Adriano De Souza world title
A beautiful moment tween Mason Ho (third!) and Pipe Master/world champ Adriano De Souza. Even in waves so terrible it must now force the WSL's hand to shorten events, the game's stars sure did shine… | Photo: WSL

Adriano is Pipe Master and World Champ!

After years of shit-talking from every direction, Adriano De Souza takes sweet revenge…

Dragged my ass out of bed this morning at the crack of 7:30. Tired, stayed up too late reading the second half of the Succession duology. Great stuff, if you’re a fan of science fiction, which I most definitely am. Fantasy too! Robots and wizards and spaceships and magic!

Pipe’s definitely finishing up today, albeit in a dying swell. Early morning will probably drop a few gems, then smaller and smaller and smaller.

Big Pipe is truly terrifying. I spent a decent amount of time swimming around the lineup back when I lived on Oahu. Not enough to earn a spot, but long enough to earn a nod from my fellow bodysurfers every once in a while.

Small-ish Pipe, like today, is scary too. Much shallower, still has plenty of power. Easily capable of ripping your head off, or, in my case, drilling you shoulder first into the bottom and putting you on the injured list for a very long time.

Still, it’s not what we’re here to see, and that’s a bummer. Title on the line, watching the finals day degenerate into what’s sure to become a grovel-fest. Anti-climactic, that’s what it is.

Flores/Kerr went okay. Nothing mind blowing. Flores looked kind of over it. Didn’t rend his clothes over the loss. Means De Souza meets Kerr in the quarters, an easier draw than Slater, for sure. In big Pipe I’d be tempted to give it to Josh, but in these conditions the ability to conform to judging criteria puts De Souza in front.

Medina threaded some little tubes, put a doppelgänger’s career to rest. Webcast shows Hobgood got an inconsequential interference. I missed it while brewing more coffee.

A three-way title battle is pretty neat. Too bad the Slater/Fanning heat is lackluster. No shine but that bouncing off Kelly’s dome. Very low scores, Kelly ain’t lying down, Mick looks kind of distracted. But this one’s a wave catching contest, might as well flip a coin.

I’m really looking forward to the next heat. This type of small, lumpy, shallow hell seems to bring the magic out of Ho. Judging by his clips, at least. Will he paddle out with a plan, try and play serious, or let it all loose and get nasty? I hope for the latter.

A foamy drop to quick in and out at Backdoor for Fanning. He’s fist pump claiming it. Making the drop should earn the score he needs with only two mintues left. But who the hell ever knows what the judges are thinking.

Six-point something, more than enough. Thirty seconds for Slater to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He’s done it before… but not today.

You know who he reminds me of? Nineties vert ramp pro, Andy MacDonald. Both take a blue-collar approach to comps, neither gets any love from mainstream companies within their sport. I’d love to see Adriano win it, then take MacDonald’s path. Say, “Fuck it,” in Portuguese, ride for Walmart or Burger King or whatever large non-surfing companies exist in Brazil that see the value in brand exposure.

That puts Medina out of the title race, but he still has a shot at killing Fanning’s dream in the semis.

If Adriano beats Kerr he’ll face either Melling or Ho in the semis. Should be a walk in the park, tactical hassling, manufacture his way to the finals. I don’t think either can stand against a determined De Souza. Still needs to get through Kerr.

I’m gonna call it early. Based on the draw, Adriano’s got this one wrapped up.

You know who he reminds me of? Nineties vert ramp pro, Andy MacDonald. Both take a blue-collar approach to comps, neither gets any love from mainstream companies within their sport. I’d love to see Adriano win it, then take MacDonald’s path. Say, “Fuck it,” in Portuguese, ride for Walmart or Burger King or whatever large non-surfing companies exist in Brazil that see the value in brand exposure.

Found a relevant quote from Andy Mac in an old Transworld Skateboarding article.

“When I first turned pro, I didn’t have enough money to pay rent. I was going to contests, and the sponsor wasn’t paying for me to get to the contests. I’d skate hard enough to make the cut, maybe not go for it as hard as I should’ve – I’d skate conservatively, just enough so that I was in the money and had enough to pay for my trip home and the rent.”

