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Rumor: Craig Ando to leave Quik!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Read here today! Or on Stab tomorrow!

BeachGrit‘s Cardiff-by-the-Sea desk┬átraded T-Mobile service for Coconut Wireless over the weekend and things are jamming off the top because guess what? (Allegedly) Craig Anderson, the Craig Anderson, is trying to climb out of his freshly signed Quiksilver contract and join ex-stablemate Dane Reynolds in the great wide open!

The wind was howling into my source’s coconut, somewhere across the sea, so details were muddled, at best, but it was suggested that young Ando was interested in (purportedly) starting his own line. As you may, or may not, know the boy rides for HUF as well, an upstart skateboarding label with an eye toward stylish minimalism. (look here!) He is the only surfer on the team unless Joey Pepper is also a surfer. Might HUF be broadening into the surf-wear market? Might Ando be the next John Galliano and design a fabulous line of very chic newspaper boardshorts?

And what, if true, does this mean for the proud Quiksilver? I think neither doom nor gloom. Wouldn’t a fresh start be nice? Unburdened by kids at the popular table? Free to explore a budding sexuality? In my professional opinion, the┬áhorizon is bright for my favorite brand and I would buy more stock if it wasn’t frozen due to bankruptcy. Cool is dead (RIP) and Quiksilver will come through this wrinkle stronger than ever.

Yes, I am pleased with Coconut Wireless’s service. T-Mobile didn’t work on the best of days. Over to you Stab!

Mr. Galliano and Mr. Anderson bear such a striking resemblance, no?

Mr. Galliano and Mr. Anderson bear such a striking resemblance, no?