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Rumor: Nike puts Hurley on the block!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Could the world's most popular surf brand be sold?

Long lay-offs from professional surf contest surfing do strange things to people. Just this morning you read that John John separated¬†(maybe)¬†from his old sponsor Monster. What’s he going to do next? Many of you feel SoBe! And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the lizard came roaring to life? (Wasn’t SoBe’s mascot a lizard? Did anyone ever drink SoBe? How did it taste?)

And now, a little bird has just told that Nike is either allegedly considering or allegedly has put Hurley on the block.


The current best and, I think, most successful brand in surfing!

I have many questions about this possibility, as I’m certain you do.

First, I wonder who would buy Hurley? Would Bob buy it back and return it to its roots? Would another multinational buy it?

Second, what would another multinational do? Pump lots of money in and put smiles on all of our faces with more BeachGrit x Hurley initiatives or send Phantom trunks to Walmart?

Third, what happens to Nat Young?

Fourth, how much do you think Hurley is worth?

Fifth, if you bought Hurley what would you do with Nat Young?

Sixth, I have reported, previously, that Nike is thinking about getting back into surf themselves. Would Hurley’s sale be a harbinger of Nike’s return?

Seventh, would Nike 5.0 2.0 vs Hurley be the greatest blood feud of surf industry history?

Eighth, it was Nike 5.0 right? Or was it Nike 7.0?

Ninth, what would Hurley’s sale mean for Former? (just kidding! I’m totally not wondering this!)

Tenth, Do you think Craig Anderson wishes he signed a Hurley contract no matter what happens with this alleged sale?

Eleventh, I want to buy Hurley. Would you loan me some money?

Twelfth, Craig Anderson also wants you to loan him some money too.

And what questions do you have? Don’t tell me that you don’t care. Just don’t even tell me. These surf industry rumblings stir your juices the way Monster Energy used to stir John John’s and if you deny then you can go to hell.

Thirteenth, just kidding about the going to hell part. I value your opinion even when it differs from my own. It is a hot afternoon here in Southern California and I need a drink.

Fourteenth, what should I drink? A vodka x berry la croix or a vodka x pamplemousse la croix?

Fifteenth, do you think that Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson wish they had vodka x la croix cocktails instead of a brand called Former?

It appears yes.

Yes they do. But seriously come over to my house guys! I have enough for all of us!