Jeez, this is boring. Gonna see a whole lot of single digit heat scores today.

Sick little wave for Ho. Long little tube, steezy roundhouse, bonk at the end. That’s a heat winner, today. Looks like he’s playing it straight. Breaks my heart.

Is there another family that comes close to the Ho’s for total competitive domination? That’s a serious question, I’m trying to think of one and I’m drawing a blank. Between Derek and Carissa and Mason and Mike they have a hell of a lot of wins.

Kerr is one of those guys who’s been around so long I forget he’s younger than me. So weird, turning from a freesurf pro into a competitive animal. Williams is saying he’s here based on pure talent, but I don’t buy that line. You don’t reach the top tier of competition without caring about winning.

Kerr is one of those guys who’s been around so long I forget he’s younger than me. So weird, turning from a freesurf pro into a competitive animal. Williams is saying he’s here based on pure talent, but I don’t buy that line. You don’t reach the top tier of competition without caring about winning.

Oh boy, a Mason interview! Comes off like a toddler surrounded by puppies and candy, pure innocent excitement.

According to someone on reddit, this win means Ho’s on the ‘CT next year. Is that right? Asked Derek, he asked Prodan. Not true, “…still falls well short.”

I doubt that’s a height joke.

After a ton of spent floating around like turds in the punch bowl Kerr grabs a quick cover up and snags the lead. ADS out the back with priority and fifteen minutes.

Cut to Mick dancing with his eyes closed.

With ten minutes left ADS is prowling the inside like an animal. Paddle in, flick out. Paddle in, flick out. Keeping his shit together, putting in work. Only needs a 2.01, down to six and change left, can’t write him off yet. But Kerr’s playing it cool, holding on to priority and chipping away at the clock. Had a chance to put it to sleep, but got clipped on his way out and fell. Bettered his worst, but only barely. Ran back into the lineup, hung on to priority. Important in the dying minutes.

De Souza needs a 2.44 now. Three minutes left.

De Souza Slaters into one at Backdoor, squeaks out, claims it. Scores haven’t dropped but it should put him in the lead with two minutes left.

Now less than a minute, Kerr needs a 2.51. Forty seconds, thirty seconds, Kerr paddles in… and gets eaten! Title battle still alive heading into the semis!

The surf may not be the best, but who doesn’t love when the top spot comes down to the final moments? I sure do.

His groove must be flowing, Fanning’s first wave was a gem. Damn far behind that section, hammered through the foam ball, dodged a section then little bonus roof. That’ll be hard to match, unless we’re looking at a last minute pulse and it turns on for the next half hour.

7.33, Medina’s basically combo-ed.

Fanning backs it up with another at Backdoor into a reverse attempt in six inches of water. Digs the hole a tad deeper. Gabe needs a 6.27.

Since there’s not much action I’m clicking around the ‘net while the comp plays in the background. Did you see that they arrested Martin Shkreli?

Too funny, or maybe not, how financial success is almost always based on theft. People play like they’re some sort of genius, but it’s all just stealing. Not about being bright, just about lacking scruples.

There’s an interesting article in The New Yorker about the history of organized crime in the United States. It talks about the use of “innovation” in upward mobility, how often successful clans can be traced back to criminality. That our nation’s, my nation’s, obsession with “success” leads to those without access to traditional, legitimate, means resorting to crime in their quest for splendor.

According to Wikipedia, Shkreli was raised by immigrant parents, so it kind of applies to him.

With nine minutes left Medina grabs a right. No where near Mick’s 7.33, but is it a 6.27? Maybe. If not it still closes the gap. Fanning’s gotta be feeling the wolves at the door.

Only a 4.83, seems low. Medina still needs 5.54 with five minutes left. Fanning has priority. Should he shadow Medina, keep him from a shot at a hail mary inside air, or sit out the back and keep his grip on the sets?

He chose poorly. As I typed the last sentence Medina took off on a plopper and flung himself into a big frontside three. Yeah, it’s a tube riding contest, I know that Turpel, but there ain’t no barrels and the JUDGES GIVE IT TO MEDINA!!!!

