Hawaiian surf great John John Florence almost dies alone at notorious European big-wave spot following blow to the head, “He woke up underwater!”

"Fascinating, compulsive, horrifying!"

The middle brother of the storied Florence triumvirate, the Only Fans superstar Nathan, has revealed the near-death of his older brother Johnny at a Portuguese wave called Sete Bafos aka the Cave.

Like most slabs, the joint, which is accessed via a little dirt road north of the soft right Ribeira d’Ilhas, was pioneered by bodyboarders before a few surfers threw on helmets and figured it out.

“Heads of rocks stick out of the water right in the line you’ve gotta take to to make it. You never know what to expect out there — the ride of your life or a ticket to hell,” says German-Portuguese surfer Nic Von Rupp. “Many surfers have broken backs out there.”

In this new video from Nathan Florence’s YouTube channel, an otherwise gorgeous travelogue of Nathan’s trip to Portugal with his girl and filmed in such high definition you can almost make out his heady gristle, Nathan reveals how his brother warned him of the wave’s myriad dangers.

“The Cave is the most notorious wave in Portugal, mainly due to the amount of accidents here,” says Nathan. “Really bad injuries…broken backs… (people) knocked unconscious. My brother John said he was knocked unconscious here surfing alone…he definitely warned me the wave is gnarly and it was the one place he’d ever been knocked unconscious underwater by the reef.”

Not your usual cocktail and orgasm short! All rock and cock!


Brazilian real estate developer pulls curtain back on ambitious new wave pool surfers are calling “the most high-performance wave on earth!”

"I defy you to watch this video and come away with a mind unchanged."

For a million dollars or thereabouts, well-heeled surfers can buy their way into a private community built around a wave pool surfers are calling the “most high-performance wave in the world.”

The Brazilian developer of Boa Vista Village, a planned community one-and-a-half hours from the madness of the twelve million souls living in São Paulo, has just pulled back the curtain on its American Wave Machines tank that sits in the middle of three residential towers named Malibu, Laguna and Pebble.

It’s real big, six acres or twice the size of the fabled Waco tank, there’s a double air section (“The Double Shot”) and every sorta configuration you can imagine, and plenty you’d never thought of beyond wildest dreams etc.

American Wave Machines call it their most ambitious build, yet.

The wave at six minutes is ridiculous.


Buy here, although it could be a bit of a zoo by the looks of the drawings. 

Weird Waves aficionado Dylan Graves gives most compelling look yet at soon-to-be-demolished “Mad Max” wavepool in country Australia, “We got to surf an engineering marvel!”

"Surf trips always seem to surprise me but this one just had a little extra something."

That wild-looking plunger pool in central Queensland is gonna be demolished and rebuilt as a public tank, opening, I’d guess, end of 2024.

The original tank, y’see, was built as a test facility, cheap concrete lined the bottom and the wave-making plunger was only designed to bounce up and down 150,000 times and wasn’t built to commercial specs.

Breakdowns became the stuff of legend,.

When Tim Baker, widely considered to be the best surf journalist in the biz, visited the joint on a press junket he reported,

“There are frequent delays while they tinker with the machinery or attend to glitches in the system. When a crack in the lake’s cement floor begins turning the water from an aqua blue to a muddy brown we are encouraged to help lug rocks from an on-site quarry into a trailer to help plug the cracks.

“By the end of the second day, it appears we may have pushed the Surf Lakes prototype to its limits. There’s a lengthy delay in the afternoon to attend to some mechanical issue, and when we eventually resume, after only a couple of sets, Occy sounds the alarm that something’s not quite right. The large concrete tower that the air compressor sits on top of looks dangerously off kilter. The force of the swells has knocked it off its footings and we are asked to clear the water immediately.”

Anyway, the almost-forty-year-old Puerto Rican Dylan Graves, a favourite of BeachGrit, visited Yeppoon recently.

In this compelling short documentary, he acts out the drama of Surf Lakes for our entertainment; his look, the hair falling to his shoulders, the very good but still accessible surfing, the vivacity, creates the cumulative effect of us all longing to be alongside Dylan Graves chasing pool waves.


Hawaii’s whip-slicked queen of taboo Mason Ho leaves spectators’ mouths flapping mutely as he takes Hurricane Kay head on!

Heavy veined and thick with blood!

Here, we see Mason Ho belly-bang the famous Newport Wedge in a wild showdown that pits Ho’s shuck and jive against the wave’s Hurricane Kay fuelled holes.

Ho, thirty-four, is a whooshing flash among the autumn gloom, leaving spectators’ mouths flapping mutely.

The waves are of a good size, clean, and Baby Pimp Ho, Hawai’s “Queen of Crazy”, who is still lithe despite a summer diet of candied yams, isn’t afraid to go for the “kill shot”.

Heavy veined and thick with blood.


Hawaii’s untamed “Queen of Crazy” Mason Ho surfs half-naked in wild Javanese super session, “Barebacking at Grajagan!”

Ho jackknifes his legs and bares his teeth in mock orgasm at each tube that descends upon him; his little pal Dylan Wilcoxen snips off any of Ho’s excess.

It ain’t difficult to argue the case that Mason Ho, the thirty-four-year-old Sunset Beach superstar, has had more barrels than Hollywood has cocksuckers.

In this stunning edit of a one-day session at Grajagan, and also starring the Indonesia prodigy Dylan Wilcoxen, who is only thirteen but who lives at Kandui Resort in the Mentwais, Ho’s nostrils quiver in the stink of double-overhead tubes.

Ho jackknifes his legs and bares his teeth in mock orgasm at each tube that descends upon him; Wilcoxen snips off any of Ho’s excess.