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Gimme: The best surf vacation EVER!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Think, grey skies, cold water, pale girls and Bournemouth Cherry fans!

Are you home right now? Bored? Maybe you’re at work? Bored? Sitting there, staring at the computer screen twiddling your thumbs dreaming about better days? Well stand up, man! Stretch your hamstrings, throw your head to the fluorescents and let go a primal scream!

You only live once and I’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity for you RIGHT HERE!

Think, grey skies, cold water, pale girls and Bournemouth Cherry fans.

Think Cornwall in newly single and ready to mingle England!

The Newquay Activity Center right there of Fistral Beach has just released a news letter detailing some various activities and providing instruction for the BEST TIME EVER. Let’s read some of the offerings.

British pro Sam Lamiroy offers exclusive surf coaching at Newquay Activity Centre

Fistral Beach Crowned No.1 in UK by Sunday Times

Are you ready for the Cornwall Castaway? Our Newest adventure activity is launched.

Eco Super Stand Up Paddleboard Tour – the most incredible way to experience Newquay’s coast.

Newquay Activity Centre abseil in to a cove with celebrity chef Nathan Outlaw

How to paddle out on a surfboard – instruction video from our own Surf Pro Johnny Fryer

What’s more there is an opportunity to win a free Rip Curl and Carve goodie bag for all bookings during Boardmasters.

Are you even kidding me?

Let’s now watch Johnny Fryer’s how to paddle instructional video.

Have you ever heard of a better surf pro name than Johnny Fryer?

And are you still staring at your computer?

Stop now and get thee to Cornwall! Adventure awaits…