Laid back the landing pretty hard. Thought we weren’t counting those anymore.

One minute forty five and Mick needs a 4.0. Which he doesn’t get. And now it’s up to ADS to drop the ball.

Poor Mick.

What do I want to see more? Mason Ho make the finals at Pipe, or De Souza win the title?

Tough call, they’ve both got my heart. I have to side with De Souza, Mason’s got plenty of years left and he’s only getting better at the game.

Medina won the Triple Crown. Wasn’t even on my radar. Feel like that title isn’t relevant anymore, though I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe because, by modern surfing standards, Sunset and Haleiwa aren’t super relevant either.

Oh boy, Mason wants it bad, kicking scratching power paddle back out. Gets his hands on priority. First exchange is done, .57 for De Souza, .37 for my little snuggle bunny.

Sucks to say, but that .2 could be important.

Mason’s board done broke, Adriano’s alone out the back. But there’s plenty of time left, and it’ll be an easy paddle. Or maybe not, Mason’s kinda getting thrashed on the inside. Oahu: where a two foot day will beat the ever loving shit out of you.

Vicious paddle battle that De Souza wins after an exchange at Backdoor. Pretty similar waves, Adriano’s a bit cleaner. I’m giving it to ADS, but you never know what the judges are thinking.

De Souza sacrifices priority for a close out. De Souza gets the edge on the previous exchange. Now Mason needs a 1.38, tries to commit suicide on a right, sneaks back out and regains priority.

With seven minutes left they’re sitting pretty far apart. De Souza ain’t gonna do a last minute huck, but he’s definitely gonna try and three-to-the-beach it to better his low score. Hopefully the judges won’t reward that.

They kinda do. Five minutes, Mason needs a 3.01. Makes an unlucky choice, strokes into a Backdoor right that looks wide open, then pinches and turns weird. Ho bobbles and catches his rail off the bottom. That’s nerves, right there.

De Souza had a chance to hammer that last nail in the coffin, but gets clipped on his way out.

Two minutes before Adriano is champ. Mason should be headed inside and aiming for a flip. It’s not gonna happen. One minute left. It’s gone flat, De Souza just took it.

Good for him. Two Brazilian champs in a row, time for De Souza to renegotiate some contracts.

It’s a Medina/ De Souza final. But who the hell cares?

I want to slap the fuck out of that guy from ESPN standing in the background, holding his phone in front of De Souza’s face. Look at him, mug just screams “punch me in my stupid haole head.”

Maybe Chas knows. Do the guys get a pay bump for drinking Red Bull on camera, or is it in their contract that they have to?

I want to slap the fuck out of that guy from ESPN standing in the background, holding his phone in front of De Souza’s face. Look at him, mug just screams “punch me in my stupid haole head.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.55.01 am

Congratulations to Mason, a semifinal Pipe finish ain’t nothing to sneeze at. Go pound some beers and use those bedroom eyes to lure a few ladies into your bed.

And a HUGE pile of congrats out to Adriano. A decade of trying, constant shit talking from every direction. Head down, made it happen, never let the naysayers get him down. And that’s something. I catch a tiny amount of shit online compared to the guy, and you develop a thick skin, but sometimes shit makes it through. Easy to let the public ruin your brain, the fact that he didn’t is impressive in itself.

His win has some implications for the judging criteria. More on that sometime in the very near future. Probably tomorrow.

Straight out for the final, was expecting the usual hour long lead up. Crown De Souza, hype the heat, build some tension.

But the swell is near dead, so it’s a good call. Not that the final matters. Actually, the difference between first and second place is a substantial sum of money. That matters.

De Souza’s on fire. Two solid tubes in a row.

Have you seen this web short starring Macaulay Culkin? I’m in no way invested in the result of this heat, so I just watched it, and it’s very funny.

Wow, De Souza pounds home a third good wave. None of the showboating Medina pulled last year, running around the beach, basking in the glory, paddling out when the heat’s half done. De Souza’s true blue collar, through and through. The job still ain’t done, back to work.

And that’s it, the end. Adriano De Souza takes home the title and a Pipe Masters trophy.  First Brazzo ever.  That’s pretty neat, since Medina already snagged their title.

