Stacey x Wave Slave surfboard review

This month, we tested the Wave Slave from Stacey surfboards, "A slave to the average, a slave to the wave. Own it. Destroy surf. This is the surfboard we've been riding in everything from 2-4 feet. You got mushy beachbreaks? Wave Slave has you covered. You got punchy rip bowls? Wave Slave has you covered. A very user friendly surfboard for anyone looking to add spice to their quiver," says its creator Lee Stacey.

Slater Designs x Cymatic surfboard review

This month, we test the Cymatic from Slater Designs. Our Anonymous pro surfer said he'd never felt such speed and release through his turns. Our writer, Longtom, described the learning curve on riding such a refined surfboard as "fucking steep but the sensations unique."

Pyzel x Biolos (Lost) Collab Surfboard Review

And, here, ridden by BeachGrit’s anonymous pro surfer is the surfboard created by two giants of design, Hawaii’s Jon Pyzel (lifetime shaper to John John Florence) and Matt Biolos (lifetime shaper to Kolohe Andino). Noted Hawaiian surfer Koa Rothman, another surfer from the Pyzel horse stud, calls it, “one of the best shortboards I’ve ever ridden.”

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