Ch-ch-ch-changes (pictured). Photo: @Instagram
Ch-ch-ch-changes (pictured). Photo: @Instagram

World Surf League CEO Erik Logan telegraphs “seismic changes” for current tour format in explosive new interview!

"It's about how we're driving the sport..."

The World Surf League’s Chief of Executives, Erik Logan, has been on the job now for a plus-sized handful of years and my how the time flies. If you recall, the handsome Oklahoman, who first came to surfing by way of Oprah Winfrey, began as head of media and studios before being promoted to the top slot. Those studios have since been shuttered, Jeep replaced by exciting ladders, the fifth best surfer an opportunity to win it all and a mid-year cut that sprays open-jawed surf fans with fresh blood.

Much innovation, though in an explosive new interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Logan telegraphs “seismic changes” just over the horizon.

We want to get through this year before we make any seismic changes. Once we get through 2023, 2024 is an Olympic year. That’s a good opportunity to evaluate what’s working and what’s not. And I think it’s fair to assume that we as a league will make refinements to these [formats]. We’re always talking to our surfers about ways to enhance the competitive arena… how we think about the finals formats and also the mid-year cuts. It made huge news and there was a lot of drama when it was introduced at Bells and also at Margaret River. The mid-season cut raised the stakes right in the middle [of the season] and it really drove more viewership and more engagement (including a 35% uptick in “consumption). And then the second year of running the Ripcurl WSL Finals was massive drama and massive stakes, when we watched what Steph Gilmore did by running the table and winning her eighth world title. It’s about how we’re driving the sport and how we’re going to make these improvements in the sport and having a smaller field post-cut yields all these other advantages.

I’m having trouble finding the potential for earthquakes in that tasty word salad but, at the end, Logan does say he “respects” Bethany Hamilton’s views regarding the World Surf League’s new trans-inclusive policy.

Very cool.

Kelly Slater echoes Voltaire with impassioned defence of “hateful, misleading” social account LibsofTikTok, “Aren’t left-wingers losing their minds at Elon/Twitter exercising their rights?”

“Context matters Kelly. Exercising your right to denigrate marginalized communities is not equal to exercising your right to defend them.”

A brushfire of sorts on Twitter after the world’s greatest athlete stepped in to defend the right of social account LibsofTikTok to continue reposting the most insane excesses of so-called progressives.

If you don’t know, LibsofTikTok is an “anti-woke” account, Instagram, Twitter etc, millions of followers, run by LA-based right-winger and Trumpist Chaya Raichik, who was anonymous until last year when she was doxxed by the hysterically hysterical left-wing quasi-journalist Taylor Lorenz.

Here’s a taste of its flavour. Maybe it pulls on the draperies of your outer vagina, maybe it don’t.

Anyway, when a cat called Brian Krassenstein, who dutifully pushes every left-wing cause however insane, tweeted about Libs being banned on TikTok, Slater waded into the imbroglio.

Krassenstein wrote,

“Breaking: Slack has just banned the account of the hateful, misleading Libs of TikTok. While right wing users are losing their minds because a private company exercised their right to remove an account of a customer who broke hte terms of service, I’m happy to saw we that we live in a free society under a Constitution which protects companies from being forced to keep disgusting individuals on their platforms.

“For those who don’t know, the Libs Of TikTok account once tweeted a misleading message claiming that “Boston Children’s Hospital is now offering gender-affirming hysterectomies for young girls.” This was an outright LIE and led to multiple bomb threats against the hospital and closed the hospital down for some time.

“I commend Slack’s decision and will always stand up for a company’s right to uphold their terms of service. And as for Libs of Tiktok, you deserve this!”

To which Slater replied,

“So we just have to go look at those accounts to see the same exact posts instead? Reposting it is seen as hate speech but posting the things they do in the first place is respectable? And aren’t Left wingers losing their minds at Elon/Twitter exercising their rights?”

A victory for common sense, yeah?

When other “progressives” began to twitch, Slater was quick to shut ‘em down.

“Kelly I can’t believe you are a part of the divisiveness. Everyone has a right to their opinion and I respect that, but using terms like left wingers adds to the chaos. I am heart broken to see someone I viewed in high regard be so trashy. I hope this is not really you.”

Slater: “You’re heartbroken about this? Is the term right wing (users) equally divisive cause that’s how the original tweet was posed? Left wing and right wing are frames of mind/POV’s with neither being inherently bad.”

“Nobody has lost their minds to our knowledge. Twitter just became a lot meaner and toxic is all. Elon Musk is a provocateur fanning the flames of bro culture.”

Slater: “When covid happened I saw a tweet saying anyone who doesn’t get vaxxed should be lined up in front of mass graves and shot. No warning to them for it. Not taken down. So you’re saying tweets have gotten meaner and more toxic since Elon? Examples?”

On a slight tangent, did you know the famous Voltaire quote “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” wasn’t actually said or written by the French Enlightenment writer but conjured up by a twentieth century biographer to describe Voltaire’s beliefs on freedom of speech? 


Picklum (pictured) safe from WSL torture (for now). Photo: WSL
Picklum (pictured) safe from WSL torture (for now). Photo: WSL

Current world number one Molly Picklum describes devastating emotional toll of World Surf League’s “sadistic like a snuff film” mid-year cull!