Speaking of which, where’s the Brazilian love?  When Medina won it was a near riot.

2015 was, all things considered, a pretty shit year for professional surfing. Hopefully 2016 brings better. Or maybe it needs worse. Maybe the best thing would be the WSL ruining the tour, killing the money, and allowing for a fresh rebuild. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the mean time, I need to find something else to bitch about for the next few months.

Deliriously happy!
Deliriously happy!

Ótimo: Your 2015 world champ!

Adriano de Souza takes home the cup!

The surf wasn’t pretty but who needs pretty when you’ve got Adriano de Souza! The working man’s hero scrapped through emotion, through bad winds, through Mason Ho and, minutes ago, was crowned your World Surf League champion du monde!

Just last week I wrote:

There are many scenarios, still, but if I am really going to look in the mirror and be honest with myself, I must say, “I’m an Adriano de Souza man!” The little bee slaves away in all waves while people at home say he has a “poo stance™.” But he closes his ears to their caws, shows up to work and does work. He is the professional surfer construction workers from New Jersey can get behind (plus he wears a delightful gold chain over his hairy chest in WSL profile pic). He is a people’s champ.

And also that his title would usher in a new era of world peace.

We’ll have to wait for that to unfold but, for now, the North Shore is awash in a sea of green and gold. If not peace then we will at least have progress and order.

Now raise your caipirihna to ADS!

More aloha than you can handle!

Do you want to taste the sting of the North Shore?

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.26.57 AM

You are, most certainly, tuned into the Billabong Pipeline Masters right now. How could you not be? This has been one of the wildest of all surf contests. So many contenders! So much barrel! You’ve seen the stunning performances. You’ve heard the wonderful commentary team talk about how the waves, when big, shake up your toes and all the way to your heart. Well guess what? You can feel it yourself!

Billabong is running a contest and you can enter it HERE.

What do you win?

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.27.08 AM

And how does that slap you? More aloha than you can handle! If you have never been to the North Shore during this time of year you should certainly enter.

Pipe: Feathers in the wings of time!

Second half of the day recap...because BeachGrit is the best surf website on earth!

I was out the door when I realized, “Jesus, Rory, it’s the twenty first century, you can listen to the webcast on your iPad.”

Duh, yeah, that’s right.

And so I learned three things:

The WSL won’t let you watch via browser on mobile anymore. You need the app! I hate that bullshit, the internet works fine, why does everyone need to make a worthless stand alone program and then force you to use it?

  •  Turns out I’d already installed it, I don’t remember when. So I ran it and realized
  • The WSL has ads. Of course they do, but since I have adblock running on my ‘puter I’ve never been forced to watch any. (Note: Remember to allow ads from your beloved BeachGrit. I’m an unapologetic hypocrite and I want money!
  • Without the visual element the commentators are, literally, worthless. Slater/Mick/JJF ran while I drove to the hospital, hoping to hell the cop tailgating me didn’t realize that I was illegally using a hand held device while behind the wheel of a car that is lacking a safety check sticker. Which it has been for the past few months, because I can’t wrap my head around spending the fifteen minutes and twenty bucks necessary to get my ride legal.

I had no idea what was going on. Almost no discussion of scores. Vague, pointless, description of rides. Sign these guys up for a radio broadcasting course already! Seriously, it’s amazing what a little bit of professional training can do, use the break to take a class at the local community college. I feel like I’ve typed the last two sentences a hundred times over the last year.

Mick gets to skip the losers’ round, can’t deny the guy’s a world class sportsman. Dealing with some heavy shit, but the show must go on. Mixed that metaphor a tad, huh?

His post heat interview hurt. Was sitting in the waiting room, got to see it go down. Mel trying to tap dance around a brutal subject, instead stomped all over it.

Caught the beginning of the next heat. Ho’s ten, my god, kid’s a better surfer than dad or uncle ever were. Coming out after the spit is pretty standard these days, crazy how far barrel riding has come. But coming out after the foam ball? I wish the WSL would tell us what each judge scored, whoever dropped him the 9.8 deserves a strongly worded internet chastising.

