Aussie surf stars reveal boogie board skills in bloody showdown with BIPOC “Queen of Crazy” Mason Ho, “They have violence in their blood like a hereditary disease!”

"Mason controls the little cosmos he has created using all the wonders of his enormous skillset."

This latest edit from the studio of Rory Pringle features BIPOC surfer Mason Ho in a wild wave-for-wave exchange with Australian surf stars Shaun Manners and Noa Deane, who swap their surfboards for boogies, those forty-eight inch long foam boards invented by Tom Morey in 1970.

Noa Deane, you know well, the surf virtuoso who cried for three days following backlash to his WSL joke, Manners, maybe less so, but who is a beautifully unvarnished Western Australian.

Pleasant, nice guys, enchanting even, and both with eye-catching women.

Mason Ho is Hawaii’s whip-slicked queen of taboo and BIPOC role model (seventy-five percent of his ancestry is Chinese-Hawaiian, a quarter white Americano) and who isn’t afraid to go for the “kill shot.”

Terrible injuries follow making this edit better, I’d suggest, than a comfortable suburban house with tropical plants, stereophonic music, drinks, erotic opportunities and discreet people.

Watch brave little John John Florence give hell to Jeffreys Bay as a 13-year-old on first trip to Africa, “Every part of me is a surfer. I love surfing, and I love the waves that I surf”

Climbing against all odds from poverty to a position of honour and privilege!

A rare treat this morning in the form of thirteen-year-old John John Florence, his tweenie brothers Ivan and Nathan, as well as mama Alex, on a trip to South Africa circa 2006.

For eighteen days the Florences, along with writer Jamie Brisick and filmers Sonny Miller (RIP, brother) and Dez Hoffman, traversed the storied coastline, giving surfers “a telling glimpse of the greatness that would be coming from this classic surfing family.”

Climbing against all odds from poverty to a position of honour and privilege, the now thirty-year-old John John has been anointed with two world titles, turning a truly original life story into a Hemingway classic.


New six-part surf video series documents controversial surfboard design described as “evil clowns that kill children!”

A wildly unique design created in 1995 by a Commie-hating soccer mom lookalike that promises to ruin your surfing forever!

I am a wrinkled old-timer with a harem of surfboards, stubbornly intermediate is my level and most days I leave the surf emitting ughs of disgust at my performance.

Over the years I’ve loved the Lost Fish and its volatility. First taste, 1999, four years after its arrival, last taste, a few years ago.

Biolos’ round-nose-fish was different from the prevailing wisdom of the time (1995), even among the early fishes. The 5’5″, as ridden by Chris Ward and Cory Lopez, turned a generation on to the idea that a performance board could be kinda kooky looking, a pointed nose but with a forward wide point and all wrapped up with a regular pulled-in 14″ tail (and radically thin at 2 1/16″). It’s a combination that, even now, some shapers don’t get, sending devils out on those thick and straight-railed cruise ships with 20″ tails.

“The tail as always the dirty little secret,” says Biolos. “It’s the same width as a normal high-performance board was at the time. And it was this lack of a big, wide tail that allowed the boys to surf them in such radical waves.”

Biolos, a Commie-hating soccer mom lookalike, says “The reason I started making these was purely because Chris Ward asked me if I would make him a ‘Fish’. This was over the phone in the fall of ‘94 while Chris was in Hawaii. He said Tom Curren was on a Fish and he wanted one. I had no idea what Chris was asking for, really. I knew of The Lis-type fish (based on San Diego kneeboarder Steve Lis’ twin-fins from the early ‘70s) and the Fireball Fish (Australian Tom Peterson’s take in the ‘90s). This was before the internet and The Surfers Journal type of historic surf journalism so I went down to a local surf shop (BC Surf Shop,) and checked out some classic twin fins from the 70’s that were hanging on the wall and took mental notes. These boards we very MR-esque. Most were late 70’s, early pre thruster 80’s twinnies. If you look at this board, and our RNF (round nose fish) in general, you will notice the actual nose is fairly pointy and the tail is kinda pulled, not unlike the MR twins. The board pictured would be about a year after the first one I made and it was definitely already refined as I’d started riding these types of boards by then as well and was getting them dialled. I was sorta working in a vacuum ‘cause so few people were making these types of boards at the time.”

As well as board sales, the design brought a wild acclaim to the San Clemente shaper.

“The impact on my life was immense,” he says. “It put me on the map. It was the breakthrough for me as a designer and shaper. Before the RNF, I was that shaper guy who paints rad stuff and makes surf party vids. It afforded me the opportunity to get good surfers on my boards without them really needing to risk using them in contests. It bought me time as a designer to learn to get better. It made it possible for me to travel the world as a shaper. Once the design hit, I was immediately getting calls from around the world to come shape. Europe, South Africa, Australia, it all happened after the RNF.”

See the video below?

It’s a reboot of a reboot of the old classic 5’5” x 19 1/4”, and it’s gonna run over six parts.

Hot on heels of explosive 31-page attack on British royal family Prince Harry-lookalike stuns surf world with session at secret wave pundits are calling Australia’s Teahupoo!

“Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

I doubt there’s a subject of the former British empire who doesn’t thrill to the slowish train wreck that is the disintegration of the House of Windsor following the death of its flawless matriarch Elizabeth II.

“Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest,” so goes the quote.

King Charles’ son Prince Harry, the killer of twenty-five muslims gunned down from the safety of his Apache helicopter during his tour of Afghanistan (from his poignant memoir Spare), who married a Machiavellian former actor and divorcee, Meghan Markle, is the catalyst of course.

The pair hit the family with accusations of racism, wanton cruelty, feelings trodden on, hardships inflicted upon ’em etc via a Netflix series, Oprah confessional, the aforementioned weepy memoir, a thirty-one page witness statement tended to court during defamation proceedings (“Harry believes the Royal Family are a bunch of gullible fools being led through the noses by evil media forces they don’t understand, while only he and he alone is wise enough to put on his Goggles of Perception and see the Real Truth”) and various other channels.

By some genetic kink. surfing has a Prince Harry-lookalike in the form of Nathan Florence, the ginger-haired brother of US Olympian John John and who has been labelled “the world’s sexiest Only Fans star”.

In this edit from Florence’s recent vacation in Australia, the wildly popular Hawaiian-born surfer, who is twenty-eight and whose couronne of red hair is masked by the bleaching effects of sun and salt, knocks the surfing world for six at a wave that has a little whiff of Teahupoo about it.

“A rare combination of skill, courage and humility,” writes one fan. “You are the best by a wide margin.”


Hawaiian big-wave superstar almost paralysed in horror wipeout three weeks ago shocks Australian surfers with dramatic cameo at the country’s heaviest wave, “I want the people to watch what is going to be consecrated here!”

"A true champion, face to face with his darkest hour, will do whatever it takes to rise above."

But three month ago, the sexy powerlifter turned Only Fans star Nathan Florence was being rushed to hospital by Kai Lenny after a wipeout during a twenty-foot day at Jaws, that snapped a vertebrae in his spine, later crediting his regime of deadlifts from saving him from a life in a chair.

Now, the brother of US Olympian who was once dubbed the Jan Brady of surfing, falling in the cracks of the three Florence boys, big brother John John, world champ, little Ivan, ice-cold skater, has appeared at Shark Island, just south of Sydney airport, wrangling the biggest and best waves of the day in a surprise cameo.

Shark Island, of course, is home to local legend Ronnie “Skull” Hill who rides a home-made jetboard through the lineup, scooping up waves from outside and deep on the reef, before riding to glory.

Although unseen on this magical day, Nathan’s cameo quickly fills the gaps.