The racks were burned a second time, months ago, more boards gone.

And now?

The city has decided to remove them altogether.

Per Hawaii’s local CBS affiliate:

An entire rack that used to be filled with custom, personal surf boards was taken down after being set on fire twice. The surf lockers near the Moana Surfrider, taken down by the city, had many people concerned.

“A lot of the apartment buildings don’t have a like lanais outside, so they don’t really has a safe place for them other than over there,” said surfer Mika Baker.

Officials were asked if the surf racks would be built a third time and, if so, will they be built differently to prevent fires.

They said the city is exploring options regarding the future of the surfboard lockers.

Hate, it appears, has won.

Mother of world #3 Griffin Colapinto reveals “violent, gruesome threats” to son’s life from furious Latin surf fans following second consecutive win over Brazilian Filipe Toledo, “I hope you will never have to know what it is like to fear for your child’s safety so much you have to throw up”

"The violent rhetoric over a surf event is mind blowingly stupid… and no one is doing anything to address the seriousness of the situation."

Ain’t it a crazy ol’ world when a man’s is threatened with extinction for winning a surfing contest?

Yeah, yeah, I know, sportsmen, and gals, have been getting hit with death threats for years, some of  it even getting played out on soccer players, boxers and so on, but our pretty little sport? The dance of kings and queens?

A little recap.

Brazilian surf fans have gone nuts following Griffin Colapinto’s win over Filipe Toledo at the Surf City El Salvador Pro claiming the fix was in for the gringo, a white conspiracy and so on, the hashtag, #worldshameleague a viral hit.

Even Filipe Toledo’s daddy is in the mix, “We really hope that something will be done, and that this will change, as it is becoming unbearable to see and hear the things we are hearing. during the events, I am embarrassed for the others.”

And, yesterday, after watching the pile-on, Griff’s mama, Camille, pleaded with Latin surf fans to find a little perspective.

“It’s a surf contest. It’s meant to entertain. But the threats to the judges’ well being, to you, to other members of @wsl that shou2bld not be tolerated. And for others in top positions to post and add fuel to the fire, well that’s just irresponsible. Can we remember how blessed these surfers are please? Look around. There is a war, homelessness, people:children starving, and your win is motivating people to take to the streets? Are we living in the same universe? Wow! Unbelievable.”

Now, in the under-the-line comments, Camille Colapinto has put a little meat on the bone, so to speak, detailing just how wild the threats are getting.

“Something tells me that I shouldn’t come here and comment and add to the mess I probably made worse. But, my comment was not meant to defend Griffin’s win. I don’t care if people think he wasn’t deserving; but not in a “let them eat cake” kind of way. What I meant to convey was that the violent rhetoric over a surf event is mind blowingly stupid.

“What I meant to convey is that the win doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter, at least not matter so much people want to turn violent. BTW Griffin is receiving violent, gruesome threats to his life and no one is doing anything to address the seriousness of the situation.

“Am I hysterical? Am I unhinged? Yeah, probably, but I am not going to apologize for raising hell. If I embarrass Griffin it certainly isn’t the first time, I assumed he got used to it. As most will now know, he got none of his chill from my DNA. I am not chill, have never been chill and don’t mind letting people know if I not happy with something.

“If people still think the comment to his post was motivated by ego, take a look at his stuff…did anyone even know Griffin and Crosby had a mom? I am busy with my own work/life. My comment was motivated by a mix of intense fear and anger.

“Unfortunately, I wish I was as afraid yesterday as I am today because I would have never commented. I hope you will never have to know what it is like to fear for your child’s safety so much you have to throw up.”

The Oi Rio Pro starts in two days.

Y’think security gonna be tight?



Gilmore (pictured) rock n' rolling.
Gilmore (pictured) rock n' rolling.

Seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore’s unparalleled surfing success lost in growing tempest of Brazilian rage!

Emotional hammers blur wild new record for champ!

The Surf City El Salvador Pro has taken on a life of its own in its aftermath, one very much more interesting than the surf contest itself.

You know that Griffin Colapinto bested Filipe Toledo in the men’s final in waves of questionable quality, according to the analyst JP Currie.

While he did not particularly disagree with the final score, did note that many of the brightest Brazilian stars are scored against their own potential, not necessarily their performance.

Well, Colapinto beat Toledo, all fine and good, except it was NOT all fine and good in Brazil where vociferous fans exploded with rage. Derek Rielly reported some of the fury, including:


“The champion was already decided even before the heat begins. World Shame League.”

“If the judges do that again in Saquarema, the jiuripoca is gonna pew.”

“What a joke… Not any credibility left.”

And also that there is a massive protest being planned at the next stop, which just so happens to be Brazil.

“You have to make the biggest protest in history in Saquarema! Bring banners, balloons planes, boo all the time! Make them leave due to emotional stress!”

Very exciting and even more exciting with Colapinto’s mama entering the fray, dropping emotional hammers on Brazilian priorities.

Lost in it all, though, is the stylish Stephanie Gilmore who also won in El Salvador and, officially, became the winningest female surfer of all-time after besting Lakey Peterson in the final.

Thirty-three total event crowns.

Gilmore, ever gracious, offered “muchas gracias” to El Salvador and now is ranked third in the world, just behind Defay and Moore.

Does she have a shot at title number eight or will Brazilian riots derail?

Extremely exciting.