The next wave he took off switch, cheeky little bastard. I love him so much.

ADS gets ever closer to being the least loved world champ of all time. You’ve gotta wonder, who do you think he thinks god loves more? The scrappy Brazzo workhorse who, after all these years, is almost there, or the guy whose brother just died?

If history is any guide, Jesus loves white people the most.

Talking heads called it an upset, but ain’t no one better than CJ in heavy lefts. Not even John John Florence, the best surfer in the world. He’s facing Medina in the quarters, that’ll be one to watch. Follow-up world title chance versus a strong note retirement departure. I’m sure CJ would love a polished up Pipe Masters trophy on the mantle, but it’s do or die for Gabe, and he’s strong under pressure.

Slater knocked out Asing, no big surprise there. Good on the rookie Hawaiian for surviving his first year on tour. That fucker’s brutal, and Asing didn’t get nearly enough love. Humble Ewa kid, got some online shit slung his way when he qualified, kept his head down and made it through. Should be proud of himself. Really hope he is.

I didn’t know he was dating an MMA fighter. Kailin Curran, gorgeous girl. Kind of interesting how women’s MMA mirrors surfing, in that the top tier competitors keep getting more talented as they get more attractive. You’d expect both sports to be packed to the rafters with trolls.

This means Slater/Fanning in the quarters. Think Slater will play games? Pretty easy to put a mind fuck on Mick right now. Is Kelly’s heart that cold?

Go Melling! My dark horse pick for Fantasy Surfer, one of the guys who struggles at the tail end of the rankings but kills it when things get serious. If he knocks out Parko it’ll add a few much needed points to what’s been, for me, a season of terrible choices.

Turpel just made an amusing comment. Shutting up shop for the day after this heat because “We always stick to the rules in the permits when we’re here in Hawaii.”

I’ve harped on it endlessly, but the Pipe Master’s permit is a joke. So much special treatment, “No heats shall be structured with less than four surfers, and man-on-man or one-on-one heats shall not be allowed (includes trials).” HERE

Isn’t it great to see a local community band together to pass rules that make their lives better, only to have that effort trampled in the pursuit of money?

No drone footage this event, wonder if I’m to blame? GO HERE IF YOU WANT TO KNOW!

There’s some disagreement whether the Hawaii Film Office has the legal authority to enforce their rules, rules they are permitted to make without any public input or oversight. But if the WSL were to say, “Fuck off, you’ve no authority,” and fly the things anyway, they’d be effectively invalidating the permit that gives them the right to be sole broadcaster during events. And that’d be a dangerous gambit, the sands no doubt flooded with every human who knows how to set up a webcast. No option then but to hire some local muscle to crack heads, turn to less than legal means.

Melling sneaks his way through in the dying moments. A lucky turn of events, keeps him on tour. The ‘QS grind can’t look too tempting at thirty.

Flores and Kerr get a good night’s sleep before putting round five to rest. Maybe a good thing, it’s been a long day. Maybe bad, means they’ve gotta surf one more heat than everyone else come finals day.

And what a day it’ll be! It’s a lineup of killers, no luck of the draw losers slipped through.

Medina vs Hobgood– Title dreams against retirement motivation.

Fanning vs Slater– Either a back and forth battle, or one of those heats that goes inexplicably flat.

Ho vs Melling– My heart gives it to Ho, but Melling brings the experience and desperately needs the win to stay on tour.

De Souza vs either Flores or Kerr– Adriano’s gotta be feeling some butterflies, either of those guys can murder him at Pipe. But he’s got the game wired, if he plays it like usual and they don’t get lucky I think we’ll see him in the semis.

With a slowly dying swell, and the rest of the waiting period looking tiny, tomorrow’s go seems like a sure thing. See you then, unless either Chas or Derek makes like Bede’s pelvis and decides to give me a break.

(Fuck me, that was terrible. Whatever, I’m leaving it in.)

Mick Fanning loses brother

Peter Fanning is said to have died in his sleep a few hours ago. He was 43.

It has been a wild year for Mick to say the least. Today, so unfortunately, reports are filtering in that his older brother Peter has died. Surfer Magazine has reported that Peter Fanning passed away in his sleep hours before Mick paddled out for his first heat.