Evil has a name.

We are now two events into the World Surf League’s 2023 season which means, officially, three to go before the purposefully sadistic mid-year cull. Oh you certainly recall the joy, the sheer glee, displayed by the top brass leading up to the mass decapitation and the absolute pleasure Chief of Sport Jessi Miley-Dyer oozed when looking forward to re-watching the bloodletting on Make or Break.

Like a snuff film.

Well, the emotional toll on the surfers has been, more or less, kept under wraps, or at least until now, as Molly Picklum, Australia’s great hope, has shared details of the torture.

In a tender interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the current world number one said it would “hours to unpack” the damage with her coach, Glen “Micro” Hall adding that she “couldn’t surf” afterward.

“There were these really fun little waves at a [Qualifying Series] contest in Ballito, just perfect waves,” He said. “But Molly just couldn’t surf it. It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but she just could not complete a wave: couldn’t stay up and finish her turns, couldn’t make manoeuvres she’d normally do with her eyes closed. She was trying so hard, had pushed herself so long. You could just see that she cared too much; she was trying to improve her surfing and compete and go to another level. That’s where the mid-year cut, all the emotions of it just bubbled to the surface.”

World Surf League sadism did not derail Picklum entirely, and thank goodness, but do you imagine the aforementioned Miley-Dyer, her Chief of Executives Erik Logan and gang have other tools in the dungeon to illicit pain from its charges.

A quarter-year cull, for example.

I suppose we’ll all soon find out.

“I am a woman living alone – I wish protection from the wind and privacy from the road and a house as enduring as the rocks but as transparent and charming as the waves and delicate as the seashore. You are the only man who can do this – will you help me?”

Frank Lloyd Wright house fronting surf spot described as “one of the prettiest beaches in the world with electric blue water” sells for eye-watering $22 million!

“Where architecture and surf join in perfect melody!”

You know Frank Lloyd Wright, yeah? The American architect famous for his organic builds (who don’t love Fallingwwater) and a wild personal life that included mass-murder and a near-lynching (read TC Boyle’s The Women for a heated-up version of the story)?

Yeah, well, the only oceanfront he ever designed, called Cabin on the Rocks at Carmel-by-the-Sea in Monterey County and  built in 1952, has just sold for $22 mill. 

Ol man Wright only agreed to design the joint, whose front looks like a ship’s bow setting forth into the ocean, after the client, Della Walker, wrote an impossible-to-ignore brief. 

“I am a woman living alone – I wish protection from the wind and privacy from the road and a house as enduring as the rocks but as transparent and charming as the waves and delicate as the seashore. You are the only man who can do this – will you help me?”

“The overall effect is quiet,” Wright said a couple of years after the build, “and the long white surf lines of the sea seem to join the lines of the house to make a natural melody.”

After staying in the Walker family for seventy years, it just got sold to Monaco businessman Patrice Pastor, whose been buying up land in town over the past eight years. 

“I have admired this wonderful ‘Cabin on the Rocks’ for many years, now, and have always dreamed of one day owning it,” Pastor told The Carmel Pine Cone. “It is truly a fantastic piece of land and an amazing house by one of the world’s most renowned architects.”

And surf? 

Gonna turn to Surfline for this. 

“One of the prettiest beaches in the world. The sand at Carmel Beach is fine and white and squeaky clean, and sometimes the surf is, too… The water is electric blue…The kelp and cove protect it from winds, so it can be offshore when everywhere else is blown out. Every now and then, there are serious tubes to be had. It’s all just a matter of looking.”

As historic storm pounds Southern California, hand-wringing mommy blogs beg region’s surfers to stay out of the water: “It’s really dangerous and a health hazard!”

"Steep seas" etc.

Anyone who has access to news is well aware that Southern California is getting pounded by a historic storm system. Snow falling at very low levels. The skies open and showering everywhere else. The Pacific whipped into a brown froth. It is not an inviting surf day and I would imagine only those attempting to set some sort of “consecutive day” Guinness record, or the like, would even be giving it a thought.

Even thus, the region’s hand-wringing mommy blogs are imploring the devil-may-care to avoid paddling.

LAist, for example, begins by leaning on experts, declaring, “Los Angeles County officials alerted residents to ‘bacteria, chemicals, debris, trash, and other public health hazards’ that are likely to drain into the ocean. The National Weather Service advised Angelenos to stay out of the water due to ‘gusty winds, large steep seas, and high surf.'”

And then transitions to pieces that appear on The Inertia comparing surfing to mystical spirituality.


Surfline’s San Diego forecaster describes conditions as, “A junky mixture of fading S swell with some WNW combination joining in means small to moderate sized surf out there. The current storm front moving through the area is dumping rain on us while gusty Southerly winds shred the surface conditions. End result is real junky and mixed up surf with filthy water quality.”

And the adds “The Health Board advises against all ocean contact during and within 72 hours following significant rains due to increased bacterial levels, especially around storm drains, river/creek mouths and other areas of concentrated runoff.”

Not bold.

But when it dumps rain what are your thoughts on surfing? I have heard that it increases the likelihood of disease by some tiny margin and nothing more.

Is that information correct?

Should I pass on to Guinness hopefuls?