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Just in: Livestream Your GoPro!

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

Finally! Broadcast your surf, live, to Twitter followers via Periscope!

How adept at you at latching onto the newest trends? Do you tweet your thoughts to a captive audience? Is Snapchatting and Chat Roulette and WhatsApp everyday occurrences?

If so, you’ll also know Periscope, the app that, like Meerkat, is a “live video streaming platform.” Which means, plug in, and instead of tapping out messages for Twitter, you stream a live video feed form your phone. It’s isn’t much different to web chat or Google Hang Out except in one real important way – it’s mobile.

And, so, as reported on Gizmodo, this gives the GoPro Hero the chance to broadcast live, his, or yeah, her, surf.

Let’s examine.

“You connect your camera to your phone via the GoPro app, as usual. Then you fire up the Periscope app, hit the start broadcast button, and it recognises the connection to your camera. You’ll then see icons for either the phone or the GoPro, you tap the one you want, and you’re off to internet fame and glory. In fact, you can toggle back and forth between the GoPro and your phone camera during your live broadcast for multiple angles, which is pretty slick. Video will come through the GoPro at 720p30, and yes, you’ll be able to save your video locally to the camera’s micro SD card as you broadcast. At launch it will only be working with the Hero4 Black or Silver cameras and only on the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6+ running iOS 8.2 or higher.”

How’s it work for surf?

“I’d stick my phone in a waterproof case, jam it down the back of my wetsuit, and go surfing with my GoPro mounted to the nose of my board.”

Can you think of anything better than watching, live, Kelly Slater, or if he could be bothered with such trivials, John John, rushing hither and yon, choking lips, filling tubes?

A dazzling luxury? Yes.

Conversely, could there be anything more atrocious than watching, live, your pals, heads furrowed with wrinkles, arms stretched out, in deep squats on their boards, surfing like tortoises?

I think, no.