The report was picked up by the Sydney Morning Herald and other media though nothing is known at this time and the Fanning family is not releasing a statement other than to confirm, through Rip Curl, that it is indeed true.

Mick lost his other brother, Sean, close to a decade ago. He wrote about that incident in the book Surf for your Life:

After Sean died I didn’t want to go anywhere. I had a real fear that something else might happen while I was away. I was really enjoying travelling up to that stage, but suddenly I just wanted to stay home. I looked at life so differently.

I felt like I had to be responsible for the family, in a strange way, and be close to them all the time. I felt like I grew up 10 years in a few weeks.

Around the time of his death, Mum would get really worried about us, and she’d always say, “If you’re not coming home, ring me.” She never used to be like that before.

We’d all been at this party for the birthday of two friends. There was a band playing in a garage in an industrial area, so we could make as much noise as we liked and no one cared. It was a really fun party.

Sean and his friend Joel Green were being really funny. They’d found some electrical tape, started wrapping it around each other’s heads like footy players and tried to tackle each other. They were the kind of guys who made everyone laugh.

When it came time to leave, one of their girlfriends drove because they’d been drinking. They offered me a lift home, but I decided to walk, partly because I was staying at my mate Beau’s place. 

A little while later I was walking with my mates when this car pulled up. I thought it was the cops, but we weren’t drinking or doing anything wrong, so I didn’t take much notice. Then two family friends got out of the car and said, “Mick, get in the car.”

I was thinking, “Has someone I know been busted for drugs or DUI or something stupid like that?”

I got in and there were two cops in the front seat. It was an unmarked police car, and they told me that Sean and Joel had just died in an accident. I totally freaked out. Their car had hit a gutter and ploughed into a tree just down the road from our house.

The two girls were fine, but the boys, lying down in the back of the station wagon, had both been thrown out of the car and killed.

It was unbelievable that I could have been talking to them just a few minutes before – and then all of a sudden they were gone.

The police took me home, and I had to tell everyone in my family. I ran in, woke Mum and told her. And then I rang Dad. Luckily my two brothers were there that night as well. My sister was in London at the time, and I had to ring and tell her, too. It was pretty wild, being 17 and having to break such news to the family.

Afterwards, I wasn’t allowed to go down to the crash site. I was trying to sneak out, because I wanted to go and see the tree they’d hit, but no one would let me until the car had been removed. 

I didn’t surf either. I just sat in my room. I stayed there for four days.

Everyone knew I hadn’t been out of the house, and when I finally went surfing, all my mates appeared out of nowhere and paddled out with me. Every single one of my mates was there. D-bah wasn’t crowded until we paddled out, and then suddenly there were so many of us.

It was epic. Everyone was screaming and hooting. I was still so overwhelmed by the whole thing. I didn’t do a turn the whole surf. I just cruised straight along the wave, feeling the familiar comfort of the wind and sea spray in my face, and the pulse of the wave under my feet. It felt wild to surf again.

It’s just really made me appreciate life more. I had known people who died before that – and I was rattled by it – but when it hit so close to home it was so different. 

I began thinking about what I wanted: I want to be a pro surfer, and that’s what I’m going to do.

Sean and I were going to do the pro tour together;  that was our dream.

So when I did make the tour, it made it that much more special to win an event or do well somewhere.
A friend of ours, Peter Kirkhouse, a surf filmmaker from Victoria, said to me after Sean died, “Take on his energy and use it”.

I didn’t really think about it at the time, but, when I think back, it really has carried with me.

A lot of the time I feel like he’s with me when I travel and compete.

Sometimes, I’ll dream about him every night for a week and get super-psyched.

The dreams I have of him are so vivid and so real, it gets me stoked to see him again. Sometimes I feel like I’m with him. I just wake up happy that I’ve seen him again.

Peter was 43 years old and living on the Gold Coast. It is reported that he passed away in Mick’s home where he was staying after recent divorce. He had is survived by three children. More on the tragedy as it develops but it is impossible not to feel for Mick right now and a wonder that he could surf so exceptionally well.